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God Of War Triology Collection ^__^

Hi guys its been a while, i finally got my hands on all 3 titles from the immensely popular PS Franchise. I had actually pre-ordered the Triology Edition but because of the importing complications the cost was insanse and i had to back out in the last minute as their was a lot of delay with the delivery. Anyways as i couldnt wait anymore longer i went ahead and bought all 3 yesterday :D playing them now :D

The GoW Weekend has begun !! :D

I hope u guys have already got it!! :)

until next time bye tc n keep gaming!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ^___^

I watched few movies recently, few of the Christmas themed movies. It was fun :D I loved Avatar 3D ^___^

This year life had a roller coaster ride :P hmmm...oh well :D trying to think +ve... :D

Happy holidays everyone...

bye tc n keep gaming!!

Hi guys!!

Hi guys, how have you been? im doing great!! having lot of fun learning and gameshastra :D

iPhone game dev is pretty interesting ^___^ but ya Mac is a little annoying to use.... -___-"

anyways what are your updates??

i was kinda busy with stuff, got net recently and have been playing a lot as usual :P

im posting a link to pics of my new gaming room ^____^

My birthday (22nd November) went pretty ok. :)

I bought the THQ Steam Game Collection, it was a steal!!! ^___^ i got games that i wanted for sometime now :D

Ty Reetesh for it :D

And my dear friend Gagan is getting married next year, congrats bro :)

I finished MW2 in one sitting, awesome game but too short again :P

According to me Uncharted 2 is GOTY 2009 !! Uncharted 2 FTW!! ^__^

I had fun playing the game and the co-op is fun witht friends :D will play more of it soon :P nowadays addicted to War3:DOTA well actually from a long time now :P

Ill be voting for the GOTY 09 awards tomorrow morning.....

Have a loads of game updates to check as i didnt have net for sometime now and games to buy AND games to play :D

bye tc n keep gaming!! ^____^

Journey Continues.....

Hi guys, as you already know that i've been traveling a lot. I came back today morning from New Delhi. I had a lot of fun with all this traveling :D. Im leaving for Hyderabad tomorrow to join a Gaming Course @ Gameshastra ( A Gaming Company). Hopefully will be getting few games this month and will be playing on ps3 a bit today before i leave b'coz i wont have it for few weeks @ Hyderabad. Btw Results came out, i cleared my PG Diploma in Game Development ^___^ Will blog only after i get net there, until then bye tc n keep gaming :)

Finished Uncharted 2!!!

With No doubt, this is My Game Of The Year!! i loved every part of this game.


Singleplayer campaign is immersive and k1ck@$$ action :D

Coop is a lot fun too :D cant wait to play with my friends :D

I give this game a 10 on 10. ^___^ finished this game today morning @ 5.30 :P slept for a while... still a little tired ;)

ill be playing some coop and fifa today :)

i got 48% trophies till now :D with that i reached level 7 :)


btw if you guys want to join me in Twitter. This is my id - scorpio_gamer

ill be going on a small trip to north india for few weeks, catch you later.. bye tc n keep gaming :D

Gaming Update - New Games

We recently had a IGG Bash (Indian Gamers Guild) Check the pics here. We had tons of fun @ Gagan's Place.

I had visited my dearest sisters after that, came back few days back so jus catching things up. I had not net access for a week so....

Anyways here are the games i got recently :D


And i finished Batman AA :D freaking awesome combat system!! k1ck@$$ game ;)

i've been playing DMC 4, NFS shift, MAG Beta and Heroes of Newerth Beta. Im addicted to HON :P

Mag is fun will post more abt it later :)

Tonight UC 2 and fifa 10 :D wooot :D

Games Update

Long time friends :)

I've been gaming a lot lately, as im free nowadays :P
So the recent Ps3 games that i bought are Little big planet and Bourne conspiracy.
Bourne is one of the best movie based games ever!!! The same intense action from its movies. :)

Little Big planet is really fun to play :D

And i subscribed to PSN Qore (Annual) so im gonna play MAG beta ^__^

Ill be getting Batman for PC, and looking forward to lot of games coming in next few months :D

Im participating in Heroes of Newerth Beta, if anyone is interested in it PM your email for a beta invite :)

Heroes of Newerth is remake of map (DOTA) for the famous game called Warcraft 3, im having lot of fun with it :D

bye tc n keep gamig :)

Pics and More Pics!!!

Check My album for the pics i promised, been kinda busy with some stuff and gaming a looot on my Laptop ;) i love this baby :D

thats it for now! :) bye tc n keep gaming!!

and let me know if u liked the pics :)

Hi guys, wats up?

Its been a long time since i bloged. Well i had few ups and downs in my life. :( i think ill be blogging regularly from now on.

I almost finished my gaming developing diploma. :D

For ppl interested in playing the single level Java Mobile game i developed, plz PM me. :) ill email u

I got a sexy Hp DV 5 Laptop ;) ill post a lot of pics in my next blog :) with my pending pics of ps3 n HDTV :P

I watched MS, nintendo , EA and Sony Press confrences live. E3 was an awesome time :D i was too excited abt it :D

i had boosted my speed for few hours to watch it lag free ;P

MS made some big time annoucements, pretty impressive. For nintendo, i didnt like the confernce :P it was jus ok. Sony was good but the leaks of surprises spoiled the party for them, still good enuff.

MS's Project Natal was mind blowing but i wonder how will they make AAA games with that....hmmm lets leave that to the developers and see.

Sony's Motion controller looked good too.....i felt they are far better than Wii's controller.

Im excited abt a lot of games this year, to name a few AC 2, Batman,modern warfare 2, Uncharted 2,heavy rain, Street fighter 4 etc.....

im currently zapping enemies in Infamous and Ripping mercs in Wolverine. :P and

and sony is releasing PS1 games on PSN priced @ 10$.... i think its too over-priced for a ps1 game.

The most disappointing news for me was the annoucement of L4D 2.... its jus been a year since l4d...and where the h3ck is Hl2:ep3??????? :evil: