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My first platinum trophy!!!!! yet y am i so happy???

i dont get y i am so happy to receive a platinum trophy???? its just a computer generated image with which i get a higher level. What is it about these trophies that makes us gamers so crazy for them?? maybe its the satisfaction of proving the completion of the game i dunno but i sure as hell will be wantin to collect some more trophies after spending another day collecting all the light seeds in prince of persia, something i wudnt even bother doing without trophies. How strange!!!

MGS4 theme/story could become true???

Well maybe not to the extent tht PMCs could be contracted out (although a possibility) but could it become reality tht in the future war is a common occurance throughout the streets??? After all we could already be seein signs wht wit nuclear energy and the crisis of resources (especially oil) could definitely lead to war becoming common....hell is it so far-fetched to think tht maybe i might be forced to become a soldier by the government simply to fuel the future war economy....could war simply become another trick to show a countries superioty over the other on a more regular basis??? i dread to think..

Console Wars.....good or bad?????

recently i've been thinkking about whether this current console war is pointless or whether there is actual gains to be made from this console war.....personally i feel that this console war is important and that is shapes the gaming industry.....yet wht r all ur views on this matter???? do u feel that ur console should be on top or r u not bothered as long as the games come out??

I've finally got the PS3!!!! Rejoice!!!! soon as u open it i got Resistance and Motorstorm and a free controller 4 £ or what....however i reli wanna sell motorstorm and it hasnt been opened so hopefully i can buy either Assassins creed or COD4.....also borrowin the new Pro Evo off ma m8.....also the quality of DVDs is just think i missed anythin?

BTW my PSN ID = nellyraj

My PS3 beckons.......but which games 2 get...?

okay well soon i'll be gettin a PS3 yet i dunno wht games 2 get........i'm gettin Resistance and Heavenly sword wit the PS3 itself but i was gonna trade Heavenly Sword in for Call of Duty....and borrowin the new Pro Evo off ma m8s....Are there any other games worth getting.......i personaly like anythin as long as its good and lasts long...

TV just can't get any better.....

new series of bones, house and lost as well as casualty and holby city. And i've started to watch loads of new programmes like prison break (a fav), The O.C. and nip Tuck!!!! Any others i should watch?

Chilis concert at MEN!!!!!

awwww tht's the gd day, goin 2 a chilis concert is somethin u must do b4 u die, they know how 2 put on a gd show. The lightin was absolutely amazin, it's so hard 2 describe and the sounds system was gr8, the base was vibratin me off ma chair 2 dance

I don't reli need 2 say wht they played, it's obvisous, they played all there gr8 hits and then some of the new album: Stadium Aracdium, Charlie, Hey Oh (white Snow), and dani california

However the best bit had 2 be the intros 2 the songs, gr8 improvisation by the 2 guitarist, it kept u guessin wht they were playin, most of the time u thought u had it figured out but then they play somethin completely different

Tht was wht the whole concert was bout, suprises. It was the best and the memories will keep me happy 4 the rest of ma life

I went to the 50 Cent Concert at the M.E.N and it was beyond amazing(read more)

Okay i went to the 50 Cent concert in England, Manchester and it was beyond amazing. Words cannot describe it. The Mitchell Brothers started with their random tracks, just to warm us all in to the big picturer. There was a short intermisson before the lights went out and a mini-biography of 50 Cent appered on the screen. Nothing new was said which i didn't know bout.

okay then a massive bang starts and fireworks r going everywhere. Then 50 appears. There was a LOUD cheer.

He started singin all his songs with G-Unit. Then all of a sudden, Mo Money Mo Problems starts playin and Mase comes on. It was amazing, 50 and Mase rappin together was awesome. Mase went off. Then there were a few more all songs and then another suprise haooens. 50 invites Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney on stage!!!! There was another LOUD cheer. They went off which was a shame because i wanted to see Rio rap.

okay another few songs and then................M.O.P.!!!!!1 They played ANte Up and Cold As Ice, it was nice to hear them again after many years. Another songs and then................They PLAY DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT!!!!! I thought Snoop Dogg was gonna come on but he didn't, still it was nice to hear the G- Unit Remix. Another few songs then it was the finale. And what a finale it was, loads of fireworks with the whole of G-Unit singin.

This was an awesome concert which nobody should've missed. There were many suprises which never made the concert feel samey like many others. This was a concert beyond words. 9.8/10

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