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Haven't posted in a while!

Wow, looking back at some of my posts is embarassing lol. Managed to complete Akai Katana Shin ages ago on 1-credit with Type-A, but didn't make it to the true boss out of laziness. First stages went well with no deaths, but lost lives on the final stage. It's a good shmup, I might return to it.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Ultra SF4. Don't particularly care much about delayed wake-up, as long as I can still perform tight cross-ups, it's all good. Decapre looks interesting. Outside of maybe knockdown scenarios and punishing fireballs, I don't think her regular teleports will be very effective, but her EX teleports seem pretty good. I believe she'll rely on normals buffered into Rapid Slash for her ground game for the most part. So sliding/pianoing'll be important!

I've been playing Marvel Super Heroes on MVC Origins and learning Psylocke. Psylocke's fun to use, her tools are pretty basic and she has infinites on Black Heart, Juggernaut and Magneto outside of Time Gem. Well, the infinite works on Captain America too, but it only works on Shuma's stage it seems. Wavedashing is helpful, and Psylocke's pretty fast, so you can weave in and out of the opponent's attack range. Not sure about her anti-airs though, her standing jab wasn't getting the job done and Psi-Blade can be airblocked. Might try meeting character's air-to-air, or dashing underneath (or away from) them, depending on the situation. Her fireball has bad recovery though. :(

The key is getting characters to the corner, as you can set up her air throw resets for potential kills. Outside of that, utilise strong movement and normal/fireball usage to get yourself into that position. No overheads or tricky stuff, so throwing is necessary. Time Gem allows Psylocke to perform infinites on everyone, well until the Gem runs out anyway. A possible trick: do a magic series ending with fierce punch and then fierce kick>dash. Near the corner, Psylocke will end up next to them and you can either throw or attack. The opponent ideally shouldn't be able to interrupt between the dash and attack/throw, but can't test it out due to the game's bare bones training mode. As for online, barely got any matches in before almost everyone dropped the game LOL. Wolverinemasta and GoldmanJaqs still play, not sure how much though. Hoping to test the stuff I've gathered and face them again......if my ethernet ever decides to work again. :(

More to come.