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Here We Go Again...

My Xbox 360 gave me the three red lights of death today. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me with this console, and it is the 3rd time I will have to send it to support for repairs. Can't Microsoft just send me a replacement at this point?

Summer Recap

Well, where do I begin? I have had a busy summer that has allowed me to have access to a computer sporatically. So I have had very limited chances to use a computer or my xbox 360.

Summer started for me during the first week of May, because that's when I finished school. Just for refreshment, I live in California but go to school in Michigan. Well, 1 week after school ended I flew back to California to visit my family. I knew ahead of time that my trip would consist of two visits: my mom and stepdad in Southern California, and my dad and stepmom in Northern California. In each area I live a completely different life.

My intention for visiting my family in SoCal was to visit family and to get a summer job, which I did. However, some things out of the ordinary did occur. First, I had to do some house sitting because my mom and stepdad had to go away on business. Consequently, I was living alone for a couple of weeks. While they were gone I took a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain with a good friend of mine which wound up being a lot of fun. Perhaps the most unusual and unexpected event occured down here while I was in SoCal, a tornado touched down. Not only that, but it touched down only a couple of miles away from the house and I recorded a video of it. This was all during May.

Two weeks ago I drove up to Northern California to visit my dad and stepmom, as well as my two younger sisters they had adopted. When I got to the house they had surprised me with a pool in the backyard, and I'm not talking about a 4 foot, above ground pool that is bought in a store. This was a good sized pool that was placed between a gazebo and a fountain in the backyard. It is 7 feet deep and on the deep end there is a waterfall leading into the pool. So I pretty much spent those two weeks living in the pool. As well as visiting friends and going to a NASCAR race. I went to the race that was held at Infineon raceway and had a lot of fun, it was my 3rd time going to that race track.

Today I drove back to SoCal where I plan on to resume working for a few more weeks before flying back to Michigan. Man, I can't believe my time in the state is almost over.

Xbox 360 Fixed

My Xbox 360 returned to me on Monday all fixed up. So far I haven't had any new issues with it. I went 41 days without having my 360 able to play. It sat around in my room throughought February and I finally had time to send it to Microsoft in the beginning of March. It only took two weeks for Microsoft to send it back to me.

Xbox 360 Broke

My Xbox 360 gave me the three red lights of death on me the other day. If I attempt to play any game it freezes up on me. The worst part is that the warranty expired in the middle of January. I don't know when it will be fixed.

Burnout Paradise - In Game Ads?

I am highly anticipating the release of Burnout Paradise on January 22nd. I have watched several videos on the game and have played the demo, which I both enjoyed. Today I viewed a new movie that Gamespot has posted which you can view here. Its just a short 1 minute video that shows off a car called the "Wal-Mart Racer." This lead me to a question: Will this game be another game that has a dispicible use of in game advertising? I don't want to jump off the boat right away, because the car was after all a Formula 1 look-alike so the Wal-Mart logos all over it were suitable. If in the final release they start thowing in curve balls with things like the "EA Stunt Car" or crashing through the "Best Buy Burnout Billboards" I will be dissappointed with the game.

Winter Storm

A winter storm is moving through my area, it has mostly packed some strong winds with it. During some parts of the day sustained winds were at 40 mph with gusts at 55 mph. This has caused the power to go out twice in my area. Once between 6 and 8 in the morning. Then again most recently between 6:45 pm and 9:00 pm.