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I guess everything does come full circle

Like me selling my 360, only to buy another one recently. xD Not sure if I mentionned that I sold it once, but it was because at the time I wasn't motivated to play anything other than Forza Motorsport on 360, and for me, owning a console for just one game isn't worth it... Or at least *wasn't. After playing the disappointing Grid 2, I've come to realize that there won't be any good sim racers for PS3 (unfortunately Gran Turismo's become too hit-and-miss for me to like at this point, and I'm not looking forward to GT6). So I bought a 360 again just to satisfy my urge for speeding with stock cars and to savor that American muscle. Fortunately, there are some other games that I /do/ wanna play on 360. One I'm playing now is Halo 3 ODST. I'm not even a big fan of Halo, but the only reason I'm playing ODST is solely for the voice acting of Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk. You know you're a Firefly fan when... I managed to pick up a copy of Deadly Premoniton for just 20$ recently. I look forward to playing that at some point. In other gaming news, I've played the Max Payne series for the first time. Each game is superbly presented and features an addicting cinematic and action-packed experience. Out of the three, I'd say Max Payne 3 is my favorite, because of the amount of variety it offers, while paying homage to the original games. It drops some of the interactivity of the previous games, only to replace it with finding clues, which I find keeps you more immersed in the gameplay. I was happy for the original voice actor to reprise his role, giving the best performance out of all the Max Payne games, finally hitting higher notes than being monotone. The gameplay takes Max's much older age into consideration, making his movements a bit slower, but in a believable way. The implemented third-person-shooter mechanics has that shooting-through-the-wall exploit when using shoulder-aim, but the game does become challenging when the enemies attempt to flank you, plus on harder difficulties you can go down really fast if you aren't careful. The soundtrack for Max Payne 3, composed by Health, is outstanding. The following song is used near the end of the game, and it really suits the mood of that part. Health - Tears Great game overall. I've preordered The Last Of Us, which I'm looking forward to playing this Friday. With all that tense gameplay and early positive reviews, I shouldn't expect to be disappointed. :3 Also, on the same day I'll be watching Man Of Steel. Fingers crossed for it being better than what Rotten Tomatoes is suggesting. To segue with Zack Snyder, I've recently read the graphic novel for Watchmen, which was phenomenal, especially with all that fine matching on action editing. While Snyder's adaptation to film doesn't quite nail that aspect, it nonetheless captures the majority of the graphic novel;s essence. It isn't easy to direct a movie with such complex characters. And the altered ending in the movie makes a bit more sense than the graphic novel's ending, in my opinion. That said, Man Of Steel better be worth the watch. The last movie I saw in theatres was Star Trek: Into Darkness. Having only seen Star Trek 2009 and The Motion Picture (1979), my opinion for Into Darkness may be biased, but I've written a lengthy review, which I will share inside the following spoiler tags to save room and extra reading if you don't have time to see it. Note: I've been writing movie reviews for a little while (so much for writing video game reviews lol) but out of all of them, this is my first lengthy one, so I hope it's a good read for you, should you choose to read it. Star Trek: Into Darkness My rating: 5/5 My review: [spoiler] I think there are a lot of angry Trekkies out there who disapprove of the amount of action that Star Trek: Into Darkness has, while believing it's a dumbed-down version of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. The truth is I myself have yet to see The Wrath Of Khan, but as far as Into Darkness goes, I thought it was an amazing movie in its own right, as it blends old and new ideas to have a bit of everything for everybody (whether they know their Star Trek or not) to like, just like the predecessor. And in many ways, I consider Star Trek: Into Darkness an even better movie than its predecessor. The movie starts off with action, which may not seem related to the actual plot. On the contrary, it was quite important to begin that way, because that's how it sets the characters feelings and actions for the real plot. In comes Benedict Cumberbatch, who I believe was the right choice for the reimagined antagonist, Khan. He and his character are what made the plot far more memorable than Eric Bana's Nero (though to be honest, starting off with a new antagonist like Nero was a good thing, rather than bringing up an existing foe so early in the new series). Cumberbatch delivers in manipulative fashion, similarly to Tom Hiddleston's Loki. His character also has a strong emotional commitment to back up his motives, and in that aspect, Cumberbatch's effort pays off. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but Chris Pine deserves an award for his performance this time around. Unlike the past movie, his role as Kirk was MUCH more likeable and respectable here, as his character is more fleshed out with depth, adding to his more heartfelt performance. Zachary Quinto's Spock also has a lot more depth this time around, while also being just as goofy with his "logic" as before, only even funnier. In fact, the humor in this movie has doubled since Star Trek '09, with Karl Urban's Bones as worrywart as ever, and Simon Pegg's Scotty getting more screen time, therefore exponentially increasing the amazing goofiness one would expect from Pegg. Sure, there's a notable amount of arguing involved, but at least the drama is believable. It puts the crew's trust to the test, and it also brings them closer together like a family. My god, that sounded incredibly cheesy, but you know what I mean, right? The visual effects are as phenomenal as they were since 2009, only this time, we get bigger panoramic views of futuristic skyscrapers and foreign lands that truly look like they're out of this world. A few subtle changes here and there as well, notably the Enterprise ship going into warp speed, now with a new starting sound and a shiny disappearance, similar to Serenity. Even the camera work resembles that of Joss Whedon, which possibly could've inspired it. The action sequences are tightly edited and are exciting to watch, thanks to J.J. Abrams' assured direction. Again, he does cut corners here and there as the director usually does, but the increased depth of characters here as opposed to Star Trek '09 makes up for the speed. A lot of people seem to complain about the director's fetish for lens flares, but I actually thought he toned it down in this entry, therefore not being nearly as distracting as in his first attempt at Trekking. And last but not least, the musical score is just as epic and beautiful as it was previously, but now included are some beautiful piano ballads that are effectively used in certain areas of the movie, adding to the emotions undergone throughout those moments. With all that said and done, any problems I may have had with the movie feel left behind hundreds of thousands of kilometers as Star Trek: Into Darkness has officially become my new favorite J.J. Abrams movie. Again, I'm positive that this movie doesn't intend to be better than The Wrath Of Khan, but merely a different take on it and featured in an alternate timeline, while also paying homage to the original timeline. Those who're angry about it must have overlooked the characters that drive this movie. But I can't argue any longer if they did take the performances into consideration. Either you'll love it like I did, or you'll refuse to accept the new events that don't necessarily replace the old ones. END OF REVIEW [/spoiler] Sadly I won't have time to watch any of the old Star Trek TV shows, as my backlog of shows to see has increased by a lot, but the movies should suffice. The last update I have for you today is that I finally completed college, marks in the 80s and above! :D Unfortunately I have not been accepted into any of my choices for university due to my previous grades that were so-so. HOWEVER! I'll be applying as an independent student, for which I should be eligible, in order to complete a few electives. Then I'll try reapplying for what I originally wanted (which would be either Film Studies or Communication Studies). To conclude, I made a new music video. Enjoy! Blade music video Another note: major highlight from this year's E3

A Bad Day To Die Hard? Dat innuendo.

Ohai everyone. :3 No, I'm not in a cranky mood for being single on Valentine's Day. :P I mean, it isn't just about being in a relationship, despite the latter's glorification (which is the only part of Valentine's Day that I dislike). Saying that it's all about relationships would be like saying Christmas is all about presents. No, today is simply about keeping in mind of the people you're close to, even if it's just your friends or family. I would go as far as saying that if you're single, Valentine's Day should especially be a day to remain optimistic. With that rant out of the way, I probably won't be seeing A Good Day To Die Hard, as I realized it has a mediocre director puppeteering it, as well a weak writer. At that point, not even Bruce Willis can save the movie from being possibly the weakest Die Hard in the series. I did see Warm Bodies three times though, lol. Of course it's heavy on plot holes, but thanks to the movie's lighthearted tone and charming performance from Nicholas Hoult (who thankfully isn't just some pretty boy looking to make money, he can actually act), the movie is able to overcome its faults, while preventing itself from becoming Twilight with zombies (as many seem to believe at first sight). Oddly enough, Teresa Palmer does look like Kirsten Stewart, but I will say this: Palmer isn't anything phenomenal, but at least she has more than one facial expression and can keep her mouth closed. Also, the movie is shot in Montreal! :D But yeah, Jonathan Levine does a good job in blending two dead (no pun intended) genres together, while making the overall feeling genuinely sweet rather than sappy. Very nice soundtrack too I might add. I recently picked up Far Cry 3 and the rebooted Devil May Cry game. Far Cry 3 is just amazing. It's without all of the frustrations that plagued Far Cry 2, while finally having a good plot with an excellent protagonist. Very humoristic writing too. I deem this game as one of the best shooters of 2012. As for DmC, I'll be playing it once I'm done with Far Cry 3 as well as replaying through the original DMC games. Despite the criticism it gets, the new DmC looks like a good game in its own right. Of course I wouldn't say the new Dante is better, since the original Dante may never be replaced, but hopefully I'll like the new one for who he is. And after nearly 11 months, I finally made a new music video! xD I may have mentioned it in previous blogs, but I was making a music vid for The Dark Knight. I finally found the motivation to finish it. So here it is: On that note, happy Valentine's Day. ^_^

A Good Day To Live Free

Or Die Hard. :P Though yes, today was a good day. And it made me realize that I should check on those who're still here. xD While yes, GS has become somewhat of a travesty with the changes it underwent, my foot remains firmly wedged in its door; I'm not going anywhere. So I've been keeping fairly busy since my last blog. No, not in a relationship unfortunately. But what can I say, life's been good. Here are some updates. ***Gaming*** -I sold my Xbox 360, because I only played Forza Motorsport on it. I wasn't motivated to play anything else on that console. No point in having it just for one game. -I platinumed Uncharted 1. I plan on doing so for Uncharted 2 and maybe 3, the latter which I've been playing as of recently. Great follow-up to 2. Not as good, but it does have the best set pieces of the series, in my opinion. The story, while not as good, does have its reason for being what it is: shielding not only the player from the reason that drives Nate to go on, but even the characters of the game. Besides that, great voice acting as expected, colorful technical design, and updated gameplay, although the latter is for better or worse due to some technical blemishes. Speaking of which, here's a glitch I came across that I simply had to share with the world. -I can somehow run System Shock 2 on my laptop. Granted, this is version 2.3, and I have yet to look for the mysterious yet existent version 2.4. The only issue I get from running the game however is that the game's menu screens appear as frozen ("!", kudos if you got that reference). Yet, my laptop's keyboard software manages to unfreeze it temporarily when I use the FN-activated keystrokes. The OSD for the software responsible for the FN keys would then unfreeze the menus for as long as the OSD is on screen. Then when it vanishes, the menu freezes again. Otherwise, the game runs just fine. O.o Honestly, I should drop everything else and play this, but I just have too many games yet to play, as well as movies and shows to see, music to hear, books to read... and... just... everything... ;__; -I'm just about to pick up Okami HD over PSN. 'Nuff said. ***Movies*** -The Dark Knight Rises. I consider it Nolan's weakest movie in his career, due to pacing issues that led to rushed events and a number of plot holes that are hard to ignore. That said, it was still very good, thanks to good performances (apart from Christian Bale's usual over-the-top Batman voice), good action sequences (one of them being iconic), another epic musical score by Hans Zimmer, and some interesting choices that made for a solid conclusion to the trilogy, in my opinion. -I saw Cloud Atlas recently. Somewhat cliched and a bit difficult to take in all at once, but once it settles, all the stories that influence one another are well-told for the most part and are visually thrilling, with occasionally hilarious make-up design which I believe was intentional. I think my favorite story had to be the dystopian future (right before the post-apocalyptic story) because the revelation in that one was rather shocking, especially once I understood more about it when studying the novel's take on it. Great music too, which plays an important role. With a few shortcomings, this movie is nevertheless worth seeing if you're a patient viewer. ***Shows*** -Burn Notice is all caught up with. Great action show with clever humor and Bruce Campbell. Now awaiting season 6's mid-season break to be over, which should be within the next few days. About bloody time, actually. The break's been going since the end of August. O.o -I finally saw all of Cowboy Bebop. It was a great anime, with a main character redefining the word "cool". Also, DAT JAZZ! "See you Space Cowboy." ***Music*** Been listening to quite a few bands, so I'll only name the last one I've checked out: Lacuna Coil. Very nice gothic metal band from Italy. Track pick from Comalies, one of their best albums: "Swamped" Track pick from Dark Adrenaline, their most recent album: "My Spirit" ***Books*** Little going on here, but I just started reading my first comic book, Watchmen. I'm surprised at how closely the movie actually stuck to the source material. So far anyway. ___ That about sums up the essentials of my pass times in the gap between last blog and now. Though looking back at my previous blog, the games that I supposedly started then have sorta been dropped for now. But I will get back to them one day. As for college, I only have one evening course this semester, before hopefully returning as a daytime student in Winter to complete my final semester of my program. For the current course however, I don't think Film Styles will count for anything, as I have already done a similar class in my program. But hey, it kills time while I keep in touch with studies. And with a current average of 97%, I can't complain. :P The end of the golfing season has been reached, so I am now jobless, unless I can get something for the holidays. Speaking of which, hope everybody had a good Halloween. With the following pics showing me off in my Drive costume, I most certainly enjoyed it. And I hope that those affected by Hurricane Sandy are alright. It is now 4AM. I could definitely use some sleep. Until next time, GoodFellas. :)

Finally some gaming updates

Hey, how's everybody? Hope you folks have been enjoying summer, I know I am. :) I finally got my air conditioner installed in my room... after Montreal's second heatwave. x) Oh well, this should take care of all my technology in this room, especially my PS3, as it unsurprisingly has been working hard to stay cool this time of the year. And I think it's about time I post an update about gaming. I have slowly progressed through Silent Hill 1. The series (until anything after 4 since that was the last one developped by Team Silent) has to be some of the best in the horror genre, ever. And let's not forget its psychological depth. Hell I'd like to visit my own Silent Hill if it were possible. I'm looking forward to playing the other three, while Homecoming and Downpour don't exist to me because, well, it's not Team Silent. :P Total disaster in terms of plot and gameplay from what I've heard, though I will check out the soundtrack for Homecoming as it was the last SH game to feature a soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka. Which reminds me to check out the soundtrack for Lollipop Chainsaw (also composed by Yamaoka) and not the game itself. :P I did beat some Rockstar games recently, such as GTA's III and Vice City, as well as Red Dead Redemption which was quite an enjoyable Western experience. And I started playing Bully, which is a diamond in the rough. I also beat Forza Motorsport 3. I'd have taken more screenshots, but the servers were too broken to have more of my screenshots from the game uploaded. Even if it were possible to save them as image files on the 360's hard drive, I'd be require to reformat one of my peripheral memory devices to install some BS software from the console to actually transfer files. Sheesh, Microsoft may be versatile with computers, but when it comes to consoles, even Sony's PS3 is more versatile with third-party hardware. Before I spark a needless debate that has already been heard far too many times, both consoles have their ups and downs, while PCs can outrun them in just about every way. However I stick with consoles because I feel more at home with them (though I would get emulators on my lapter for the older consoles I don't have), and partially because I'm too lazy to build and maintain a PC. :lol: Going back to FM3, in order to deal with its broken server, I "upgraded" to FM4. Because 120+ hours in FM3 simply wasn't enough. :lol: For the most part, FM4 is a pretty good update, though I definitely could've waited for the price to drop. But car OCD happened. :P So here are some screenies from that instead! You may need to copy/paste the link since this blogging system has become pretty awful. I started playing Viewtiful Joe. It is over 9000 times better than the movie Last Action Hero. Couldn't believe the director for DMC1 handled this game. Well, until I realized he also directed Bayonetta, which did have some over-the-top gameplay similarities. I played some Ico from The Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus HD collection. Beautiful platforming and an adorable pair of characters make this game hold up to this day. Can't wait to play Shadow Of The Colossus. Last but not least, Closure was on special for 10$ on the PS store. It still might be, so if you have a PS3, go check it out. It's an awesome indie platformer! I shall return with a new blog, as soon as I see The Dark Knight Rises, which I will be seeing next Tuesday. Cheers. :D

Let's get one thing straight: those E3 2012 press conferences were bad

I knew they would be, since this year is pretty weak in gaming. The conferences needed some Metal Gear and The Last Guardian updates. And zero Usher, whose presence and performance killed the Microsoft press conference. :x I saw bits of the EA and Ubisoft conferences and watched all of Microsoft and Sony's. Didn't even bother with Nintendo because honestly, Nintendo has died this generation. I'm happy with my Gamecube. So out of the conferences, these were the few games that caught my eye: (Sony) - Beyond: Two Souls, which is Quantic Dream's next game. It looks fantastic, and the voice is already more likeable than Heavy Rain's, though it helps they got Ellen Paige. She voices a girl who has psychic and telekinetic powers from the looks of it, and apparently you play through her life as she ages. Sounds like another great cinematic experience, and I absolutely loved Heavy Rain despite its flaws, so I'm pretty sure this will be something just as unique. (Sony) - The Last Of Us, from Naughty Dog. I'm already loving the gameplay, which doesn't feature health auto-regeneration. That's something that bugs me in other games, auto-regen kinda makes them easier, which is not always what a gamer wants. A real gamer, anyway. :P But yeah, the main character looks like a very ordinary guy, who carries little to no weaponry, in which case he must rely on stealth. Definitely looks like a must-own for PS3. (Microsoft) - Forza Horizon, only because I loved playing Forza Motorsport 3 and Horizon is set on open tracks instead of closed coursed ones, using a similar (if not the same) sim physics engine from the earlier games. What I've seen from the trailer, there may be night time racing, which is much needed in the series, and I hope it also features weather conditions. FM3 did have split-screen multiplayer, so hopefully they'll implement that as well. Top Gear content was mentioned too, I believe. And some games I'm hoping will be good: (EA) - Dead Space 3. I thought DS1 and 2 were really awesome, but from what I've seen in the co-op demo for DS3, I'm hoping it doesn't go all RE5. Although the environment does look pretty good, and is creepy in some parts, I just hope they're able to keep the atmosphere as chilling as the previous games. (Ubisoft) - Assassin's Creed 3. To be honest, I wasn't very impressed with the different gameplays I've seen for it so far. It was like a mix of games that already exist, which were Age Of Empires and TES: Skyrim. :lol: At least it is a change of setting, because Brotherhood and Revelations were basically the same games as AC2, with very little story advancement, if any. I loved AC2, don't get me wrong, but Ubisoft is just stretching the series for money, and I don't like that. AC3 better pick up the story, or I'll simply stop caring about the series. (Ubisoft) - Watch Dogs. I wasn't mindblown by the gameplay, but at least it's a new game rather than a sequel, and being a technomancer does seem like an interesting and different concept. We'll see how that goes. Otherwise, there was just too much trash throughout these press conferences, I won't even bother talking about it. Though I would like to hear from you guys what you liked and disliked from these conferences, if you've seen them. :) I'll post gaming and other updates on my next blog! Cheers.

Wow. GS has changed since my last blog. Both for better and for worse.

I suppose this is because of the merging of Gamespot and Giantbomb. The interface for the most part looked pretty good. But the comment section... the comment section... Oh the comment section... Needs more cowbell.

But yeah, I've not been very active here... for reasons... or something. :P

Honestly I've just been trying to get my motivation up and running again, and so far I seem to be doing much better. Less moments of feeling down and whatnot. I guess the gap between now and my previous blogs isn't as bad as it could've been. We all got life to tend anyway.

Though I've been loafing around, played very few games, seen a couple of movies, heard a bit of new music, and procrastinated until I had to rush with my assignments for the only two classes I had, but which ended today with me half-a**ing and submitting my English research project, which was on the movie Antichrist. Gee I wonder why it was so depressing to write about it. DERP. However I'm not even sure if I'm passing.:? I've got my fingers crossed for it, as well as for my Art History class, though I'm not as worried about that one.

In the end I'm just glad it's finally over. And now I can get slowly get back into gaming, movies, music and all that good stuff, since I've got a LOT to check out in those categories.

Also, I was working on a new music video, but then stress happened. :P It was almost the end of the semester so I had to drop all my procrastination... Ok maybe not all of it, but a great deal of it. :lol: But now that classes are done I'll finish up with the vid soon enough.

That's about it really. I'll try to get some of the aforementioned activities donebefore writing another blog so I can actually talk more about them. :P All I can say is, I'm refining my gaming collection a bit. And it now has physical copies of Silent Hill 2 and 3, as well as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES and a SEALED copy of Persona 4. :D And I have yet to see The Avengers. Because Joss Whedon. 'Nuff said.

Until next time!

How've you guys been? :)

It's that day of the year where...

...nothing really happens, whether you're single or not. :P However, I'm pleased to finally bring you the two Filmmaking class projects made by my friend and I last semester. It's not uploaded onto my Youtube channel yet, but feel free to check out the rest of my friend's channel. He's a vlogger. :)

The Matrix scene remake(using the sound of the actual movie)

Clementine(yes, the guy who acts as a jerk is me :P )

Have a good February 14th if you do celebrate Valentine's Day. :)