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Listen to this.

There is a Streetlight Manifesto song called, A better place, A better time. this song is fing amazing I've listend to it about 25 times. Not kidding. In fact I'm listening to it right now. Here is a hyperlink to the lyrics.

Check it. I'm thirteen in june!!!

My thirteenth birthday is coming up and I am excited! I'm gonna be a teenager... finally. No more kids menu at resturants, I always eat off of the adult menu anyway. Now I'm gonna be as old as most of my friends...

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I hope 2008 won't stink as bad as 07.

I hope 2008 will be very exciting. Some of the things I want to see happen are as follow's:

  • The war in Iraq ending.
  • Cheaper gas, or a new, cheaper fuel.
  • More efficient cars that run on this, so called, "cheaper fuel".
  • The writers strike ending.
  • Newer seasons of:

  • 24, simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama (yes they are bringing it back, I'm soo excited!), Naruto, Mythbusters, Unfortunatly Scrubs is'nt going to have an 8th season :(.

These are just some of the things that I want to see happen for 2008. Happy New Year.

Christmas is almost here!

As I stated Christmas is almost here and I can't wait! I know what I'm getting, I think? A Telescope, remote controlled helicopter, yes it flies. We are going to put up our today. It's a 7.5 footer! WOW! I have to get on stool to put the star on it, cus I'm a little short. I'll try and post a picture of the tree as soon as it comes up. :) Merry Christmas.

Streetlight manifesto = best band ever. What do you think?

Streetlight manofesto is the best SKA band ever! They sound soo original. And in case you did'nt know SKA is Rock but with Trombones, Saxophones, Trumpets, and sometimes Baritone sax's. Some examples of their song are Keasbey knights. Look it up on Youtube. Keasbey knights is an album and a song from the album. Also their new album, Somewhere in the between, has some of the best songs they've ever made. See examples: Down,Down,Down to Mephisto's cafe, Watch it crash, We fall together, and Would you be impressed? are some of the best songs from their album. But this just my opinion. I want to hear what you think, but before you say, "they suck," you should actually listen to the songs. :)