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Ns Yoon G is promoting a Korean MMO video Game <3

So My fave korean idol Ns Yoon G is promoting a Korean MMO for mobile. How good does she look in these photo's

Here are some videos of her promoting the game.

Im not sure what the name of the game is yet but as soon as i do , i will post it up.

Update: Latest Trailer

2010 Game of The Year

Its the announcement of the my official Game of The Year.

The game presented will be what i believe covered all the important features we want in a game. A solid story, great game play, great quality visuals and sound as well as great voice work.

The game that fit this category best was.. (moment of silence)









Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of shadow is a breathtakingly new way to play Castlevania, the phenomenal scale and world you play in captivates the essence of what Castlevania is, particularly chapters 4-8. Gabriel Belmont; the protagonist of the game uses his weapon the combat cross predominantly in a whip like fashion, which ultimately is the original weapon similar to the of Simon Belmont. The weapon throughout the game will get various advancements such as a stake attachment to kill vampires or spiked chain to latch onto obstacles and destroy them.

The enemies are varied from zombies to vampires to werewolves and even to the giant Titans. Each area has an enemy set to suit the environment. The ****in which you play can also help how you progress, whether it be taming a giant spider or riding a warthog, the variety is there for the choosing.

The voice acting is brilliant, the struggles of Gabriel keep a feeling of empathy within you, his emotions and actions are very well portrayed and expressed via himself or the great narrative of Zobek (Patrick Stewart) a friend/partner from the brotherhood.

The graphics are beautiful, with landscapes that will blow you away. from the giant Draculas castle to the depths of hell. Mercury Steam (in assistance with Kojima productions) have put a lot of effort in to creating the masterpiece which stands before us. The dynamic lighting and the in game effects such as the rain bouncing of his armour are all well presented.

The music is engaging and compliments the level design. from the eerieness of Lauras bedroom to the ruins of the titans. anywhere you go you will appreciate the effort applied.

Thankyou Mercury steam and Konami for allowing us to play this great title.

GOTY 3rd stage

Its part 3 of the awesome quadrilogy. This time its the Highly anticipated Genre awards.

Genre Awards

See how discreet the title is, thats how discreet the choices to be made are going to be. You would have never seen it coming.

Best FPS

Yep it goes to Black Ops. This iteration of Call of Duty was set in the cold war which is a first for this series. It has the top notch gameplay we have learnt and respected, albeit a tad bit overused, But it also has a twist at the end of the story which really got you thinking... The subpar storyline was easily overlooked as you go through the hordes of the vietcongs, shoot from helicopters, control a helicopter or even playing as a stealthy assassin. The variety in the gameplay always kept you interested.

Best Adventure

Castlevania presented itself beautifully with fine crafted landscapes and beautiful visuals/ scenery. The atmosphere befitted the scenario, such as Draculas castle when fighting carmilla or an arena of fire when fighting Cornell even the depths of hell against Satan. It truly is a remarkable piece of work. The combat system and moves list were great with some fantastic looking attacks mixed in the bag. The sound work enhanced the atmospheric tone with great soundtracks and great voice acting.

Best RPG

Persona 3 was a great experience. It really takes the Role playing to its roots, You practically live the life of the protaginist, you go to school, go out to watch movies with your girlfriend, go out and battle evil. It really defines what role playing really is. We all know that Mitsuru Senpai should have partnered up with the protaginist.

Best Music Game

This was difficult since i tried all the games not bought any. I picked Dance Central since it was a great unique experience. The other contenders ( Rock Band 3, DJ Hero 2) are re-iterations of previous work) Dance central has very good body recognition on the kinect sensor and as a result, it can get you working out and enjoying it at the same time.

Best Platformer

Yep yep yep its SONIC Colours. This game was fantastic it revived Sonic from his what people though his endless spiral of crap. The game mixed 2d and 3d elements to recreate the ****c Sonic we all love. Tails is still a nuisance but eggman still kicks ass. I would have love to see a little more of shadow, but in regards to gameplay, this was fantastic.

Best racer

The single best reason for this game to be awesome This photo says it all.. A dodge viper police car woot!!!!

In all seriousness, we have had many great sims (mainly from Turn 10 :P) but in the arcade ****racing they have been average at best. Blur had a horrible single player and split second was a little tedious with the stunt execution. Criterion games brought need for speed up to notch with this exhilirating racer. This game was also enhanced with a fantastic online multiplayer.

Best Sports Game

Fifa 11 has improved over its predecessor by physics more than anything else its hard to top a great football game. Fifa 11 has an improved player detection which results in a more seamless experience. This game has a great single player mode but is ultimately designed for multiplayer and is a great one at that. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Stay tuned for the GOTY Next week. ( If you cant work it out till now something is definitely wrong)

GOTY 2nd stage.

These awards are giving to various achievements. There will be one winner with 2 honorable mentions. These titles will be games i have played and experienced and the winner will have had much thought process behind it.

The awards are for:

-->Best graphics

-->Best soundtrack

-->Best Artistic ****

-->Most Improved Sequel

-->Best Story

-->Best Voice acting

-->Most surprisingly Good

-->Most Disappointing

-->Worst game this year

1) Best Graphics (Technical)

Final Fantasy XIII was one of the most beautiful games i had laid my eyes on. This games perfect texturing and design was flawless. The landscape was never really boring to look at and the in game graphics was so hard to distinguish from the FMV that i was struggling to differentiate the two. Square Enix are known for their excellence in designing top quality graphics in their trademark Final Fantasy series, this title was no exception.

Honorable Mentions: God Of War III, Metro 2033.

2) Best Soundtack

Yes bayonetta was a weird choice but their ****of "fly me to the moon" enhance this game so much that it actually gets you singing the song while playing.. potentially making you lose your focus of the game itself. The music in this game was top notch and gets the Best soundtrack award.

Honorable Mentions: Read Dead Redemption, DJ Hero II.

3)Best Artistic ****/p>

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow has this award. The game shows great creativity with the worlds they have created as well as the enemy designs. This was a good move for the hopeful commencement of castlevania in 3d rendering. Mercury steam coupled with kojima productions have made a gorgeous looking game.

Honorable Mentions: 3d Dot Heroes, Bayonetta

4) Most improved Sequel

Red dead Redemption was a big improvement over the previous title (Red Dead Revolver) bar the Box Art (Clint Eastwood will always beat John Marston :P) The authenticity of this game was unrivalled, if you ever wanted to feel like a cowboy, this game will be as close as it gets.

Honorable Mentions: Halo Reach, Call Of Duty Black Ops

5) Best Story

The story told in this game was fantastic, yes its a typical good vs bad story, but its is also much more than that, its also the struggle to continue his pursuit for revenge and also one for Faith and belief. This game shows fighting for what you believe in pushes you on even though there are harsh obstacles and difficult decisions, sometimes the feeling of all hope being lost can even pose a threat.

Honorable Mentions - Halo Reach, Heavy Rain

6) Best Voice Acting

This award also goes to Castlevania. We were graced with Patrick Stewart as the great Narrator for this game, as well as the side kick for Mr Gabriel Belmont, Zobek. This game has some great dialogue as well as some sequences were the feelings of these characters were ones you can relate to.

Honorable Mentions: Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy XIII (bar Vanille)

7) Most Surprisingly Good

Persona 3 came out of nowhere, I got this as a recommendation by illmatic87. This game is amazingly addictive and very well directed. The tedious tower was easliy compensated with a great interactive life in the real world. The persona series will now be closely monitored thanks to the great presentation of Persona 3.

Honorable Mentions: 3d Dot Heroes, Modnation Racers

8 ) Most Disappointing

Yes this iteration of this beloved series was one of the most disappointing games i played. The linearity was disappointing, the limitations of character playability was also annoying. I never found the use of battling all those stressful eidolon battles, to only ending up using one per character. I love to have the freedom of selecting the appropriate eidolon for the battle or selecting the appropriate magic for the situation. But this game limits you on exploration and in battle. Come on Square show us what you were made of revive the series.

Dishonorable Mentions: Resonance of Fate, Gran Turismo 5

9) Flat Out Worst game

This was really hard since i do investigate prior to buying. But Resonance of fate came out as the worst game i purchased this year. Disappointing since it has the best battle system ive seen for any RPG. The absence of an engaging story or even something remotely interesting damaged this game. It was one with potential but without substance, and a shame that was.

Dishonorable Mentions: Final Fantasy XIII, Time Crisis Razing Storm.

So there it is the 2nd stage of the annual GOTY event. Stay tuned next week for Genre awards.

GOTY 1st stage

Ok we all know its the time of the year where disagreements and arguements start occurring over peoples decision on what they believe is GOTY.

My brother Mj believes his list is the be all end all of video game contenders... Im here to prove him wrong.

I too will have this through several stages

1) I'll announce 3 games which i have played and believe it to be the best the consoles have provided us this year.

2) These will be various awards such as most surprisingly good, most disappointing, Best sound track, Best visuals, Best story.

3) Genre awards

4) My GOTY followed by 2 honorable mentions

Platform awards


1) Sonic Colors

This game has brought the speed back in Sonic as well as the awesomeness that we observed as young children back in the 80's and 90's. It was a great come back with us sonic fans looking forward to more great titles in the future. Some elements are nabbed from other platformers such as mario but it makes it unique enough to let you experience the sonic styling.

2)SMG 2

I know many critics gave this a perfect score, but while its a great game it does come with its flaws.. exploration of the map is linear leaving minimal room for exploration, something the original Mario Galaxy had. But the platforming elements have been top notch as you would expect from a nintendo title.

3) Trauma Team

This game astounded me, i thought i could not love a trauma centre more than the original, but this defines the medical experience with a wii remote. I am a nurse and i still found the game amazing. This was the pinnacle of gaming for the wii.

Honorable mentions- Tatsunoko vs Capcom, No more Heroes 2.

Xbox 360

1) Call of Duty: Black Ops

This Venerable Series has been released on an Annual basis, But this time the series has moved in a positive way, MW2 was let down by the poor online and the inconsistent story. Black Ops while looks a little unpolished in the graphical department, it excelled in the online sector and was more consistent in the story even though it was somewhat lackluster compared to the IW brethren. Regardless of the flaws the online has made a nice come back.

2) Bayonetta

This game was what Devil may cry should have been, Fluid combat enhances this fast paced action and the great soundtrack helps keep the game consistently enjoyable. Playing as the beautiful protagonist gave the game a nice touch to it. Some one liners really provide great laughs.

3) Halo Reach

This game ends the story of Halo... well really starts it. It was a great way to finish the great series, the cinematic set pieces was phenomenal, the variety in gameplay was refreshing and the online was great as expected from Bungie.

The game is a must play for an Xbox exclusive.

Honorable mentions - Battlefield bad company 2, Mass effect 2


1) Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow

This game was critiqued for its use of similar games such as GOW and SoTC, but if they acxtually played the game without reflecting on where it was copied from, they would realise they had a true masterpiece in their hands. The visuals were phenomenal, the soundtrack very engaging and the story telling was brilliant, Patrick Stewart being the narrator made the story more enjoyable to listen to. This game is beautiful every turn you take.

2) Super Street Fighter IV

This is the fighting game of a lifetime. All the ****c greatness of SSF II available on your current consoles with improved graphics and a larger roster of character including some great ****cs. This game is the definition and the standard of fighting games.

3) It was hard picking a 3rd especially with the fantastic PS3 lineup this year but Im going to give it to Modnation racers

This game was the introduction to kart racing on PS3 its main rival being Mario Kart. United Front put alot of thought into creating this title. The gameplay is fantastic with well thought out powerups. The power tools to help create your own maps adds more replayability as well as customising mods and cars. This game has so much to offer for such a new game. It was a real joy to play. It includes local multi and can even extend the local multiplayer to an online community.

However you want to play this, it will provide hours of entertainment. The real downside is the abysmal load times. It is ridiculously bad and can sometimes make you want to just do a double install should it exist.

Honorable mentions - 3d dot heroes, Heavy Rain, Mag


1) Starcraft II wings of Liberty

While im not a fan of the strategy genre, Starcraft II makes that exception, While you cant expect Crysis like graphics, you can be assured to have a gameplay which meets the standard of Blizzards previous games. The localisation of online servers did disappoint many of us gamers but it hasn't stopped us creating our intergalactic armies.

2) Civilisation V

There is something really satisfying with creating an army and taking over other people/countries as you transcend time. Civ V made this game even more accessible to noobs such as myself. The game is easy to pick up and fun to play. Lan on this really makes the game shine.

I havent played a 3rd pc title to nominate one so ill leave it as these.


1) Persona 3 portable

To be honest I think i have spent the most time playing this game, going over 100 hours. This game is the most enjoyment i have played on my PSP in a long time and i haven't even reached the half of it. This revision of the game has extra modes over other editions including using the new female protaginist. The tower does feel like an endless grind but does remain manageable as the side quests keep you entertained amidst you endless struggle to reach the top of the tower. The dialogue is quite enjoyable as well as forming relationships with certain characters in the game to help increase the power of newly formed personas. Great game from Atlus.

2)Hexyz Force

This Game like P3P has 2 stories to play, the artistic ****of this game was beautiful, and the gameplay has some really great RPG elements. The story was very typical to JRPG standards but enjoyable none the less.

3) Kingdom hearts Birth By Sleep

This title was the first KH to be released on the PSP, while not up to the calibre of its PS2 titles, this game provides a great entertainment to your handheld, at times it can feel a little repetitive fighting the same enemies over and over, but the story is quite engaging and keeps you wanting more.

Honorable Mentions - MGS - Peace Walker

I havent actually played my DS this year, so there will be no picks of the year.

Based on my history with the DS games, The ones to play will be

Professor Layton and the unwound future

Golden Sun

Dragon quest IX

Next week will be the awards outlined in stage 2 at the top of the blog.

Street Fighter 4 Player Review

Street Fighter IV, the absolute masterpiece that was developed by capcom. Street fighter IV is the latest installment of the venerable fighting game series known since the days of DOS computers. Street Fighter IV is the First Street Fighter to go 3d and yet maintain the fight style of the 2d fighters. Capcom got the formula right this time, EXcellent graphics, SUPER fast gameplay and ULTRA awesome moves.(:P) The game has all the original world warrior fighters plus a few new characters. There are several modes available to choose including the classic arcade mode which allows you to battle a series of fights with a movie clip before and after you complete the fights. Each character have their own story which interrelate in certain ways allowing the major plot of each organisation to be discretely told.

Then there comes the versus mode which includes Player vs Player, Player vs CPU, and even watch CPU vs CPU battles.

Network battle mode is online versus, a ranked battle works on the use of battle points, the higher the battle points the more your worth is shown to the world. There is also Player battle which is just a casual fight between friends and players. Connection usually work quite well after 3 bars, but when the lower bars hit noticeable lag is noticed.

Challenge mode allows 3 different modes to be experienced, time trial which is a series of beat your opponents with a limited amount of time. Survival mode where you HP is the only thing guiding your success (note: HP is slightly regenerated after each battle) and Train mode, this involves following certain commands for the character to progress to the next round.

Training mode allows you to learn how to use movesand specials or even muster up some great combo's.

Gallery mode includes artwork, movies from the game and a medal tally which is collected from online mode.

Fighting style uses the classic controls with some minor modification such as the removal of just guard and air guard, but they included force attack which compromises a bit of health (regainable if not hit) to block a single attack and parry the opponent.

The music is absolutely amazin, the classic songs are brought in and have had a little revamping as well as new songs entering the great song library that originally existed.

This game is reccomended for fans and people who want to try the best that the fighting genre has to offer.


Lord Of the Rings: Conquest

This is the first review that will be posted by me on the rate your game thread!

Lord of the rings Conquest is a 3rd person action adventure that allows you to play the role of villians or heroes. The modes available are single player, co-op story and multiplayer via split screen, system link and xbox live. The game set in the era of the third age where the attacks of Sauromon and the orcs were wide spread through the land of middle earth.

The story mode lets you take the role of both the heroes and the villians from the Lord of the rings series. Each mission gives you the opportunity to fight with a range of classes such as knight, mage, archer or stealth. Each class has the pros and cons making them quite balanced. With each character also comes three special moves again varying depending on the class chosen.

The action is quite fast paced and moves easy enough to pull off for a newcomer to the genre, though this doesn't help the single player/co-op from being quite short and dull. The multiplayer mode compensates for the single players weaknesses.

There are are variet of game modes available to play on xbox live ranging from your traditional team deathmatch mode (team deathmatch mode includes normal mode, where you can have the chance to use a hero if lucky, or hero mode where every person you pick is a hero) to conquest mode (similar to territories[Halo] or Domination [COD]) and to this new mode known as ring mode where the allies are to get the ring and destroy it, while the forces oif evil attempt to save it and fight to get their hands on it. The same character selection applies to multiplayer, the forces of evil and the forces of good have the same classes, so everyone has a chance to use the style are excel in.

The graphics of the game are sub par and do not match with some of the powerhouses out there, jagged edges are noticeable and environment is not as bright and vivid as something like Elder scrolls IV Oblivion.

The sound is good with the well known music from the LOTR series being used fairly well, good voice acting and good SFX.

Replayability is more for multiplayer not much for single player

Rating 6.5/10

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