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What fighting game will I get next?

Lots of fighting games coming out, too poor to buy them all. Dunno whether to get Persona, Dead or Alive, Jojo and so on. The new Blazblue's not coming out until ages, so I don't have to worry about that for the moment, but yeah, lots of fighting games coming out. Really digging it.

Also been playing Dodonpachi Resurrection(Daifukkatsu for Japanese owners) and having a lot of fun. Strong-Style's really dumb though lol.

The more I play this character, the more I see that if she didn't have the faults she has and the top tiers didn't give her such a hard time, she'd be top tier herself, without question.

Her offence and pressure are insane, especially when you learn to chain assists together fluidly. Her movement is top notch. Her mix-ups are top-notch. Damage is high and Silent Kill's gonna be a gamebreaker once people start mastering how to gain access to it quickly. The TAC infinites push Silent Kill over the game. Even if the TAC infinites weren't around, Silent Kill would still be extremely powerful. Blow XF1, gain 3 bars, and depending on the health value of the next char, flat out kill them or maim them, Silent Kill is guaranteed damage/death on incoming chars. It disrupts team orders like all get out. Annoying Vergil anchor? Don't have to deal with him, kill him for free. Dark Phoenix getting you down? It's cool, nail her with Silent Kill. Of course, you've gotta get the first touch touch haha.

Unlike others, I feel her most optimal position is on point with 2 assists to cover her weaknesses. A few things let her down and she has several bad MUs, but there's no reason why this character shouldn't be high-tier. This character is criminally underrated and underused.