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Phoenix Wright, Reviewers need to get their facts straight!

I have been a fan of the Ace Attorney series since last December, and I must say that reading reviews of the second and third games in the series makes me angry. So many reviews say something like "Oh this game is great, but it doesn't really bring anything new to the table." So what. That's perfectly fine, isn't it? Give people more of what made them like the game in the first place? Oh heavens no. Companies can't do that. They need to keep us guessing! Idiots. Look at Guitar Hero. Look at Halo. Come on now.

Another thing that bothers me is when reviews say, "Oh well this game is great, but I wish there was a case like in the first game where you could use the DS features a little better. I don't understand why they didn't make the whole game like that." Well my friend, that's because the original three Gyakutan Saiban games were made for the Game Boy Advance. These are simply direct ports of the Japanese games headed to the US for the first time. That bonus case in the first game could be considered a tech-demo for the fourth game that may possibly come out in the US next year. It was only put in to offer an incentive for Japanese players to essentially buy the same game again. But since the game sold over their like crack, Capcom decided to just focus on the fourth game and port the other two in Phoenix's trilogy unchanged. Which is just fine for most people unless you are ungrateful (Re the second game: "Why does this one only have four cases when the first one had five?").

One more thing: Yes, they are ports of GBA games. But neither I nor any SANE person would think they are obvious ports, not at all (I'm looking at YOU Electronic Gaming Monthly!). The only GBA title I can think of that even comes CLOSE to the spritework and quantity of Phoenix Wright is Riviera, the Promised Land but even that game doesn't have all the large-scale animations Phoenix Wright does.

At least every reviewer seems to agree that the strength of the games are the characters and the continuity. So that's one good thing.

In other news, I am still pissed at Capcom for not sending me my copy of Trials and Tribulations or my plushie yet. Good thing WALMART wasn't back-ordered. *eye-roll*