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Crysis Mod Ideas

Now, a thought occurred to me. What can I make a Crysis Mod about?

Now I've already brought up a Star Wars Mod and a World in Conflict Mod, with a Star Wars Mod, now, already being made (Force Powers, for those who don't know).

But, now, I'm thinking, if I ever have the time or money to actually make one, what will it be about?

So some ideas have come to me...

A Terminator Mod, set during the mod. CryEngine 2 is the perfect engine for it. Robots, explosions, and all sorts of awesome stuff. It can all be done on CryEngine 2.

A WWII Mod. Doesn't have to be based on history. It could be like Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, or Warfront: Turning Point, where it's an alternate universe, and something happens to change the war. But a mod based on actual battles would still be good.

A Mech/Robot Mod, similar to the Terminator mod, yet without the same story. A warzone, with the main character being a soldier, driving a mech; or a robot.

A Superhero Mod. Playing as a superhero, fighting supervillians, and criminals, and whatnot.

A Prehistoric Mod, set during the Stone Age, hunting animals and prehistoric creatures.

I'll probably update this later, but these are the ideas I have.

OMGZ...PS3!!!! Hooray!

YAY! Finally got a PS3.

Just can't use it till my birthday. But I can wait. I've waited this long already.

So, it's 40GB (not too concerned with backward compatibility), plus Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and an extra controller.

All in all, I'm happy! Plus I can share games with my friends!

Another new theme

It's that time again, where I redo everything, and now, it's Black Bolt's turn.

Only thing missing is a new blog header.

Not my best work, but it'll suffice. If only I had Photoshop.

OMG Modded!

I got modded for a two year old review I wrote on WoW.


I mean, yes, I did repeat the phrase "This game is great" enought times to fill the required minimum characters, but, C'MON!


Reviving Vigilante 8

Vigilante 8: Arcade

Now, I'm not that interested in it, seeing as it's on XBLA. But, I just brought it up, cos I was just thinking about Vigilante 8 a few days back, and whether they'd start the series up again, and then this news comes, and I thought it was just a coincidence that I was thinking about it earlier.

Umm...played laser tag today, and, yeah, that's pretty much it

-(-|)(|-)|(-|)(|-)- The Wave Of The Future -(-|)(|-)|(-|)(|-)-

What is Earth's next technological feat in driving the human race forward beyond all expectations?

Hover technology?
Cold Fusion?
Solar Harvesting?

Comment on what our next step in life will be...

My vote, personally, goes for robotics, since that's what I plan to do as a future career, designing and building robots, and hopefully start my own business.

What should I do with my money?

Now, what should I spend my money on?

At the moment, I have around $200AU. It ain't much; if I had a job, I'd have more.

So, I can decide from the following:

  • Putting it towards a PS3;
  • Wii games
  • PC games

These are what I want the most. There are other things I want, of course, but these are a higher priority.

That reminds me, I need to ring, or e-mail Fox, or whatever, about my faulty Alien 3 disc, and mail the disc to them.


As you may have noticed, I have been absent for the past week and a bit. I'm still in the Philippines and won't be home for another ~10/11 days. I should've posted this earlier, but just forgot about it. I may or may not be on in those 10/11 days, so, this may be the last time I'm on for a while.

3D Modelers/Renderers

Important question

Does anyone know of any free modelers (that use the .lwo format)?

If not free, relatively cheap ($1000AU is NOT cheap).

Get back to me, please, if you do know of any.


I can finally install the Mod Kit for World in Conflict. Now I can start my Star Wars Mod. Still can't continue with the Crysis Mod, though. COME ON, CRYTEK!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to start making proper blogs.