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Checklist of owned games still to beat

Assassins Creed 3 -

Doom 3 BFG - 

Bully -

Diablo 3 - 

Rayman Legends


Lego Batman 2

Just cause 2 -

Skyrim -

Borderlands 2 DLC -

DJ Hero 2 -

Trials Evolution -

Dust Elysian Tail -

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet -

Metal Gear Solid HD -

Mark Of The Ninja -

Pinball Fx 2 -

Halo CE anniversary -

Bayonetta -

Kinect Sports 1 & 2 -

Forza Motorsport 4 -

this will destroy your soul!

play SUPER MEAT BOY! it will destroy all your modern gaming conceptions, probably destroy your will too, but if you preservere you will feel rewarded as no game ever did...

Portal mysterious update

I don't know if you've been up to date on this but there's an ongoingARG covering a lot of forums, irc, etc trying to uncover what VALVe has in store. If you have the slight interest in the Half Life world you MUST check this out. I'm not going to try to explain what is happening, you check out this collection of assets regarding the investigation.

Rumor has it that Ep3 and/or Portal 2 or both are about to be announced, and that something is about to be revealed on GDC on 3/11

soft season

So lately I haven't been gaming as much as I'd like. also there aren't many games being released out there lately that really grab my attention, apart from Brutal Legend and the upcoming Dragon Age. Well thats good news for me, cause I'm still half way through Fallout 3 (which by the way was a game I criticised a lot before release but I'm in love with it now) and I'm in the middle of another playthrough of Battlefield Bad Company (this game surprised me a lot cause I wasn't expecting too much from the single player campaign, I'll be dropping a review soon).

Last week I was offered a bundle pack containing Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones, and I'm really enjoying Kung Fu Panda for being a game that sticks to platforming conventions (how I missed playing a 3d platformer) and having a surprisingly deep combo system.

Now Forza 3 was released and I know playing through it will be a thrilling and long journey, I have been squeezing the most out of Forza 2 these days in anticipation for it. The thing that I like about Forza Motorsport 3 is the fact that I will enjoy it like a snack in the days to come, cause since I won't have much time to play it due to the 3rd year of college, Forza always had that awesome variety of events that take from 30/60 minutes to 3/4 minutes to complete, so when I'm really busy i'll still pick up a car, a quick event and relax a little behind the wheel of some beautifuly rendered cars. Hope you have been getting most out of your gaming setups than I have!

take care my friends

Marvel vs capcom 2 for xbla and psn

the rumor been around for some time now, but these are some great news for a lot of gamers beginning withcapcom releasing a new promotional teaser site:

-tu4ar supposedly stands for "Take You For a Ride" which any mvc2 fan recognizes as a repeated line in the game's most annoying song, and the page features a countdown and a big "2" in the background. The countdown is set for 6 days as I write this, almost the amount of days remaining until CAPTIVATE '09, capcom's expo.

-the same website could be reached from this address:

-and check this, a new entry on the website xbox360achievements lists the achievements for a game called Marvel vs Capcom 2:

-what more? on the online store there was a listing for the product "XB2MA11 - Marvel vs Capcom Tournament Edition Arcade Stick"; on the product's release info is stated "TBC" and on the product description: "Sorry, this product no longer exists in our database."'s pretty much confirmed! :D look forward to fight against some of you online soon!


So I'll go straight to the point: Crytek has released footage from it's new engine that's basically a version of CryEngine2 optimized for the next gen consoles at GDC2009. Here it is for you to enjoy and drool

retroactivity / A bad time to play

Well, I found ebay! And I discovered the inherent addiction on the act of searching for things you don't quite need by you want to own to feed consumerism. Just searching for items and comparing the prices kinda fills my wallet-emptying desires.

So the thing is, there's a lot of games I never got to play or own back in the day, and there's lots of great business oportunities on ebay.

So this is to me an opportunity to get some cheap good games for the Xbox, since the 360 has backwards compatibility with most xbox games, and most of them are being neglected by gamers eager to get rid of them and earn some bucks.

I recently got Mortal Kombat Deception for the Xbox, I loved it on the ps2 but since I don't have a working ps2 no more I wanted to add it to my collection, and while wandering around here on gamespot I remembered that I always wanted Mortal Kombat Armageddon but I never got a hold of it and it is nowhere to be found where I live. so that took my ebay virginity. This must be how my sister feels when she's at the mall

I always wanted Guilty Gear X2 #Reload but it's 15€ on XBL, and it's not available on my zone either, so I got it for 10€ (5€+5€ for shipping). then I found what's the use of the Wishlist on gamespot, and I looked for Unreal Championship 2, and bough it!

Yesterday a friend of mine that's conveniently working on GAME (that's BelzebuVlad, add him!) texted me saying he had Halo triple pack for 9,99€ and Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) for 4,99€!! so I got those as well!

A good sense of opportunity, some good friends and a money-spending beast inside me just enlarged my game collection for good. BUT...I just started the second semester of my second year at the university, and there's also resident evil 5 on the horizon...

That's it for this blog, I'm having Methods of Multimedia Conception and I'm bored. How are YOU?

more great games coming

Well, to begin with there's Resident Evil 5, ever since I played the demo I was sure it was going to be one of the great action games of 2009, and probably of this generation of gaming, as judging from RE4 which I played to exaustion. Now splitscreen coop, it will be on my 360 for a long time.

Then there's the great Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. I loved the first one, it was a surprising game, featuring so many different gameplay styles that were amazingly fit together in an awesome package and plus a great story that was even better that the two movies it's based on. Now with a new campaign and multiplayer and revamped graphics it's gonna be a must buy. I'm yet to be disappointed by Starbreeze (Darkness was awesome too).

Now the big problem is: how will I earn the money I need to buy them :S

I accept donations XD

What are you expecting to play in these next few months?

Do you have the Need 4 Speed?? Then DON'T PLAY IT!

Goddamn! how EA manages to brainwash this new generation of kids...How come every year the best selling titles are PES, FIFA and NEED FOR SPEED? every single kid I know of who sligthly plays games plays need for speed, every guy I know who has a modest pc rig plays need for speed, passing on games like GTR, GRID, DIRT, or even TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED. And console wise there's BURNOUT PARADISE (it's EA published, it's GREAT, how come NFS get's so much publicity and Burnout is almost neglected?) PROJECT GOTHAM RACING 4, GRAN TURISMO 4, FORZA MOTORSPORT 2, MIDNIGHT CLUB LA...

Do you have the NEED FOR SPEED?? Then play SOMETHING ELSE! Play Burnout, Flatout, go play some Wipeout for christ's sake

so much disinformation...

Please social life, go away!!

Damn, these are hard times. I remember fondly the times when I had so much free time that I could beat an RPG in 3 days in a row, or when I beat Half Life and Opposing Force in a week... But now I can hardly sit down grab the gamepad and play for more than 30minutes per day. Waking up at 9:00 am, classes until 8:00 pm, going home, having dinner, then going out at 9:30 pm, having a coffee, then returning home at 11:30 pm...5 days a week, doesn't leave much time for gaming. In the past 4 months I bought Forza Motorsport 2, Fable 2, FarCry 2, Perfect Dark Zero, Soul Calibur 4, Virtua Tennis 3, Duke Nukem 3D, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD, for the 360 (most at a bargain price) and Battlefield 2 complete collection for the PC.

I barely touched Fable 2 and Forza, i'm at 62% on FarCry2, I just began the career on Virtua Tennis 3, and I might have played 4 rounds on Battlefield2...I'm up to the neck with school work, with group work I have to do by myself, with paintings to finish...

I miss those times when a bunch of people would gather around a console, play those fighting games, laugh, those times when we played so many games and we would always exchange those experiences with our friends...

How I wish I was still an hardcore gamer...

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