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ended max payne 3... now started sleeping dogs . . . .maw payne was amazing. . . . and sleeping dogs is awesome. :D

Sleeping Dogs Review!!!!!


Yeah...another amazing open-ended....chinese masterpiece...amazingly interactive...and filled with action and GAngwars....must play guys...
MY rating for the game is 9.0 
the complete  on sleepingdogs website 


MAx payne 3....Amazing game!@Maxpayne

MAx payne 3MAX payne 3..
greatest game ever...
best plot...Best Script..
outstanding environment...
actions,sequences,....All the way best....
Ma rating for the game....9.8
i just loved it.....

these are the memorable dialogues..

Resident Evil 6 aspects...

Resident Evil 6 is a Nice game..i Loved The plot but Is Great But not better....the environment,the protagonists,the actions, the dialogues, and graphics all are amazing...but im not satisfied by the weapons...they were supposed to be like in Resident evil 4...

As Compared to Resident evil 5...its better in all aspects...except weapons...

any ways my rating for the game is 8.8!!


The resident evil 3d Movie


Resident Evil 6

After Resident evil 4 and umbrella chronicles Resident evil's heart Leon is back in Resident evil 6 with da same hot n supper cool loks,he looks a lil aged and more killer style....just cant wait for da release of resident evil 6....leon just rocks!!!:cool:

devil may cry

devil may cry 3 special edition is a cool CAPCOM game it's action and thriller scenes are amazing and have a cool story in it thre are two half human half demon which are rival and the have to defend the willian arkham who wants the sword of there father sparda.

so try this amazing game

resident evil


resident evil it is a supercool game and this game has a cool thing that if we end this game a single time we will get rewards and new weapons and we can also get new cos tumes by ending it two or three time and this game also have cool action and horro scenes and i want to say that try this game.

CAPCOM re4 is a capcom game and devil may cry 3 special edition is also a cool game of capcom so try it as well