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Alright! First blog post ever!

First time actually using a blog lol.

Right now, apart from studies, I've been learning Marvel vs Capcom 3 since release. The game's actually really good in my opinion. What I like about the game mostly, is that there's so much to discover and so many team combinations. The gane's fast, very combo oriented and has interesting characters. I've not really had much experience with the Vs Series, when I was a kid, I played X-men vs Street Fighter/Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, etc. very casually, and Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2, I barely played. Had a chance to play MVC2 on PSN, but couldn't be bothered, was occupied with Street Fighter 4 at the time, so trying to learn a Vs game indepth is a new experience for me.

I know everyone hates the X-Factor mechanic lol. I'd gotten used to comeback mechanics from SF4 so I just see the mechanic as something to take advantage of in order to win, so in my opinion, I don't mind it. If there's one major complaint I have about this game, it's that the online is GARBAGE! Online, in my opinion, is pretty much unplayable and has extreme input delay compared to SF4's online. And that's what's hurting the game for me right now. It's hard to get my pals(who are also learning) to come around for sessions since they're busy. Online is convenient and easy and certain circumstances mean I can barely travel to places. So, I'm basically stuck in training mode all day, practicing combos and techniques, but with noone to play against.

Right now, my main team is X-23/Trish/Dante, which I feel is a pretty nice team. I put a lot of work into Dante recently, trying to figure out how to go beyond the typical Dante style of play. I feel Dante is extremely powerful, possibly even the best in the game, but my issue is without assists, Dante's offence seems gimmicky. Dante can jump cancel a whole bunch of his attacks into airdashes, specials to make his offence more tricky. It looks good on paper, but there are a lot of holes. However, that's a minor issue, and while I think his offence is gimmicky, he can mix up a lot of his options. Which means you can't go in braindead with offence like you can with other characters. X-23, I feel is A material, potentially, it's just a matter of mastering all of her offensive capabalities and combining it with assists as well as general movement and not getting hit lol. Trish is Trish, she's just extremely solid, she can do pretty much everything, she can trap, she can keep people out, she's mobile, she has a cancellable dive kick and her hypers are all really good.

I've been learning Morrigan on the side, Morrigan is just average. She's solid, but her best combos are all low damage. One combo, her best corner combo is high on execution, but really low on damage in general. She mostly relies on her Astral Vision hyper to make her better than average, which is probably why her damage is trash. If she had good damage, plus that hyper on top, she'd probably be a menace haha. Trying to fit her in a separate team, but it's hard to figure out what her position should be. Most players just stick her in the back for her meter building assist. I'd like to do a bit more with Morrigan haha.