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Foot of the mountain.

well i've been lurking round here alot less lately, but i've finally worked my way up to level 20, metal slime, which i've heard is the big one round here. So i'll probably be lazily woking my way up the percentage chart from now on and looking to make my posts more immune to moderation.

also if you've read my last blog, which was a while ago now, you'll now i had just bought an xbox 360 with GTA IV. well, my collection is still just as small, however GTA is looking way up. In short i like it alot, and all apects are usually fantastic bar some little annoyance, and the small technical glitches are starting to get on my nerves. but saying that it's probably worth a 9-9.5 in my book. Anyway, i'll be expanding my collection soon hopefully, and my fingers are crossed beyond the point of agony that we will be getting a great new tv set up really soon.

also you may have noticed i've sorted out xbox live, however i havn't got gold just yet. but add me if you want and if i recognise you i should gladly accept :), Antares 007 is my gamertag thing.

p.s - who ever's got the "rolled over" achievement in GTA IV, i need help. desperately. its just not happening for me!

see you round people.

The next generation is now!

Well after months of yearning and research last night i finally got a newconsole. xbox 360. from GAME for $499 with GTA IV. I was kinda worried cause i was checking the sticker for the signs of the falcon motherboard and the sticker says 203w but the guy in the store assured me it has everything to do with the transistor and that is 175w so all is well. To Sal_92, these consoles are heavy aye? i'm not sure how much the ps3 weighs but the xbox is certainly heavy. i really should have wieghed it but i cant be bothered.

anyway i got home and opened it all up, found out i got a wired headset instead of media remoe (weird), i'll probably call microsoft about it on sunday when i'm not busy. i played a couple minutes of grand theft auto and i guess 3 or 4 main things struck me in that amount of time.

1. the graphics are really ugly compared to other games. but that is GTA's style i suppose.

2. the car controls are really strange, you have to move the camera aswell which is different for me, and everything about driving is obviously made so you have no choice but to break the law. which i dont really like as i prefer the movie-like incognito approach myself.

3. i thought it wouldnt be my kind of game originally, but then it looked so good and realistic that it probably wouldnt bother me and be kinda cool, but one thing that bothers me is that the language is really bad and there is barley a sentance spoken not including B****" "F***" and some derogatry term for the working girls.i'm normally fine with that stuff but i can't imagine at least 30 straight hours of it. it's pretty hard core, makes me wonder if thats what we sound like to other people when we swear and everything.

4. i hope this is going to pick up sometime soon.

anyway. i dont have xbox live at the moment but when i do i'll be trading gamertags and stuff. and in the mean time i'm just trying to figure everything out. i'll also need some more money to buy a phone, then raise money for more games, after that everything should be sorted. and hopefully we'll be getting a 1080p sharp aqauos and awesome home theatre on a relativly small budget in that time aswell, cause at the moment i'm playing on a SD 3:4 CRT screen, which is definatley not cool.

oh well if i think of anything else there'll be another blog to come, probably a way more exciting one.

bye for now :)

Pwned moments!

I dont really know why, i guess a topic on the gs au board made me think it up, but i'm bored so i'm gonna give you a bunch of my favourite and best self - pwned moments that come to mind right now. i'll do 3, but i dunno maybe some other time i'll count down pwned moments from 20, maybe 1 on the end of each blog or something. so heres a taster:


this is so awesome, and just listen to what the commentator says while the guy is lying motionless on the ground after falling from over 50 ft or something :lol:


i was watching this live on tv as it happend, funniest thing ever! you'll probably have to turn up the sound cause its too quiet. and watch the whole way through.


HAHA! turbo says it all, and look at his suggestion when he comes back and is in a panic about what his gonna do, 4th post down. :lol:

see ya.

Very angry! (well not all that angry)

I'm pissed off. you know why i'm pissed off?

my level thingy. i shouldnt realy be woried about it, but i am pissed off right now.

why? another moderation. This time i got moderated for trolling because i said to some guy that his Thread would be more suited to a blog, what are we really supposed to say about his xbox getting RROD on a forum?

so because of that i lost about 140%, going from 17 to 15. this is the 7th time i've lost points/levels including 2 suspensions, because of some american mods who just lurk our forum or come over and just moderate anyone who is reported no matter how stupid it is or whther it is even against the rules!


The (arguably) most important not-so thursday morning blog post ever

obviously i havn't ever done one on thursday so it really isnt all that great.

but anyway, news fresh off the keyboard on gamespot UK, it's not like they waste time for sleep and/or sex over there.

There will be no BAFTA awards in 2008 for video games. Instead they will be in march 2009.

From one journalist and member of the BAFTA commitee - who's obviously getting a little too over excited with his job, given he has resorted to Arnie impersonations has said :

"One spurious story [in the UK press], widely considered to merely be a rather tiresome windup, suggested that the awards 'may' happen next year. There's no doubt about it--they will happen next year.

'They'll be back,' as Arnie [Schwarzenegger] might say! Not only that, they'll be bigger and better than ever."

Which in english talk basically just means every nominee will get a Pual939-esque ominous 'terminator theme' entrance, and that drunken idiot who hosted them last year will be put down in favour of a curvacious brunette... or more likely a little asian guy with glasses and funny hair. Now i just can't wait for 2009.

Also, a recent revelation, School goes back from holidays on the day GTA 4 comes out... how stupid is that?

and after being crippled with strike upon strike of moderations i have reached level... 17. hoo-rah.

Rebel without a cause!

Just got back from a 1 day suspension. If you were on the gsau forum the other night you probably know why...sorry bout that ,although i still think none of that stuff would happen if it werent for trolling new newbies. Too late at night for a full apology and part explanation tonight. The only thing i'm slightly annoyed at though is that for some reason i was completley suspended for a more than a full 48 hours, and most of you will know that a day and over 48 hours arnt exactly the same thing.

and i'm no emblem whore but wheres my damn uploady emblem:evil: !

easter eggs.


delivered by the easter bunny, frank's brother.

Frank the Rabbit

(frank shown- easter bunny is white and the cadbury ads would have you beleive wears a purple vest. he probably has an english accent aswell.)

enjoy. chocolate for all.

The 10 commandments, and The 7 cardinal sins, and the new 7 cardinal sins..

For those who havn't been watching the news or attending the popes biannual "speeches from the window" event, the vatican, rome has just added a new list of seven unforgivable sins to the ever growing list of things you need to miss out on for the duration of your life in order to live in eternal happiness, after you are dead.

here are the "so 5 minutes ago" 7 deadly sins:








and the latest in what will be a long line of every-second-millenia- updates blu-tacked next to the original list:

8. Environmental pollution

9.Accumilating excessive wealth

10.Inflicting poverty

11.Drug trafficking (with a k) and consumption

12.Morally debatable experiments

13.Violation of fundemental rights of human nature

14.Genetic modification

Now, i'm not going to go on a massive rant here cause i end up thinking faster than i can type so i end up even more frustrated, and i'm not against religion and christianity at all really, but to me, this seems like some sort of annoying and dare i say it, unchristian, publicity stunt for the worlds most practised religion. The whole thing seems to cheapen christianity itself.

I'm betting that either Jesus has been watching over assessing everything we do to avoid his own personal boredom between riding peacocks and hunting gypsies for various moral and religious values, and left a note by little benny's bedside, or the pope himself has had a hand in this without consulting his other-worldy accomplice.

In fact, to me it seems like the latest in a long string of scandals, which are probably just the beginning of satans even plan, which involves entering the popes body and using him to take over the world and use us all as an unholy army in the quest to invade the heavens and overthrow the G-man himself from his bikini-babe laden throne. or would they be lingerie babes..yes..yes indee..ahhhh oh yes anyway now i've resumed my ride onboard the train of thought.

But then again, between being protestant and agnostic, i dont really have to care what the pope says. Happy easter season too all :)

you cant tell me this dude's not evil...

then again, it wouldnt be to hard to convince me his just in it for the popemobile,

not world domination.

SHOCK, horror!

Yesterday, at roughly 11 am , saturday 8th of march 2008, during a game of star wars episode 1 racer, I came face to face, with death. In case your wondering - no, i didn't look it in the eye and bare my teeth, I scampered , yes, scampered, kinda like a bird when you throw a rock at it, over to my nintendo 64... laying motionless on the floor:cry:

Ok, i better start from the beginning. Its my birthday on the 15th, and i'm going to get an xbox 360 soon, so i've been playing some nintendo before i get too caught up in some awesome next gen but actually this gen but its called next gen for marketing purposes gen games and probably won't be returning to the 64 much due to the fact i never owned this game, this game, and i never even wanna talk about what happend to this game ever again :(

So i've contended myself with a play through of star wars racer. I was on the 2nd lap of the last level in the galactic tournament, the very pinnicle of the games intensity, created straight out of the scene of the movie which inspired the game itself. Leading by a pod length in front of Sebulba, at over 700mph down a desert straight inhabited by massive sandworms and into a maze of stone structures.Black.Flicker - after a millisecond of total darkness the intensity resumes just in time to avoid a head on collision with one of the massive stone pillars. Then - total darkness once more, the screen goes black, my eye catches the red light of the nintendo flicker, then fade.

As i rush over and try to find the problem, many a devestaing thought runs through my mind. After 10 years and many a dodgy control stick, could this be it? could this be - the end? No, i think, no no no. this can't happen, no! I check the same av cable i've been using the life of the console, the heads are banged up all right, but it works. In and out with the cartridge like a ... risque' analogy - which includes your mum :P - and i play around with the power slider trying to spark something, anything. 5 minutes later, i've almost given up all hope....

Hate to be anti-climactic but turns out the power plug was lose. who'd have thought? The nintendo 64 is still going strong after so long, and i've finished star wars episode 1 racer once again. So if anyone wants to give be a copy of zelda OoT or SSB that'd be great. Also, you absolutley have to watch this if you didn't see it live on tuesday -

My 1st Blog -and new sig.

Well, seeing as I've been here a fair while now and i just recorded the tremendously brilliant achievement of surpassing 600 posts, i thought it was high-time i started blogging. Anyway, with all the time I've had on my hands today and the fact I'm in an, elusive, good mood for once i thought I'd treat my friends to a rare myspace bulletin. One where i am not publicly ridiculing them.

I also thought that this being my first blog, you probably don't know me at all and i should kinda introduce myself. This is where that myspace bulletin comes in. Don't worry, its not some crap test where i mention the last person i texted, etc. It is a pretty fun thing designed by a (1/100) Intelligent friend on myspace.

NOTE: I have female friends i have to entertain, and i know none of you will be female, therefore you MUST ignore any lovey dovey and/or sensitive and/or generally "happy" crap i say. Any mentioning of said "sensative crap" will result in extreme personal embarresment on my part, subsequently meaning a vandetta against yourself. Actually i think i'll remove this crap now, you'll notice 13 is completley missing.

I think you may notice one picture i have used here on GS. I never miss a chance to show it off.

here is the bulletin:

Here's how it works:
1. Go to
2. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box
3. Use only the first page
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer

1. What's your first name?


james. but you know that already =D

2. What's your favorite thing to do?

i said sport but there are some moderately disturbing images there so i did soccer, but cricket.. sport in general. whatever.

3. What is your relationship status?

CUM get me ;-)

4. What is your favorite color?

5. Who is your celebrity crush?
natalie portman

i don't really care about many female celebrities but i cant have a crush on male ones obviously. i don't really know why i went for natalie portman.

6. What band are you listening to right now?

none. but this is the perfect chance to ridicule "operator please". i'm allowed to use my own photobucket images arnt i?

7. What is your favorite movie?
donnie darko

Donnie Darko.

8. What is your favorite Disney Princess?

i didn't know any, so i looked it up and she was prettiest. besides mermaid who has red hair. and the one in Aladdin wears parachute pants that do nothing for her figure.

9. Name your favorite beverage?

i had to go with ice chocolate after i saw this.

10. Where is your dream vacation?
..... away


but away with that girl might be nice.

11. What is your favorite dessert?
ice cream

if i had to make a choice now.

12. What do you want to do when you grow up?
david beckham

be a mega-rich sports star with lots of sexy cars... but hopefully not a questionable sexual orientation.

14. One word to describe yourself?

i don't know. you decide =P