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Self - 2012, Etc

What is in three, four, five years?

What is not happening, what do we still believe about ourselves that remains ?

What is to happen to the self I've lost?

Does a former self go die, or remain in time?

Sometimes I worry about things.

Crysis 2 vs Battlefield 3 - Campaign vs Campaign

I've had my share of shooters in the past six months...but the one that gave me a thorough expirience was Crysis 2. Blastin' aliens with truly creepy fast moves was more than I came expectin'. I hardly even cared that the marketing lied about "damage physics"; which was completely absent from the game(not that I cared; it ain't Far Cry revolutionary or intended to be).

Battlefield 3's campaign was totally undersold and cut short by an abrupt and boring end. I can't say anything about the multiplayer,'s probably very good, but I spent too little time on it. Overall, the game is an achievement, topping the previous games by a whopping factor of realism/emulation of realism. The sounds are over the top but give it a distinct reality-sense.

Happy Halloween!

Games I really loved this year: Crysis 2 - for realism and explosions and movie-ness. Games I hated this year: Age of Empires online- they were too slow to update the game after level 40. Finally, the best game of the year in my mind will be Battlefield 3. Once I get to test it in 3D on my 42 inch led. A very, very happy halloween - and take care to brush those teeth after the candy.


Alice Madness Returns

From what seems an eternity, I've decided to come back to GS to say hello to those who read my little blog on games and the outrageous, back in fitting it is that I have picked Alice Madness Returns as the review; a colorful, dark tale based loosely on the characters and plot of the original Alice In Wonderland, a game that carries philosophical entrails all through its level designs, with sound, enjoyable gameplay each step of the way.

Alice -

Alice brings the pain, in spades.

Much like many games with over-the-top sci-fi elements, and founded on a novel- Alice takes on a semi-caricature stylization of Beyond Good and Evil, and various themes of gloom and darkness. Although Alice is not presented as an evil character, she has gained a lot of exciting moves through her journey into a netherworld of horrific snapping teapots and snouts(flying noses) - one of which can be activated during her final throes before death, a "sudden death" powerup, which transforms the screen into a tri-tone hack-and-slash of black, red, and white.The red is blood, and can be seen dripping from her eyes, while the others correlate to the checker pattern so thematic of the Alice tale.

Summary & Score

The game has stunning details, and a very specific design ettiquette which enthralls with color. The darker spirit of the design compliments all this with grace and charm. Overall, although I am only 14% into the game, I can quite simply say it is one of the most gorgeous games at this time. A must-play for those who have been looking for a fun play-through with slasher-elements.

Packing up for ny

A few more months to go.... building a schedule to work from while full time work eats at my development. I'm excited, nervous, prepared and unprepared. Fast forward to march 2011. Please.


New video cards come, old video cards go. The GTX 460 will be around for a few months. And I'm loving every minute.

-Two weeks since newegg dropped this fierce looking box at my door, I've been gaming almost non-stop whenever I have the chance. I have to keep myself from laughing whenever people mention PS3 or Xbox 360, because my rig is just that much better with the new video card. 32x Anti aliasing on any game. 60+ frames consistently. DX 11 soft shadows.

Need a napkin to wipe that jealous snot coming outta your nose? OK, here ya go.

If that sounds flippant, it's meant to be. Get yourself a GTX460 if the opportunity presents itself. PC gaming has so surpassed current gen consoles it ain't funny. Don't waste it on Move or Kinect; get a quad, a solid state drive, and you will never have to wait for one-minute load screens but instead face constant intense warfare on your monitor. The war on your attention span that is.

Cost? 170. For much better graphics than consoles can even hope to achieve. Two years or three years they promise a bite of the future, but by then video card deals come by that blow "Cell processor" bs out of the air.

Happy fu**ing halloween.

Want It All

I want to walk on unspoiled ground

I want to dream without being frightened

I want to breath

I want to lie back in sand, to be blind to the sunlight, warm for an incendiary second

I want to sink down into a game of childhood where only two choices presented

come and



or play?

Keanu Reeves

Here he is at 46, probably. God knows. Seriously. I want to write a letter asking him how he do it.......oh wait, he's got a kiddish haircut and is wearing a red t shirt.

OK. So, everybody who wants to lose a few years or feel young, take heed- bright t shirt and shorter hair. :)

Regards, Samm

Do What You Will

Yup--That's where I'm at today.

"I'd like you to do meaningless tasks for the rest of your life For me...can you do that?"

I walked out of work today early because I was fed up with the bulls**t, the jobs paying me fine and it's doing it for hundreds of others like me...but it's just too much now. I have come to realize that life is all about me and not about pleasing others by following rules. So I'm breaking them. And I want you to break some rules too. If you're a guy it comes easily, but if you're weasely about breaking rules-- even unspoken ones-- do it soon. Because you don't want to be boring like everybody else. Doing the same dang thing again and again day by day. Never any change, never any newness, that novelty that brings bloodrush.

NOT a typical day for most people, but it could be-doing EVERY thing YOU want-

Perhaps you're more like Spike, you just want to BE (you see anyone telling him what to do?)

There's nothing wrong if you hestitate. I often hesitate and miss. But take one day out of your life, like today....and say no to people who are trying to get you to bend to their will. The way I see it, life is all war. Love is war. Peace is war. Everything. People are either on top or getting screwed on the bottom. Literally, too.

So you gotta ask yourself, Am I getting Screwed? Or am I the WINNER? Am I Truly getting What I Want For Myself by Doing This [Insert X Boring Things In Your Life]?

Then Proceed. Wreak havoc, and watch those around you beg for you to go back to your normal self, a selfless, nice person that gets screwed by senseless jerks who understand that all life is war. That includes corporations, your boss, or anybody who tries to control or micromanage your will