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KoF & SF iOS Comparison

Recently i jumped in to KoF "world" and fell interested with it( although i still didn't really grasp the battle system though). First of all that I'm till new in KoF and i know SF because of the iOS game. So in the future maybe i will go deep to the Kof games.

First of all lets look at the title screen:

SF are a little bit unique because in their recent update. The game can changes itself to the screen below (The order of the screen are from the latest update):


The screen showed when Yun & Feilong added to the game


The screen showed when Sakura & Makoto added to the game


The first game title screen

But the game now randomly switch the title screen every time you start the game

And here are Kof Screen


Who i think was good too!

Next let see the roster & battle system



And as you can see i just love how KoF roster was so "massive" rather than SF roster. Because the big the roster the more fun you get!(And i just hope capcom update Volt and added many characters on it).



Again I'm still new to KoF so i really familiar with SF battle system because of its easy to grasp concept. But for the stage i prefer KoF because they have a ton of stages to use.


And one more thing to be noted that KoF have some shopping systems & i found it was really fun because it makes an everlasting experience. Because to buy items & collect items(if you still new in this game) was really hard to do.