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More than a 1 year

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It have been more than a year since I wrote here. But at least I am still alive and my game list is a prove of it. I have to admit that I usually wrote more frequent in my blog. but I didn't have the reason to write another post. but I am happy to break the 400 barrier of games that I own. I have to admit that my completion rate is quite low (87 games) compare to the games that I own but I have been working in a steady way to increase the rate.

I will try to write a least once per week in on this blog with a summary from my blog.

PD: My blog is in Spanish

La esquina del entretenimiento

First Blood (post)

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I think that blogs are a great way to share thoughts with an invisible community. I have my own blog but I think that it is better to share something in my own profile. I thought that It would be nice to do it in English because I think that most of the people that check my profile are English speakers.There are different things that I like: anime, movies, books, science, video games (especially pc games) and pc hardware. You can frame as a geek.

First, I would love to start the introduction about what I have been playing. Last week, I finally finished Super Meat Boy on pc. I didn't do with all the stages because it was getting tedious. It wasn't because the game is hard or I don't have the skills to do it. It is because I need to finish it as soon as I could. Because I have some many games to finish before I start the college again. Super Meat Boy is one of my favorite game of the last year and Ironically I enjoyed more indie titles than AAA titles because Indies have something that some publisher can afford to do and it is original ideas and great game mechanics. I am looking forward to this year to expect more quality indie titles.