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Formal coming up...

3 days from tomorrow. It's probably going to be crap, but, it's an excuse to get dressed up.

I might even get drunk, even though I don't drink.

I haven't met my partner for the formal (but I'm gonna meet her tomorrow...need to make a good impression), though, since it was sorta last minute. Got a nice black, 100% wool suit, with blue pinstripes (I think a friend of mine has the same suit, though, cos we got our suits from the same place.

Venue looks a bit small for about 200-400 people.

Even if the formal turns out to be a total bust, it should be a good night/morning.

Finally, the long wait is over!

After a month and a half, I finally got my PS3 back.

I was ready to sue Sony for keeping me without a PS3 for that long. But, now, I'm happy. Now I can finally download the Bad Company demo, and get MGS4.

Game of the Month - Battlefield: Bad Company


Welcome to the 222nd Army Battalion, B-Company...Bad Company. New recruit to B-Company, Preston Marlowe, thought he was in for hell, but it wasn't just hell, but heaven as well.

Bad Company members Sergeant Samuel Redford and Private Terrance Sweet water, Haggard and Preston Marlowe had no idea being the best of the worst had its rewards. Riches await Bad Company in the premiere of DICE's new game engine, Frostbite.

Almost forgot about the Game of the Month thing. :?

And for some reason, Sweet water (as one word, not two), is censored...

The first Sims 2 expansion since the news of the sequel - Apartments, finally?


Want an annoying landlord? Want Sims next door screaming their heads off at your Sims' abuse of noise pollution? Move your Sims into an apartment and enjoy all of that, and more...

The 8th and possibly the final Sims 2 expansion to grace PCs before the release of the highly anticipated sequel, Apartment Life allows your Sims to throw away house and home for the chance to experience social bliss or terror, living in a thriving apartment community, amongst the widest variety of Sims ever placed in one lot.

The introduction of new social groups challenges Sims to fit in in society. Making the right connections can lead to better things in life. Apartment Life's addition of the new reputation meter can help your Sims make new friends in which they can help achieve you Sims' goals.

The oppurtunites continue to grow for your Sims.

PS3 Update

Finally some good news.

Was told that they were sending me a new one, and should arrive next week.

Finally...GTA IV!

And Bad Company, MGS4, etc...

It better work this time. If not, I'll sue 'em. :P:D

End of third week without PS3

*sigh* And still no sign of it. Sony have had it for for around 10 days now, so I should be expecting it next week, if I don't get it tomorrow.

At least I should have it by the time these great games come out:

Can't wait to get it back. I'll finally be able to play GTA IV properly, now. So many good little money...

Following Game Blogs

So, this is just an update on the blogs that I'll do related to games, each month.

June - Battlefield: Bad Company

July - Aliens: Colonial Marines

August - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed/Spore

September - Resistance 2

October - Fracture

Plus, games not listed here that are of interest will appear in my blog if release dates are announced close to launch/approaching. And those listed here can be adjusted to suit release dates.

Interesting Game of Month: Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge


"In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called runners carry sensitive information on foot via the rooftops and skyways. Usually the police leave them alone - they have bigger fish to fry - but now something has changed...

Play as Faith, the best and most agile of all runners, in an adrenaline-fuelled race to save her sister's life as she unveils a bigger plot involving the whole city and the runners. Mirror's Edge is an action-adventure game that revolutionizes the genre by introducing a full body experience with dynamic 1st person movement and combat, in an immersive modern-day universe and with a socially charged storyline."

Since the trailer ( Mirror's Edge First Trailer/ Trailer) came out, I've been even more excited about this game. Even though it was made using the Unreal Engine 3 (since the Frostbite Engine was still in development when this was started), it looks very, very promising. Plus, it's made by DICE, so, :D.

GTA IV - Liberty City, biatch!


Well, it's awesome I have it. Not so awesome my PS3 is turning off almost straight after I turn it on. Gonna send it in this week, but I'll have to wait 15-20 business days :(

PS3 and Game Wishlist

So far, been pretty great.

Completed Uncharted with all medals except for the Crushing difficulty medal. Half-way through Chrushing difficulty.

Completed Resistance. Great game. Can't wait for the sequel.

Just started Assassin's Creed. Pretty good. Not a lot of action yet, though.

Need more games, though.

Wishlist for this year:

- Resistance 2

- Fracture

- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

- Battlefield: Bad Company

- GTA IV (lol, I just found a typo in the Australian Playstaion magazine...apparently it's not GTA's GTA VI, lol)

- Mirror's Edge

- Aliens: Colonial Marines

- Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

- Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

- Burnout Paradise

- Stuntman Ignition