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3rd Degree

I got home about 2 hours ago but I've been out of town from where I live, I went back to where I used to live and visit some friends and family. The main reason was that on Saturday I tested and earned my 3rd degree black belt in karate. If anyone is curious the style I train in is Shorin-Ryu. I'm a little tired and a little sore, its been a long 4 days or whatever.

Xbox 360

Ok I have plans on getting a XBOX 360 eventually. My problem is the current "deals" Microsoft has on their consoles. Theres he Core System, which kinda suits me but there's only one problem: you can't save games. What good is it to play a console and not be able to save your games on it? It rediculously forces you to buy a memory card or a 20gb hard drive. Then theres the XBOX 360 package deal thing. Even though its $100 more its got a lot of crap that I don't need. Like the eithernet cable and the XBOX Live Headset for example. I have no desire to go on XBOX Live, I already had to go through the disaster of 10 year old kids destroying the English language when I had Live for my XBOX. I don't want to go through that again. So its either buy the Core System and be forced to buy some form of memory. Or pay some more money and get a bunch of crap I don't need. Real smooth there, Microsoft. Real smooth.

Upcoming Reviews...and Battlefield 2142

I've been rather dry lately not having any reviews in the last few months, I will be having some coming up real soon. 1. Mortal Kombat Armageddon 2. F.E.A.R. Extraction Point 3. Nascar Racing 2003 Season They will follow a similar layout as to my other reviews; I will be going through pointing out the goods and bads about the particular game. Expect the first of the three to come out around halloween. As for me getting Battlefield 2142 it seems unlikely. For the most part I've enjoyed playing the demo but I am always finding myself doing something else.

Battlefield 2142 Impression

When I first herd about Battlefield 2142 I was not optimistic about playing it. Battlefield 2 had lots of bugs and glitches and horrific loading times from what was my last session on playing it. After reading Gamespot's review about the game and many people mentioned that many of those issues in Battlefield 2 were fixed in this game. So I decided to at least try out the demo. I installed it this morning and spent most of my day playing the demo. In comparison to my first session with this game as to Battlefield 2 my experience was a lot more fun. I enjoyed the new Titan mode, which really felt like the only significant change over Battlefield 2. All in all I might purchase the full version, I'll give the demo a few more tries and decide if I want it or not.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well right now is the only time I'm gonna have to myself for the entire day. I'm 19 now and its not much different. I'm not expecting anything in the form of gifts. I'm just gonna be hanging out with my friends all day.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon

I'm sure by now most of you notice that I don't make blog posts that often, theres no specific reason why its just it never occurs to me to make one anyways... I am highly anticipating the release of Mortal Kombat Armageddon, which is now due to release on the 16th, I'm probably not going to get it until the 20th only because thats the day of my birthday. Whenever there's a game I want that's released from mid to late September to October I usually just wait until Oct 20th to have it. With that being said I've herd a lot about people's expectations and what their thoughts were after playing the game. The opinions have been mixed with some people thinking that his is the best in the MK series to people thinking this is the worst in the series. Usually when a game has mixed thoughts like this I'm usually waiting to see how it will effect me. However if a game I wanted to get consistantly had good opinions or bad opinions about it I will usually side with that and try to answer myself why most people thought that way. So right now I'm just waiting for it, and it will probably be a week or two for me to post my review of it.

Half-Life 2 Episode 2 (HL2E2)

Well after seeing the most recent trailer for HL2E2 about 500 times I am rather excited for it to come out. The first thing that I noticed was that valve gives you a brand new environment to fight on. Lots of big open forests and mountains for big scale battles, City 17 is out of the story. I am expecting the battles to be quite large and intense like in the Follow Freeman chapter in HL2 or larger. Alyx, who was at your side the entire time for E1 is probably not gonna be in any battles in E2, although I do not think she is dead. I am really excited not to mention I really want to see the Dog vrs. Strider fight. I'm pretty sure that it won't be until the end of the game where you get to see it, much like when Gordon didn't fight a strider until the end of E1. That's about it, I can't wait for HL2E2 to come out!

Nascar 07 first look/ea gripe

just out of general curiousity i took a look at what was going on with nascar 07 from ea. i read the hands-on, viewed the screenshots, and watched the little movie. overall i am not impressed. other than having updated graphics and driver rosters, it appears to be the same crappy material. i bought my xbox in about mid 2003. nascar thunder 2004 was the first nascar game that i got for my xbox. it was very cool. the driving/gameplay was great. it had lots of various paint jobs for each driver, like 5-8 unlike in 06 had like 1-3 for each driver. the career mode was very cool, none of those stupid star ratings for cars. there was also detailed statistics for each driver. the friend/rival thing was a nice addon. my only gripe from that game (which extended onto 05 and 06) was that the replays were only ok and the driving physics weren't that great. i bought 2005 chase for the cup the week it came out. i like the new going through the 4 different series earning your way to the top. but they took out a lot of content that i truely loved. they took out the detailed driver statistics and replaced it with position, name, points. they got rid of the in-car view which was very dissappointing. the number of paint jobs for each driver and the amount of the few good replays also decreased. the more i played that game, the more i disliked it. i eventually quit that game when i was in the busch series for a 2nd year in career mode. when 2006 came out i did not want it. after hearing it was surprisingly better than the others i was tempted to buy it. the whole "team aspect" was a neat idea. we also saw the return of the in-car view and if i remember correctly some slightly more detailed driver statistics. as in 2005 the number of paint schemes and good replays also declined a lot. the replays weren't even worth watching as they would only show you passing a guy a lap down or something. ea also designed the physics with people using a steering wheel in mind. that hurt them i believe. the cars were darn near impossible to drive with the controllers. it became so hard that if i qualified 3rd i would car swap with a teammate in 30th and ride around in the back out of the way while the computer drove me to a top 5. i stopped playing 06 while still my first year in cts in career mode. even ea's nascar simracing wasn't all that great. just like the console games at a first look it seems great. but as you get into the game it seems like all they did was was carry the game from the consoles and slapped the "simracing" on the title. so 07 looks just like the rest. they will throw in some crap we probably wont need and not fix the things that are broken. even though i say im not gonna get the game i know i will just out of curiousity as to how bad that game will be.