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Impressions of AE+MVC3 match vids

Well, I popped in SSF4 and DL'd the new AE DLC.

Cammy, is too weird, I can't adjust to her right now. The fact that fierce Spiral Arrow got nerfed is the most horrid thing IMO. You're not allowed to drop combos with her now, 'cause you can't FADC for safety, so going for max damage combos is extremely risky and dangerous, especially if you can't plink your inputs.

Juri, is more or less the same, but her Fuhajin juggling opponents is quite nice.

Sakura, I already dropped her, same with Viper more or less, so I've not played them, but Sakura received good changes, and Viper, didn't get changed at all. Didn't really wanna use my past characters. So, I'm moving on to Juri and Oni. Oni is really fun and seems quite comfortable.

Oh, and MVC3 match vids, stupid browser won't let me post the links lol. Anyway, search OtogiMatsuri on Youtube if you wanna see them. Erm, yeah, I suck at MVC3 right now, but looking back at the vids, I know what I need to do. My execution right now is the only thing that's keeping me in the game since I'm able to convert hits into advanced instant kill combos. I'm happy that my X-23 is the only X-23 on video right now that does her strongest Mirage Feint loop combo and that my Dante was able to land Acid Rain loops. But it's not enough to just have execution on your side. There's a lot of holes in my play right now, partly due to having very little versus experience in this game. So in the end, I've just gotta keep at it. Hopefully, I'll improve, and possibly help others along the way.

SSF4 AE Edition

Ran out to buy a PSN card in the afternoon just to get the new DLC lol. I'll give my impressions in a later post since I haven't had time to sit down with it yet.

X-23 and Wolverine.

Well, first off, looking forward to SSF4 AE edition! Cammy changed a lot and Viper stayed exactly the same. Viper's Ultra 1 is still the Ultra of choice, her Ultra 2 isn't anywhere near as good. Juri got a few buffs and slight damage damage nerfs to Senpusha, though that move is more lenient to FADC now. I think I'll swap over to Juri full-time and learn Evil Ryu and Oni maybe.

Moving on, X-23 vs Wolverine. I'll try to keep this short. Wolverine is more direct in his offence, X-23 is more indirect in hers.

1) Beserker Slash and Mirage Feint. Beserker Slash is a move with invincibility that's really hard to block. Mirage Feint is a hop that has three versions of itself(L version is a small hop, M version is a long-ranged hop that can cross-up opponents and H version a hop that creates a small jump) doesn't have invincibility and isn't an attack. People compare Mirage Feint and Beserker Slash a lot since both of them are used similarly to create left-right mix-ups, usually combined with assists and Beserker Slash comes out on top. Mirage Feint's used for a lot more than mix-ups though. It's used for feint cancelling normals, is a big part of creating combos, used to counter attack advancing guard, and wake-up tactics on the opponent's knockdown. Berserker Slash doesn't have as many applications but just blows through stuff.

2) Damage output. Both characters are actually similar to each other damage-output wise, but 1) nobody's really putting much effort into using X-23's advanced combos and 2) X-23 has to push far more buttons than Wolverine for the same results. Both can achieve 700K+ midscreen, with the advantage seemingly going to X-23 because she can achieve 750+ in that position while I've never seen a Wolverine combo listed that does that much midscreen. The advantage goes to Wolverine in the corner damage-output wise because he can reach 822K damage. Air to air and anti-air wise, this might go to Wolverine because of his divekick being far easier to combo from if it hits in the air and X-23's combos being finicky anti-air wise, but I'm not sure. Both can combo into their Level 3s for big damage, X-23 needs assists for hers, but X-23's is far more dangerous in terms of application. X-23 starts the DHC glitch extremely well, Wolverine ends it.

3) Offence. Wolverine's offence is a lot more straight forward, plus he has an immediate instant overhead. Though both rely on assists, X-23 is dependent on them to set-up for overheads and other stuff, which Wolverine can do on the fly. X-23 is far more dependent on assists than Wolverine is when it comes to her offence and combos. However, I believe X-23's offence is more varied and there's larger scope for mix-ups with multi-hitting assists, due to her having a command grab, being able to feint cancel normals and create high pressure with massive frame advantage. On the flip side, because of the nature of X-23's mix-ups, and the fact that hitstun affects her combos greatly, prior hits to her combo will limit her combos, affecting her damage output, which is something Wolverine doesn't really suffer from.

4) Health. Wolverine wins this by a landslide. His 950K health vs X-23's 830K health. Not much to say.

5) Other stuff, Wolverine has faster normals in some areas, but X-23's pokes are better because of her ability to feint cancel. I'd say her midrange game is better than Wolverine's. Hyper-wise, Wolverine has more flexibility in terms of comboing into them.

Overall, I believe Wolverine is the more solid choice. However, with X-23, I feel there's more potential there. I don't necessarily think either character is better than the other, they both have things to offer.

MVC3 match vids coming soon(hopefully)

So, finally gonna get some offline sessions recorded on Friday, provided nothing goes wrong. I'll post them here for analysis.

Other than fighting games, I play shooters!(or shmups.) Ever since I saw Japanese superplays of shooters getting completed on one credit and crazy highscores, I became pretty hooked on them. I think the shooter I accomplished the most on was Sol Divide. Was going for 1-credit completion on the first loop, ended up finishing the first loop, and making it onto the second loop with a decent score, but swiftly died. Got a higher score than the guys on shumpsystems anyway but literally nobody plays that game anyway. :P Wish I could say the same for Gunbird 2 lol, so close to the second loop on one credit. :( Wish I had a Japanese 360 so I could play Akai Katana Shin, the game looks nice. But oh well, have to settle for having one of the characters as my avatar lol.

Since SSF4 and MVC3 came out, I haven't really played much shooters, apart from Guwange at my bro's house. I might get back into them again, but I'm pouring all my focus into MVC3.

Thinking of getting back into drawing for learning purposes. Quit some time ago because A-level art and graphics really put me off drawing. I'm on holidays, so why not right?

X-23 ramblings part 2

Back on to X-23's offence. Like I mentioned before, X-23 thrives on assists. Multi-hitting assists are really good for her since she can use them to lock opponents down and set up for overheads from H Mirage Feint and her command grab(Decapitating Slice.)

Right now, people only see X-23's worth as a DHC glitch starter. Used to think the same as well, but now I'm beginning to realise X-23 is a lot more than that. X-23 builds a lot of meter, with the right combo and assists, she can build 2 bars straight away. In this game, you automatically start off with 1 bar, so you can gain access to her level 3 very quickly.

Silent Kill(her level 3) is one of the most powerful level 3 attacks in the game, if not the most powerful. The reason why it's so powerful is because it makes X-23 invisible for 5 seconds....but during those 5 seconds, her launcher becomes an unblockable attack. Not a throw, an unblockable attack, a fast unblockable attack that you can't see.

You can lock someone down with a string or an asssist and there's nothing they could do about it except cross-over counter and Sentinel's air Hyper, they'll eat the attack. Since X-23's meter building is high, she can gain access to her level 3 very quickly and a whole bunch of options open up to her. Her offence could become potentially incredibly scary and a massive problem down the line if one were to take advantage of it.

But not many players are using Silent Kill. The main reason being because of the DHC glitch. Why go for a level 3 when you can end a character with a DHC costing 2 bars? And most players put X-23 on point as a DHC glitch starter.

Until the DHC glitch goes, there's not much reason to use Silent Kill if X-23's on point unless she wants to kill an incoming character. If the DHC glitch goes, X-23 players will probably have to rely on Silent Kill for damage and utility.

X-23 has the potential to become a very strong character. But right now, people don't care about potential. They don't have time for potential. They want to be able to compete as quickly as possible. They want a character that's stable and easy, someone they can do basic ABCS stuff with and win. X-23 isn't that character and the game is still new. The level of play in MVC3 has nowhere near reached its peak, a lot of stuff is being discovered, but everybody's too scared to use it. High level MVC3 play in the future will be so drastically different from what we're seeing right now.

X-23 ramblings, part 1

Well, first off, I'm done with uni for the year, FINALLY. :D

So, a lot of people see X-23 as basically Wolverine-lite. Anything X-23 can do, Wolverine can do, better. He's got more health, supposedly better damage for much easier execution, and in some areas, better normals and has an overhead. There's not point picking her, she'd mediocre, not very threatening and doesn't do well in tournaments usually. That's kinda the popular view anyway.

In my opinion, X-23 isn't another version of Wolverine. She's her own character and she operates differently from him, though they're both offensive characters. Mirage Feint commonly gets compared to Berserker Slash, because both moves cross-up and are used to create left and right mix-ups. People just straight-up see Mirage Feint as a much weaker Berserker Slash because it has no invincibility, leaves her open and isn't an attacking move, therefore, it can't be used to get in effectively. The thing is, Mirage Feint isn't really supposed to be used as a tool to get in, at least not without assists anyway. Mirage Feint is used, like mentioned before, to create left and right mix-ups. It's also used to push against advancing guard and keep yourself in in their face when pushed back. It's used in combos. It's used to cancel your normals(more on this later) and it's used for mix-ups on character's wake-up. Mirage Feint has a lot of indirect uses something only one X-23 player so far is making any use of. IMO, the key to mastering X-23, lies in mastering Mirage Feint.

X-23 thrives on assists. She needs assists to help her land her Weapon X Prime hyper, a key move in helping her create the DHC trick/glitch to reset damage. Assists give her cover and boost her offensive game greatly. Some people think X-23 is better off in the 2nd or 3rd spot, I don't really agree with that, I think X-23 is best left in the 1st position, where she has access to all her assists from the get-go. Even if the DHC glitch were to be removed, I still think she's better off in the 1st spot, as opposed to people saying she should be in the third to anchor the team with X-Factor Lv.3 and Silent Kill. Oh, speaking of Silent Kill, it's probably one of the best Lv.3 hypers in the game. Makes her invisible. it's completely unblockable, and can be combo'd into as well! Another reason why assists are so good for X-23; the right ones can help her combo or lock down people in place for Silent Kill.

Offensively, I would compare X-23 to (S)SF4 Cammy. Cammy doesn't have an overhead and similarly, X-23 doesn't have an immediate overhead. Very early on, people would wonder how Cammy was supposed to open somebody up once she got in. She didn't have an overhead to make people think twice about crouch-blocking all day against her, so people believed crouch-blocking basically killed Cammy and that she was a pretty bad character. Then as Cammy play evolved, people realised that what made Cammy really scary up-close was the fact she could blow up defensive measures like crouching teching using divekicks. Not only that, but Cammy had strings that left her at an advantage and should the player press buttons, she could slam them for counter-hit only combos for big damage. Once the player became cautious of pressing anything, Cammy could mix in throws, which lead to mix-ups and unblockables off knockdowns. There was more to it than that, but that's the short version of it lol.

I think X-23 is similar in that regard. Without assists, X-23 doesn't have an immediate overhead she can use. It can be difficult to open up people. This is where feint cancelling comes in. X-23 can cancel the start up of her Mirage Feints using S. Cancelling a normal, into Mirage Feint~S, acts like a cancel, and shortens the recovery of the normal. Using this, X-23 can turn normals like her standing H into great pokes. She can also use it to generate a great amount of offensive pressure and even use them to produce completely tight blockstrings where if the player gets caught blocking them, they have no choice but to advancing guard/cross-over counter. Doing this leaves her at a big advantage on block, so if the player makes the mistake of trying to press a button after a cancelled normal, they'll get hit for counter hit damage.

If you do an advancing guard without blocking(M+H), you'll notice that H comes out instead. A similar thing happens in SSF4 where if you do a crouch tech(cr.LP+cr.LK), you'll get a cr.LK. It's only when you block a move that advancing guard activates to push the oppoenent way, and it's only when you're thrown that crouch teching activates to escape the throw. Now a big part of why Cammy was so strong against crouch teching was because of her divekick and strings which left her at an advantage. If you mistimed your crouch tech against Cammy, would come out instead, which had the risk of the dive kick going over and hitting it for a free combo, or a string catching the and getting the opponent hit out of it. Cammy could alter the timing on her strings and offensive pressure and mix in throws to keep you guessing as to when you should try to escape a throw. Standing tech was also risky, as pressing LP+LK to escape throws gave you a grab if unsuccessful, and since Cammy's divekick couldn't be grabbed, it would beat out the throw.

X-23 can also alter the timing of her strings to trick opponents into advancing guard, so that the timing or slight delay causes an unwanted failed advancing guard that she can punish for counter hit damage. X-23 has another way to really mess with her opponent's advancing guard timing and defence in general. X-23 can cancel her normals before they even connect. Though X-23 runs the risk of being jabbed out of it, it's very difficult to react against because of how quick she cancels. The opponent might be expecting a standing H to block, but ends up getting faked out trying to block an attack that never comes, and instead, eats a throw lol. Another example; you do a string of st.M(1 hit)>H>Mirage Feint~S. This string is completely tight. Now, your opponent goes to advancing guard the second hit, which would be the H. But X-23 cancels the H before it connects on block. Let's go back to what happens when you try to advancing guard something without a block. A slow normal comes out. After all, how can you advancing guard something, that isn't there lol?

And like Cammy, X-23 also has divekick specials that leap over normals. So, let's go back to the example, the opponent misses his advancing guard trying to defend against an empty attack, causing (cr.)H to come out. H attacks are slow up close in general. So, the opponent is crouch blocking and a cr.H comes out, X-23 immediately after the cancelled H, goes into Talon Attack L or Talon Dive. Those attacks leap over the crouching normal and you get a free combo. Or you cancel into a normal faster than their H and get a counter hit. And once you condition the opponent to be wary of this, you have more freedom to do more varied stuff offensively.

See, the opponent may not have to switch up their guard, but if you can make them scared about pressing buttons in fear of the consequences, that's effective as well. And that's a part of the effectiveness of Mirage Feints when used offensively. The funny thing is, I remember a player on another forum mentioned a combo that relied on Mirage Feint Cancel~S. He got shouted down for mentioning a weaker combo and those who shouted him down said they wanted to help the character evolve, rather than waste time using inefficient combos. And now Mirage Feint Cancel~S is a big part of the evolution of her offensive game.

There's a lot more to say, but that's it for now.

Dante vs Tron Bonne

I remember one guy on a stream talking about MVC3 match-ups and said Dante lost to Tron. Immediately, I was like "WTF" because IMO, Dante takes Tron to the cleaners.

Tron is ultimately a 1-dimensional character, or at least that's how she seems. Tron relies on aerial methods of getting like like J.H, Air Drill and J.S. Her Capture projectile is pretty lame. She needs assists to give her cover and make her less 1-dimensional. The problem is that many players like to stick her in the back because of her powerful assist, then die when she's the only one left lol.

Anyway, Dante has one of the most powerful specials moves in the game, The Hammer. Has TONS of invincibility, is an overhead, causes a ground bounce for a free combo and leaves him at a big advantage when blocked. I'd say it's gotta be one of the most ridiculous moves I've seen. You can just toss it out without much fear, it's that good. Since this move beats almost everything, Dante can smash Tron air-to-air, IMO, he doesn't have anything to fear from her aerial attacks.

Dante's got so many zoning specials and Tron's so bad at getting in without any assists lol. Dante's Crystal special is really effective at keeping her at bay, it covers the ground and because of her large hitbox, the ice spikes cover the air effectively as well. Dante's normals from range are extremely good, and he can cancel them into Reverb Shock>Fireworks, which pushes her away. Dante can also cancel Reverb Shock into Fireworks on whiff as well, so nasty. Acid Rain also makes life hard for Tron because it shields Dante.

Dante can keep her away or rush her down. She can't do much about Hammer except block. And because of Tron's large hitbox, Dante has specific combos that work on her alone. Acid Rain loops DESTROY Tron in the corner, he can loop her until he gets 5 meter bars and kill her off, all in one combo. Though it gives the other players lots of meter as well.

And I haven't even mentioned Devil Trigger yet lol. Dante gets even more stuff to make Tron miserable, like lasers and a highly invulnerable air special like Hammer.

Basically, IMO, Tron just doesn't win this. The only thing she has in this match-up is that if she hits Dante, he dies. Then again, Tron can kill a lot of the cast if she touches them anyway. She needs assists to make this match-up easier for her.

Alright! First blog post ever!

First time actually using a blog lol.

Right now, apart from studies, I've been learning Marvel vs Capcom 3 since release. The game's actually really good in my opinion. What I like about the game mostly, is that there's so much to discover and so many team combinations. The gane's fast, very combo oriented and has interesting characters. I've not really had much experience with the Vs Series, when I was a kid, I played X-men vs Street Fighter/Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, etc. very casually, and Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2, I barely played. Had a chance to play MVC2 on PSN, but couldn't be bothered, was occupied with Street Fighter 4 at the time, so trying to learn a Vs game indepth is a new experience for me.

I know everyone hates the X-Factor mechanic lol. I'd gotten used to comeback mechanics from SF4 so I just see the mechanic as something to take advantage of in order to win, so in my opinion, I don't mind it. If there's one major complaint I have about this game, it's that the online is GARBAGE! Online, in my opinion, is pretty much unplayable and has extreme input delay compared to SF4's online. And that's what's hurting the game for me right now. It's hard to get my pals(who are also learning) to come around for sessions since they're busy. Online is convenient and easy and certain circumstances mean I can barely travel to places. So, I'm basically stuck in training mode all day, practicing combos and techniques, but with noone to play against.

Right now, my main team is X-23/Trish/Dante, which I feel is a pretty nice team. I put a lot of work into Dante recently, trying to figure out how to go beyond the typical Dante style of play. I feel Dante is extremely powerful, possibly even the best in the game, but my issue is without assists, Dante's offence seems gimmicky. Dante can jump cancel a whole bunch of his attacks into airdashes, specials to make his offence more tricky. It looks good on paper, but there are a lot of holes. However, that's a minor issue, and while I think his offence is gimmicky, he can mix up a lot of his options. Which means you can't go in braindead with offence like you can with other characters. X-23, I feel is A material, potentially, it's just a matter of mastering all of her offensive capabalities and combining it with assists as well as general movement and not getting hit lol. Trish is Trish, she's just extremely solid, she can do pretty much everything, she can trap, she can keep people out, she's mobile, she has a cancellable dive kick and her hypers are all really good.

I've been learning Morrigan on the side, Morrigan is just average. She's solid, but her best combos are all low damage. One combo, her best corner combo is high on execution, but really low on damage in general. She mostly relies on her Astral Vision hyper to make her better than average, which is probably why her damage is trash. If she had good damage, plus that hyper on top, she'd probably be a menace haha. Trying to fit her in a separate team, but it's hard to figure out what her position should be. Most players just stick her in the back for her meter building assist. I'd like to do a bit more with Morrigan haha.