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Cosmic Calamitous Curiosity

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Tried to come up with a catchy title...

So, tomorrow, at 07:00 GMT, the first proton beams will be injected into the Large Hadron Collider. Merely just circulating the beams around the collider's circumference. No collisions.

Collisions won't take place until the 21st of October. Then we can all run for our lives, realising that it won't make a difference :shock: lol

EA Problem

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I'm a bit annoyed ate EA.

The release date for Spore was Sept 4 here.

I go to EB today (day before release) to get in a last minute pre-order, and I find out EA shipped Spore early and is already out. So, they're all out of Spore, and I'll have to wait til next week to get it.


Wayne Brady - Making S%!t Up

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Never would've thought it, but he's coming here to Melbourne. And I got myself a seat in the 2nd row on the opening night. Should be a good time. Heard good things about the show, and Wayne's funny as hell. 17th of December here I come!

Overlord II and Games of the Month - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Spore

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Looks like a sequel for Overlord is on the way for release next year. Never actually played the game, but played the demo, and it was fun. Always wanted to buy it, but like a lot of games I wanted, I never bought it.



Lucasarts, responsible for publishing pretty much every Star Wars game today, headed the development of, most likely, this year's most anticipated game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

As Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice, you are tasked to destroy the remaining Jedi threat, following the Jedi Purge. Along the way, you must kill all witnesses, to remain Lord Vader's 'secret' apprentice.


Video game industry icon and pioneer Will Wright brings the next-generation of simulation games, Spore, the evolutionary, revolutionary game from the makers of the award-winning 'The Sims'.

Spore, a game centered around growth and evolution, puts players in control of cells, creatures, civilisations and colonies, as they progress through the cell, creature, tribal, civilisation and space phases.

Red Alert 3

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I was gonna make a "Girls of Red Alert 3" banner for this blog, with Gemma Atkinson (Lt. Eva) and Gina Carano (Natasha), but stopped halfway, and gave up, due to editing issues.

Anyway, been playing the beta, and it's pretty good. New faction is interesting, some redesigns of old units, and some new additions.

Gameplay, is...well, it's different. It's better, though, imo.

Still getting used to the game, since I haven't played RTSs in a while.

Brett Ratner - From Los Angeles to Mount Olympus

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Brett Ratner, well known for the direction of the Rush Hour movie franchise, has added a new project to his schedule of upcoming movies (Harbinger, Rush Hour 4 and Beverly Hills Cop 4), the adaptation of God of War. Source

Never expected Brett to start directing game adaptations. :?

I mean, a director, famous for comedies, going for an adaptation of GoW, with its god-slayin' and all... :?

Game of the Month - Aliens: Colonial Marines

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The game set in the Alien universe, previously cancelled back in 2001, has returned with a new developer and publisher. Gearbox Software, previously responsible for the Brothers in Arms series, the PC ports of Halo and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, and the upcoming Borderlands and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway; with publisher Sega, are close to releasing this sci-fi horror shooter for PC, PS3 and 360.

As a fresh recruit in the Colonial Marines, board the Sulaco, cross the jagged plains of LV-426, and journey through futuristic cities, in search of Ellen Ripley and the lost marines sent to "Hadley's Hope", the colony on LV-426. Just remember that marking yourself with the enemies blood ain't so cool these days.

The Formal

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So, last night/this morning I was at the Formal.

Pretty good night. 400-500 people packed into one place, all dressed up, sitting, eating, dancing.

I might even ask my partner who I took to the formal, on a date, but I should take things slow, since we barely know each other. And I hope that she doesn't read this, since she's a gamer, and MIGHT have a GS account, though she wouldn't know I have one.

I'll post some pics up later, if I can find any good ones. I'm not a confident smiler, nor am I photogenic.