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A Fancy Return, More Video Games, And School . . . Fantastic

I figure that my absence was pretty sudden and I think it's time I come back. I am a busy fellow, so I won't be on as often as I'd like, but I'll try to fit in some space here and there. It's nice to be back though.

I just bought Guitar Hero III a couple of days ago. I've had lots of fun with it so far, but I'm a little disappointed in some things they've done with it. I like the extra challenge with the game. I beat it on Hard and just started Expert (I've beaten the previous two on Expert). It's safe to say this one is the hardest. I'm really looking forward to Rock Band though. It looks quite promising. I actually had a chance to try it out at my Best Buy, and it was just awesome. 0

School has given me more pain than I've ever remember it. This year has just been total stress. I'm trying to balance out my music, school work, job, video games, and my free time, but it's hard to keep it all together. I'd like to spend some time on Gamespot a little more, but we'll just have to see. Until then, this is naz, I'm back (hopefully). I hope you can all forgive my long and unexplained absence!

School, Job, Music....Hmmm

Well now that school has settled in, and so has my job, I'm I'm too busy.  However, with an approprate schedule, I can now fit in time for GS.  Of course it's scheduled.  Here is my schedule.

6:30 AM - Wake up, take shower, get dressed
7:00 AM - Eat (yum), brush teeth, do what ever else I need to do
7:15 AM - Leave for Jazz Band
8:10 AM - Start School
2:45 PM - End School
3:30 PM - Arrive Home, Do Homework, Check GS,
4:00 PM - Go to work (recording engineer)
6:30 PM - Eat Dinner (break from work)
9:30 PM - Get off work,  Music
11:00 to 12:00 Midnight - Free time (mostly music), work out, various activites, bedtime

And that's my schedule, Work and School take up the day, so how fun.  With all the money I'm making I'm ready for the Wii, and the games for it.

Gone for the week

Just to let everyone know, I'll be gone from today until Sunday to my cabin.  When I return I'll read PMs and catch up on anything I missed.  Enjoy your time, and stay active.

Business And Absence

Well as many of you have probably noticed, I haven't been on GS lately.  Well now it's time to explain before people wonder where I have gone.

I recently got a new computer for the purpose of audio and video editing (I am a musician).  With the computer came a lot of setting up, which means I didn't have full access to the internet for quite some time.  Then I was busy with the software.  And I have been on several mini-vacations for the past few weeks.  I will be gone a lot for the next few weeks until the start of the school year, then I'll return to activity.  That is in late August.  Until then I'll check my PMs, and may come on.  Don't demote me though, as I will be back very soon.

Gone Camping

Just to let everyone in GS know, I am going camping from Monday the 17th at 5:30 AM to Saturday the 22nd at around noon.  This will explain my future absence.  I expect some quality PMs, good news, and great activity in my unions.

Design Update

Well I haven't had a post in my blog about my sig updates for a bit so I guess I'll post some of my more recent works. It's a lot!

My fav sig, most recent, made for BlazingStar, the magician...I mean Psychic.

Here's my design for a strange sig contest in Liquid Design

My new logo.

My new logo animation, very smooth, but some text problems (the open text)

Here's a sig I made for nuck44

Here's my latest sig for myself, probably my second favorite sig of all.

Here's my first attempt at c4d, a little too bright, but I like the Zelda render.

Here's a shadow sig, too big, so I don't like the outcome.

Here's a sig I made for a contest and won, a blend of the sunset and mountains.

My first attempt at shadow. Nice outcome, but too small with too large of render.

Gift for Jiblam, this is the final sig of my old style.

Nice sig I made for ninjasan

Unique style Tifa sig, some like, some dislike.

A planet I made, this is the mini version.

In awsome design I made.

Well that's all for now, so come on over and comment..please!

My Gifts

I finally decided to make a Gift area where I'll keep all of the gifts people make me.


- from MoonFoxx


- from OhhSnap50893


- from Jiblam


- from Calpalg


- from Tischla


- from Mr_Ashley


- from BlazingStar


- from firestorm304


- from firestorm304

Welcome To Summer / Evanesce Designs

This entry is based on two subject.

Well, Summer has set, with a mix of boredom, and craziness (however that works).  Recently in a big service project, a whole group of us were able to help those in need, as well as sleep for half a week in a Rec Center.  We swam, had a luau, and yes, a dance.  The dance was the best part :lol:

I've started a desings forum finally.  So for all of those wanting to find somewhere to start your computer designing career, come over to Evanesce Designs.  Here's the logo.

I just recently started it so there are very few if any members.  Come and help it grow with ideas, become moderators, express yourself.

naz15 out

School's Out!

The long awaited day has come....SCHOOL'S OUT!  No more Homework!  Yes, the time of year, Summer, has finally come.  I'm very relieved.  Lately, I haven't been playing games at all (opposing to my last post), but figuring out jobs, playing with friends, and most of all, guitar! 

Yes, the time will soon come when I'll get a new computer along with the M-Box 2.  The M-Box 2 is a bundle set by Digidesign (the company by Avid that makes the most advanced audio recording software and hardware) that comes with Pro Tools 7 LE, a lot of software, and several plug-ins.  With Reason, and this, I'll finally be able to record my music, master it, mix it, all at home.  I play all of my instruments (Guitar, 2nd Guitar, Opt. 3rd and 4th Guitar, Keyboard, MIDI Drum, MIDI effects) and put them together with Pro Tools.  Once I've recorded and mastered a few of my songs, I'll release them on the internet.

Well, that's all I'm doing right now, and until then I'm hangin' with friends, playing guitar, and talking to my girlfriend all summer.  Until later, naz is out!  

Era of Excessive Gameplay

It's about time I wrote in my blog.  I finally decided to get back to the games, and boy, I've done a lot.  My activity has decreased in GS due to playing more games, school, and everything else that's been going on in my crazy life.  Where shall I start?


After beating FE (last year) I went on to set NYs resolutions.  Beating the entire Zelda series from the start of next School Year until before Christmas.  Yes, it'll suck up a lot of time, but I've done it before (just not this fast).  I beat all of the Metroids after the start of the new year (in order).  Afterward, I started back on Zelda, then since then, I've been in a FF phase.  First I beat DoS I and 2, then FFIV, then FFVII (for the billionth time).  After I began to progress to beating all 300 missions on FFTA!  Now I'm trying to max out my character's stats on FF Crystal Chronicles, and am starting Kingdom Hearts II.


Not enough has happened in my writing career.  I submitted a Wind Waker FAQ to GameFAQs.  It's a Triforce Chart Guide.  Check it out!

I am currently writing a Metroid Fusion FAQ, something I've wanted to do for a while.  The e-mails for my Minish Cap Sound Test FAQ have died down almost completely.  You can e-mail me any question on it if you feel.

I also plan on finishing my FFIV boss FAQ soon.


Pure, genuine boredom.  That's really all that's happened.  Other than that, stress (yes, they're opposites).  I've been quite busy with school.  I'm very glad that the year's almost over (just 4 weeks).  I've been listening to music and playing games for entertainment.  I've also been hangin' out with my friends, as usual.  Unfortunately, my union, The Metroid Prime Union, has suffered in my absence.  It is now MIA status.  If you can, join and post, I've been doing all I can to save the union.  Do whatever you can, I beg.

Just keep me busy, and post comments.  Until then, see ya!