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Gangsters 2 on Windows 7

So I was going through my old games the other day (one of the greatest time sucks to be sure), and found my copy of Gangsters 2, an awsome game that has no doubt cost me hours upon hours of my life. Whilst lamenting the fact that it doesn't like running on anything newer than windows xp (the games highest setting requires a pentium III if that gives you an idea)I ran acoss by chance an easy fix that allowed me to play it on my Windows 7 x64 machine, I was needless to say estatic and here days later I've finally ripped myself away to relate the fix for anyone needing their G2 fix.

all it requires is a text editor and the knowledge of how to save something with a different file extension other than .txt, I'll put it in step by step form to make it even simpler though for those who may not be aware of this entire roll your own file with different extension phenomena:

1) pop open your text editor (i use notepad)
2) paste this stuff in there:

taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
start /w Gangsters2.exe
start explorer.exe

3) Save the file as fix.bat (ensuring that the file type box in the 'save as' window is set to All Files and not .txt or any other word format) - really doesn't have to be called fix but that's what I went with, the .bat is the important part
4) Save this new .bat file to your game directory (probably somewhere in program files if you used default installation path)
5) Run the .bat file

that's all there was to it, for anyone who may not know from looking at the commands, all it does is kill explorer prior to launching the game, and then re opens explorer after the game closes (I've actually had to use task manager to kill the game after I pressed exit in the game menu, but that's a minor issue.) I of course gaurentee nothing since people comps are bound to be different, but it worked like a charm for me, and since these three simple lines have definately made my week, I thought it only right I repost it for the wider world to digest. So go enjoy some Gangsters 2, and click the hours away like it was 2001 again.

CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.itCTRL + Q to Enable/Disable

Dragon Age 2

....So as fashionably behind the curve as ever I finally got done playing Dragon Age 2, and I must say, I haven't been so upset by a game in a while. My problem was mainly that I thought it was not an awful game until it came to such an abrupt ending. I was half expecting to get some more grey wardens show up or something, who knows maybe see the witch of the wilds again, anything to bring me back to into the initial story line. No such luck, just atmospheric elements and cameo appearences from the things that made the first game good and then a whole lot of nothing.

I've played games that have cliffhangers and all, but this was entireley different, those games make you where you can't wait for the next one, this game made me feel more like writing off the whole series. Maybe I just expected too much of this game, I mean it did have nice gameplay, semi--compelling characters, and even an interface that I didn't mind, but when it comes down to really feeling as though I wasted my life afterwards, this game certainly fit the bill. When and if they ever come out with number three , the story line better make up for this joy murdering game.