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2010 - Blog #1

First blog of the year. Hopefully not the only one I bother to do this year.

For this blog, I've decided to go into something about myself I haven't really touched on all that much, but have brought up once or twice over the years. Plus, this year I'm going to try to make my blogs longer than those in the past.

I thought I'd mention some things concerning my aspirations in life, where and what I want to be for example.

I'm planning on becoming an engineer. Have had a great interest in robots since I was 6 or 7, and have been in pursuit of a career in robotics ever since. My studies are progressing well. Over a year in, enjoyed myself so far, quite a few of the subjects I've done have been fun and interesting, some not so much, and after this year, there's maybe another three/three-and-a-half years to go until I'm officially an engineer, granted I do well enough.

Where to after that? Might do some part-time research (concerning my ambition to start my own business) while I work. Drafting (for those not familiar with drafting, it's essentially making 'blueprints') seems to be a great choice, if not the perfect choice, for a job immediately following graduation. I loved my 2D and 3D drafting classes last year and I'd love to continue on with it.

I might delve more into my goals for the future in coming blogs, but I'll end it there for now.

Gaming-wise, this year is a blessing. So many titles, so little money. Have Aliens versus Predator and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 pre-ordered so far, with AvP coming out here (Australia) on Thursday and March couldn't get here any sooner. Sure, AvP got a few bum reviews. Whatever. I'm a nut when it comes to anything Alien or Predator related, and though the scores were not what I had expected, it didn't change my decision and I know I'm not the only one. I only wish I could've pre-ordered earlier so I could get the Hunter Edition with the mouldable Facehugger (which would be awesome to have regardless of cost), but the Survivor Edition is good enough (I'm one of those people willing to get any other edition other than the Standard Edition, if available, and if the game is worth it).

Other than AvP and BC2, Fallout: New Vegas (hopefully no delays), God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII and Versus, Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening are a few I plan to get.

I will get around to reviving the Terminator Union. Maybe not this week, but within the next month it should be back up.

I guess that's it for this blog. Hope I didn't bore you guys :P

nav out