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Union Change Decided

The decision to 'broaden' topics in my union has been made. As soon as lancelot200 hands leadership back to me, the union will be thus known as, The "Alien vs. Spider-Man vs. Predator" Union.

I'm not taking any attention away from Spider-Man, I'm just hoping to bring more members to the union, and more activity, cos, Spider-Man, by itself, didn't.

Artist of the Month - Daft Punk

Image:Daft Punk.jpg


Two Frenchmen, Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo, who dress up as robots during their live, electronic concerts. Performing electronic masterpieces, the duo look nothing like you'd expect unmasked (wow, that was random).

There are very few photos of the two unmasked, yet the robot suits were not intentional. Bangalter and de Homem-Christo continue to hide their identities, which has aided in their popularity.

I can't stop listening to them. But I bet by next month, I'll be listening to someone else.

(Why does everything I say sound lame!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

Purchase of the Month

The Die Hard Quadrilogy

The second quadrilogy to add to my collection. All four movies for a tidy sum of $70AU.

Umm...yeah...Great classics, plus Die Hard 4.0 (a.k.a Live Free or Die Hard).

Not much I can say about it. Just that it's another Christmas present, on top of Super Mario Galaxy.

New Union Idea Posponed...Good Thing?

Well, I've just been made leader of Lazdude's old union, Gamespot Community.

This means that the EVE Online Union is on hold, or scrapped altogether.

Good thing, or Bad thing?

Haven't been receiving a lot of, or should I say,any responses in regard to possible charter members (with the exception of, maybe, UZ), so it might be a good thing that it's been put on hold.

How Things Are Going - Holidays

Well, holidays have started, no more exams.

Went to school yesterday for second-hand books, and all the books I needed were gone before I got to buy any.

On December 20/21, I'll be going to the Philippines, to see the family over there. Got injections on Monday for Hepatitis A and Typhoid, just for the trip. Arm still hurts from it :(. I'll still be able to post, 'cos of my cousins' laptop.

I'll be gone for three weeks, and probably won't be on as long as usual, but I'll be on nonetheless.

Still trying to get through Super Mario Galaxy a second time. Just can't be bothered anymore. I really don't want to collect 120 stars, again, but I just want to see if I get anything special by completing 100% a second time.

Still waiting for more people who are interested in my new union idea to comment and say whether they mant to join or not. Even if theyhaven't played, or have played it (but not anymore), they are welcome to join. I just need a new union to cover two areas, and therefore, different art.

If this idea doesn't take off (can't be bothered recruiting) I'll change the idea to Aliens and Predators, which was an option of my other union, due to the low activity.

That's about it for this blog. Expect another one in around a week or two.

Crysis Mod Update #1

I've decided, if possible, to allow players to play as either Rebel or Imperial.

List of Planets (not finalised):

Yavin IV
Yavin Prime
(Possibly Yavin VII, VIII, XIII, and XXII)
Mon Calamari

Assaulting/Defending Sith/Rebel Outposts/Bases/Cities, stealing Sith/Rebel ships and supplies, sabotage, spying, retrieving intel, and crushing Sith/Rebel fleets.

World in Conflict Mod Idea, and Crysis Mod outline...

Ok, now I've had the crazy idea of making a Star Wars Mod for World in Conflict. Not sure of whether it should be in tandem with my Crysis mod idea or not. Same story from different perspective, or completely different? I don't know, but I'll figure it out sometime.

Now for the Crysis Mod outline (Regularly updated, so if you're interested, check this blog every now and then).

New Republic Era

Involving war and espionage.


At least 10 planets and 2 space-fights, if possible.

Star Wars Mod Story

Putting the actual putting together of the mod aside, I still need the all important era, and story of the mod.

Ancient Times? Old Republic? New Republic?

Canon? Non-canon?

Now you're welcome to contribute, but nothing too insane. Anything you have to say might influence the overall story, but not significantly.

The final decision will come down to my interests and what I like the most.