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Dusting Things Off

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I felt that I should at least dust this thing off seeing as how much time I put this into the past and how with recent events I find myself back here again. It's an odd feeling of seeing things almost coming full circle. I "left" and followed the Giant Bomb crew after everything went down and have found Giant Bomb to be the site that I spend the most time on every day.

But now that the crew is back under the same roof, it makes sense that I at least peak my head in over here. I probably won't be checking in to much over here as it just isn't the same as what you get with the guys over at GB, but it's nice seeing some old names again.

Top Ten Games of 2007 - Part Two

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5. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) - I'm the first to say that I've never been a fan of the 3D Mario games. I played Mario 64 and didn't like it, tried Mario Sunshine and hated it...but Galaxy is different. It is unique and charming. It plays like nothing I've really played before, but that is normal for a Wii game. My only problem is that it can be a little disorientating when first starting out, but after awhile you get used to it and a blasting through levels with ease. Not to say it's difficult, but it's just right that it doesn't get to challenging that it becomes frustrating. Easily the best Wii game this year.

4. Halo 3 (360) - Halo 3 may not have been as good as it was if it didn't have everything it had. If it would have just been the single player and multiplayer components, it would have been decent. The story "ends" with a satisfying conclusion, assuming you didn't see the Legendary ending that leaves it open for more. The multiplayer is fun, but not too much has changed. But the other parts are what make it a great game. The ability to save entire game sessions and then watch them and upload them to Bungie's website is awesome. And then there is the incredible Forge mode that lets you screw around with maps and do some fun stuff. I've spent hours playing with Forge with a friend and it was probably more fun then the rest of the game. Some of the stuff you can do is just funny, other stuff is just awesome. It could have been better, but with what we were given, it doesn't disappoint as much as Halo 2 did.

3. The Orange Box (PC) - Talk about a steal. Five games for only $50? The business people at Valve must have lost their minds. Sure, I already had Half Life 2 and Episode 1, but it was still a value. Episode 2 continues the great story and has some really intense moments. Team Fortress 2 is funny and a solid multiplayer game; oh and the graphical style is a must see. Then there's the golden nugget of the whole package...Portal. The way it plays is great and will make you think. The story is simple but great. But the humor in Portal is what makes it stand out above everything. It is truly funning and the ending credit song is too damn good to not listen to 20 times more. Even if you have played HL2 and Ep.1, you would be missing out so much by not playing Portal. Oh, and the cake is a lie.

2. Call of Duty 4 (PC) - Easily the best improved sequel in a long time. Call of Duty 2 sucked, plain and simple. Being in a clan that has been playing CoD2 for about 2 years makes it more apparent that it sucks. That's what makes CoD4 so great. It's different, it plays a hell of a lot better, and IW is actually trying with this game. The single player of CoD4 is worth playing for anyone, even if you will get nothing out of the multiplayer. The single player is the closest thing you'll get to playing a movie. It may be short, but the experience is awe inspiring. Some of the levels will stick with you for a long time. Just when the single player is winding down, you're left with a multiplayer experience that will keep you coming back. The maps aren't that big, and can be a little too cramped for 32 players, but they are still fun. Add on top of that the rank structure that will keep you playing even after you reach level 55 and tinkering with your custom classes; you have a multiplayer game that will have some legs to it. And the fact that there will be mapping/modding maps coming soon just makes the package so much sweeter.

1. Bioshock and Mass Effect (360) - To give my number one game to just one game was impossible this year. Both Bioshock and Mass Effect were games that just had me so engrossed in them and brought me so much entertainment that I couldn't give one the honor over the other.

Bioshock is a game that is absolutely gorgeous when you see it, but when you play it really shines. The shooting experience is fun. It's not real challenging for the most part, but when you try to take down a Big Daddy, you'll be in for the fight of your life. But with only a single player game, what makes it so great. Well, the story is what makes it so great. There is so much to the story that you'll get what you want out of it. You can blow through the story and finish it for the sake of finishing it, or you can go out and find all of the diaries and learn about the rich back story. Some say the ending wasn't the greatest, but after saving all of the little sisters, I was happy with what they ended it with. It made me happy that I wasn't able to get myself to harvest any of the little sisters. And after playing Bioshock, I commend the developers for not tacking on some multiplayer component just for the sake of having multiplayer.

Just when I though that Bioshock was going to be my number one game of the year, Mass Effect came out and showed me that Bioshock wasn't the only game that would prove so engrossing. The story of Mass Effect will keep you playing even if you don't enjoy the combat or can't get pass the obvious technical issues. But minor technical issues aside (well I found them minor) the combat is fun, but simple. You never feel like you have to level grind to make it through the game as there is just so much other stuff to do that you'll forget about the story for awhile. Then there is the story that makes you wonder what is going to happen next. There were things that happened in it that I didn't expect, and while the ending is somewhat of a cliffhanger it didn't bother me as they have to leave it open for the next game. But what makes this game so great is what made the original KOTOR so great, the dialogue. The good and bad responses are not as clear as before as some of the good responses can even get a harsh response from other characters. Then there are the decisions you have to make with these responses. The cold truth is that you are going to lose a crewmate whether you want to or not. You could even lose two if you want. But when you get to the big choice, it can be difficult if you used them a lot in your party. And to me that is what makes a good game; something that can give me a decision that can be difficult, but doesn't give me a clear answer of what the right choice is.

So while there were games that may have had good multiplayer or more features, my games of the year come down to the single player experience. Yes, multiplayer is great, but if you can give me a game that I'll remember even when I haven't played it in awhile you have made a truly good game. The only disappointing thing this year is that there are more games next year that may even top this list, which is hard to imagine. But that's what makes looking forward to 2008 so exciting.

Top Ten Games of 2007 - Part One

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This is probably the main Top Ten list I do, as there is only one or two more that I do this year. This list is always difficult to do as each game I play is usually good. No real crap games, so getting ten can be difficult. Most of these games will probably be on most of the sites and other people's personal list.

10. Super Paper Mario (Wii) - Half 2D, half 3D, Super Paper Mario is a funny and enjoyable game. The story is decent, but nothing to write home about. The characters that you get to play, besides Mario, make the game more interesting as you have different powers to use. And the first time you use Bowser's fire breath underwater, you can't help but give a chuckle. The combat is easy compared to most Mario games, well even easier, but I think that makes it easier to play through. While it was originally supposed to be a GameCube game, the change over to the Wii was a good thing as the controls are easy to use and a little more interactive...slightly.

9. Crysis (PC) - The best looking game out there...if you can run it. The best part of the game though is it's single player game. It's unique. Just as you've thought you've played it all before in FarCry, it does a complete 180. The zero gravity level is pure genius, and the final battle is just incredible. But while the single player is good, I didn't enjoy the multiplayer. Too much like BF2, and it takes awhile to get into it. Also, while it is agreat game, I have a hard time rating it higher than tenth as most people will never see how good it really is. Even people with hardcore systems have a hard time running it on the highest settings, which is a shame.

8. skate (360) - A fresh take on the skateboarding genre. Ok, it doesn't take that much to be a fresh take on skateboarding games as long as the name Tony Hawk is no where in the title. skate has some great new gameplay innovations, a big city to skate around in, and the X-Games Big Air event. There is some great promise with skate and if EA continues with the franchise it will definitely be better than the Tony Hawk series, which I already consider it is.

7. Guitar Hero III (360) - More songs and better quality songs, in my opinion, are what make GHIII a great game. The songs are fun to play and even songs that people may not like to play (Before I Forget by Slipknot) I enjoyed playing. However, as much as I liked the game and enjoyed playing it, there were some things that bugged me. I didn't want to battle the Rock Legends and why do they think they have to make it harder every game. Sure, the core players of it are these experts that will 5 star Through the Fires and Flames on their first try, but what about the people that just enjoy playing the game for fun...not challenge. I've played a demo of Rock Band at Best Buy and found it much more fun, but since I didn't have a full version of it, I couldn't really put it on my list. Maybe with GHIV they'll tone the difficulty down and ditch the battle mode.

6. Assassin's Creed (360) - Graphically stunning and a great control scheme, but lacks depth. A common statement about Assassin's Creed, and it's true. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that Assassin's Creed is a fun game even when it does repeat itself over and over again. Killing people remains fun and the combat is easy but has some strategy to it. The story is kind of weird and just as you get into the world it seems to take you right back out of it. But if you can get over the story flaw and the repetition of the missions, then it is a great game.

Top Ten Movies of 2007

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*More to come as I was just about finished with the actual list before I hit my back key on my mouse and cursed for the next five minutes*

The first of my Top Ten 2007 lists will be on movies. Now note these are my Top Ten Movies, not yours. So you will no doubt find them weird choices, and some that you may agree with. Also, I don't go to the theaters much, so these are movies that have come out in 2007 and have made it to DVD. Kind of a weird way to go about it, but if I haven't seen it I can't put it on my list. So without further delay, lets begin.

10. 300 - Yes, the movie looked cool. Only problem was everything else was kinda cheesy. The dialouge sucked, the acting was decent, and the story wasn't as accurate as I would like. However, it was still a good movie as the action sequences were great and it didn't drag on.

9. Hot Fuzz - While it may not be as good as Shaun of the Dead, and it does take a while to get going; Hot Fuzz is a good movie. It makes fun of cop/action movies and is fun to watch. If you can get passed the first hour or so the movie picks up and you'll be happy you stuck with it.

8. Knocked Up - While it is a funny movie, a lot of people say it is better than I thought it was. It may be because the subject matter didn't sync with me or it may just be that I didn't get it. That still doesn't matter as I laughed and enjoyed the movie.

7. Spider-Man 3 - A satisfying end to the trilogy, but it had one HUGE flaw. Too small of focus on Venom. More focus on Venom and less unimportant story elements would have made it much better.

6. Ratatouille - Talk about a movie that surprised me. It was funny and had heart to it. Sure I've seen funny animated movies before, but nothing that had some heart to it like Ratatouille did. Fun for kids and adults.

5. The Simpsons Movie - It only took 18 years for it to happen. It basically ended up seeming like one big episode, but not like some other show that just put three episodes together and called it a "movie". The thing that surprised me the most was at one point there was actually some true emotion to the moive. That was shocking to say the least, but made it that much better.

4. Transformers - I didn't expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised. The action was awesome, the Transformers were cool (although there should have been more screen time of them), and it was actually funny. It'll be interesting to see if they make another one, especially since Starscream got away.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - I may be one of the few people that thought this movie was as good as the others. It was funny, it looked great, and it wrapped up most of the story at the end. Only let down is they still left it open for a Pirates 4, but I don't expect it to ever happen.

2. Superbad - What makes this movie so great? Is it because it's hilarious? No. Is it because it's a Judd Apatow movie? No. It's because it's more real than most movies of this type. I actually knew people like the characters in Superbad. They actually seemed like High School kids. Not because of their looks, but by the way they acted. Sure it was vulgar, but what High School kid isn't?

1. Futurama: Bender's Big Score - Yes, a direct to DVD movie tops my list. Why? Because it's freakin Futurama. FOX screwed up by cancelling it and it wouldn't stay dead. To make things better, they came back better than ever. Things haven't changed much, and it has gotten even more adult in it's absence. To tell the truth, that's a good thing. It has heart, it has comedy, it has more intelligence then probably all of the movies this year, and it is just fun to watch. To make things even better, there are 3 more to come. I can't wait.

Random Thoughts and Opinions 4

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- The fall school semester is over and I couldn't be happier. Main thing that I learned this semester is that I should not take an online class that is self paced. All it ends up being is a mad dash to get all the work done before the end of the semester. Try taking 11 tests in two days and come out sane. Doesn't happen. My mind is still trying to recover.

- The Packers are 12-2 and so are the Cowboys. The Packers play at Chicago this week and at home against the Lions to finish off the season. The Cowboys play at Carolina and at Washington to end the season. It's a good possibility that the Packers could end up with home field advantage throughout the playoffs, which would be insane. To make things even better, Brett Favre was chose as the NFC's starting QB for the Pro Bowl. Take that Tony Romo!

- The year is coming to a close and that means the top ten lists are coming. My first one may actually come soon after this post. Hopefully I don't get too boring, but it's not like anyone reads these things anyway. My first one will probably be on movies since I just got done watching probably the last movie I'll want to see this year. For those wondering, it was the Simpsons Movie.

- Want to see something interesting? Then click on these. Notice anything? If not, I'll give you a hint. Note the people and the dates that the first post was made. I ain't saying anything, but it's pretty cool in my book. The future is looking entertaining.

- I still have to get my shopping for Christmas done. Sucks that I haven't gotten that done yet, but I never really do get it done early. Last year was probably the only exception.


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After hearing Gamespot's Hot Spot and watching On The Spot, I can finally feel some closure about the whole Jeff Gerstmann situation. I'm still sad that Jeff is no longer part of Gamespot. He has made me laugh many times for many years with all the stuff that he has done on Gamespot. But he will go on to do bigger and better things. I can't wait to see what he does next.

But after hearing and seeing the emotions from the Gamespot crew, it is truly comforting to know that his departure was taken hard by everyone. Not to say that I'm happy that the Gamespot crew, Jeff's friends, find it hard to deal with this situation. But it feels good that when they lose a friend like that, it doesn't become just business. It hurts. And that makes me feel good for being part of the Gamespot community and following what these people do and say. They are people after all, so for all those people that have jumped down their throats should back off. We just knew Jeff from what we read/heard/saw on our computers, they knew him for a longtime personally.

So great job to the Gamespot staff for continuing on. It's a hard time, but you will overcome. Thankyou for all that you have done in the past, and I look forward to what you have in store for us in the future. God speed!


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When I went to Best Buy today to get Pirates 3 and SuperBad on DVD, I decided to look at the video game section. As I was walking over I was thinking to myself how cool it would be if they had a Rock Band station to try it out. To me amazement, they actually did. Even better, they had the drums set up...minus the pedal setup though, which was disappointing.

Once the guy that was playing was done I took over the drums. Played it on easy and found it actually difficult. It was a little harder since I was standing up and the drums were at an angle that made it hard to look at the TV and know where the pads were so I could hit them easily. But after awhile I caught on and was able to play the Medium difficulty. I found it extrememly fun and challenging at the same time. I was playing songs that I had already knew and ran into the problem that I was playing with the beat of the song, not the note chart. And there was those times that I would even play faster than I should have been beyond the song. I see why it's hard to be a drummer.

I then tried the guitar and was rather disappointed in them. I'm hoping that the guitar was broken and it was the lag between the guitar and the screen that was causing problems, because both me and the other guy that was playing had hard times with the guitar. It just felt way too spungy strumming the guitar and the fret keys were also weird feeling. I guess I got that feeling because I've played Guitar Hero, but I do know now that I won't buy the game until they let me buy the instruments seperately so I can just get the drums and the mic. I just hope that Harmonix patches the game to make the new GHIII guitar compatible.

And yes, as you may have noted I do want to get the mic. Either that or at least try the singing part just using my headset. I'm not sure, but I do want to sing in that game. I was tempted to try it in the store, but decided to save myself the embarassment. Now that's not to say I was going to be embarassed by my singing. I know I suck at singing, in fact I'm probably tone deaf. But I get joy out of making people cringe in horror. But there was just too many people there that someone was bound to ask what the hell I was doing in the middle of me singing, and I didn't want to be interupted.

So, I am sold on Rock Band. Well, most of it. I really dislike the guitar, but other than that the game is great. I can't wait till they start selling it seperately so I can go and pick up the drums and thegame. Hopefully it doesn't take them too long to do that. And maybe by then they'll have any of the durability issues addressed so I don't break it within a week.

The Word Crime Holds True

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So the rumor and the "confirmation" that Jeff Gerstmann has been "let go" is rather disturbing. If it is true that it was because of his review of Kane & Lynch then this truly does hold true to the game. Because the game is about comitting crimes, and to fire someone over giving an honest review is a crime against freedom. He is paid to give an honest opinion on a game so that the readers can get a jest on how the game is. They don't have to believe it and can go against it. Reviews are after all written in the opinion of one person. If you don't agree with it then that's your choice. But to get fired for doing his job is utter bullsh!t. I hope he sues CNET and whoever he can for just doing his job. Of course CNET and Eidos will deny that's what caused his release...but the rumors and the evidence is overwhelming.

But there is a good side to this. Jeff can now go on and do better things, where his job will hopefully not be on the line for telling the truth. In otherwords, he can go out and do his job.

Random Thoughts and Opinions 3

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- Last night on RAW was the return of Chris Jericho. It was known for months that he was going to return, especially when they started running the save_us_222 videos. They then changed it to save_us_X29 which had a lot of people thinking he was going to return on October 29th. But that didn't happen and they finally announced the date in last weeks video. Interestingly, WWE actually did something clever, but simple. They ran the tagline, CAN YOU BREAK THE CODE. I didn't catch it until tonight but they actually had a code in there. There were two equations in last weeks video that where x+1=y and j=9+1. Being the idiot that I am I didn't catch it at first. But when the entrance video aired tonight and the X of the X29 changed to theY (x+1=y which the next letter after x [the +1] would be y) and the 9 changed to the J (j=9+1 which j is the tenth letter of the alphabet). So surprisingly it makes sense. And even though it was known that Jericho was going to return tonight and even at what time (with how they set up the Passing of the Torch with Orton) it was still great to see the return of Jericho. Possibly one of the main reasons why I have still been watching in hopes that Jericho can return the WWE to what it once was. If not, it will still be great to see Jericho wrestle again.

- Every day at work seems to get worse and worse. It's not that being a cashier is bad as it is expected to be. It still sucks but that's a pretty easy job to have. But knowing the service desk where you do returns is the worse thing ever. Not that it's hard, quite the contrary. It's easy to do. But the people that return things are flipping idiots. Bringing in carts full of stuff to return with no organization of reciepts or even having reciepts and then expecting us to put up with you is insane. And then to get mad when something doesn't go your way and to yell at us makes me wonder if your even human. Cause honestly, who the hell do you think you are? You come in and give me crap for something that is your own damn fault. They're just lucky I don't have another job other wise they'd swear they'd open the gates of hell upon themselves. So as the holidays come and go, be nice to the people at the return counter. Don't be a jerk. Cause chances are someone is going to give you a piece of their mind after awhile, and you ain't going to like what you hear.

- Later today I get to pick up Mass Effect. If heard it's great, but it has some glitches. Now normally that would have me worried, but then again it is a Bioware game. I wouldn't expect nothing less then a game with some glitches from them. I loved the original KOTOR, but that had it's share of glitches and bugs. However, that didn't stop it from being a great and engrossing game. So as long as the game plays and the story is good and I get to explore a decent sized galaxy, I'll be a happy camper.

- I was very concerned about picking up CoD4 awhile ago, because I was screwed into buying CoD2 which was a horrible game. But now I couldn't be happier. The single player is one of the greatest things I have ever played. Never has a single player game made me stop and just say "Wow". Even greater then that, at one point it almost brought me to tears. In fact it even gave me my current wallpaper so that is pretty good. But the multiplayer is leaps and bounds better than what CoD2 ever was or can be. It is just so much fun and getting up to level 55 was fun as hell. Now that I'm level 55 it is even more fun as the gunsI have make it extremely fun to play. Nothing like having a Barrett .50cal Sniper rifle to take people out with. Even better is the Desert Eagle. Makes everything so easy. So congratz to IW to gaining some of my convidence back. Now if they keep it up and don't abandon it and try to improve the multiplayer, then I'll be a happy camper.

- With all the video games and movies coming out, the one thing that I'm excited for the most is the new Futurama DVD. Futurama is by far my favorite show ever, and to have new episodes that I haven't seen 100+ will be refreshing. Although given enough time I'll have seen the new DVD 100+ times and will continue to watch it. Now if they release the episodes that they cut for them to air on Comedy Central on DVD, I'll even get that. Mainly because supposedly they will add some stuff to each episode. Also, I'm still wondering what the 22 minute episode of the Hypno Toad will be like. I hope it's insane.

- I need to go to Japan sometime in the future. I don't know why, I just have to.

- Black Friday is this week. God help me.

Just One For All?

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In the past week I have read two separate articles talking about having just one console that everyone would play. One console that would allow you to play a Mario game, a Ratchet and Clank game, and a Halo game without having to own separate consoles. Now this talk is nothing new. It has been talked about for a long time as development costs continue to rise and console exclusivities continue with more and more money spent each time. But every time it is brought up there always seems to be a lot of people saying that it is a horrible idea. Is it really a bad idea though?

One of the arguments that I have heard as to why having just one console is a bad idea is based on economics. Now I am by no means a master or economics, but I can see the argument. Having three separate consoles competing against one another keeps pricing competitive. The PS3 could have cost $1000 with all the technology and features that it has, but with the XBOX 360 selling for $399 ($299 for the core version) there would be no way that Sony could sell it for that much so they had to settle for $599 ($499 for the 20GB version). The Nintendo comes out and announcesthat the Wii will be $249 making it the cheapest console and that much more appealing to people looking to move on to the new generation. The Wii was released and has sold incredibly well, partially because of the more mass appeal of it, but also because it is the most affordable. The 360 continued to sell well even with hardware issues because it offered the next generation graphics and major games for the cheaper price. And the PS3 didn't take off as well as Sony would have hoped for and is trailing the other two consoles.

Those price points and the affect they have had on sales has brought price cuts. The PS3 has gone through a couple of them as the 60GB version was cut to $499,an 80GB model was introduced at $599, a new 40GB model is introduced at $399, and the 80GB model was reduced to $499. A lot of changes in pricing and hardware within the first year of release, all in the hopes of moving more hardware and gaining a bigger install base. The 360 has also gone through some changes both in hardware and in pricewith the introduction of the Elite for now $449,the Premium is now $349, and the Core version has been changed to the Arcade Version for $279. Nintendo on the other hand has no need to lower their prices as they continue to sell extremely well and shows no real sign of slowing down.

Now introduce only one console into the market and those price points and price cuts would be effected drastically. With no competition, whoever is to produce it would be able to set their own price without much worry. There would be no competition so if people wanted to play the latest new games they would have to pay what the company tells them to pay. Also, this brings price cuts to a halt in theory. No competition means that the only reason they would have to lower their price is to boost sales. That process could take awhile with the fact that it would be the only console out there for people to buy.

That may sound bad, but lets look at how history has played out. Companies that come out with a new product that over charge for what the people consider fair to pay for the product usually don't do to well. The company that would produce the console would have to take that into consideration and come up with a price that people are normally willing to play. Sony though that people would be willing to pay $599 for a PS3 or would settle paying just $499 for a trimmed down PS3. However, the people showed their displeasure with slow sales of the $599 PS3 and an even lower amount of sales for the $499 model (sales were so bad that they discontinued the cheaper 20GB model). So, if there was ever to be just one console they would have to look at Sony's mistake and take it to heart. What price would people really be willing to pay for this console?

As for price cuts, they would happen. As time goes on technology gets cheaper and in turn manufacturing of the console would become cheaper. Also, sales will slow done for a console after awhile. It always happens and price cuts always seems to rejuvenate sales. So there would be price cuts even without competition even though the reasons for them may have changed in some ways.

Another way to look at it is that with just one console people will not need to buy three separate consoles if they want to play games that are console exclusive. That will save the people money and hassle of having to set up three separate consoles. Not only that but it will help game developers make a bigger profit.

Since companies that make console exclusive games are only going to be able to sell their games for that console, the opportunity to make a bigger profit. With just one console, everyone that owns it will be able to play that game. There will be no worries for developers on how many people are going to be able to play there games, as everyone would be able to play their game. This also makes it easier on companies that make games for multi-platforms. They will have just one console to develop for, cutting both development time (or at least making it more efficient) and development costs. This allows for games to be made for less and allows for a larger profit for the developer and publisher. Those reduced developmental costs could also make games cost less for the public or at least keep them from going up in price.

This one console for all games also adds into the competition of companies and their games. Since everyone would be releasing their games on this one console, their products would have to be top notch and unique in order to sell better than their competition. Mario games couldn't just be the same thing over and over again as there would be more direct competition from games like Ratchet and Clank. If there is ever another Halo it would have competition from something like Killzone. This competition for the players money would make it so that companies couldn't just put out clone after clone of games in hopes of making a profit. They'd have to do something that deserves the buyers money, especially with the ability for prospective buyers to find out how good a game is by visiting review sites or reading about them in magazines.

But where the competition could improve the quality of games that are released, it could also hurt smaller developers that may actually have unique games that truly deserve to be played. Games like Okami, Beyond Good and Evil, and Psychonauts would have an even harder time selling a bunch of discs as there would be so many high profile games being released on only one console. Larger publishers like EA and Activision could possibly start buying up or combining with more smaller developers or even bigger developers. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony would also be able to focus more on their game software division and could possibly form partnerships with companies and start a new war on the software side of things. These are all just possibilities of what could happen.

The thing is that those would probably never happen, as the likelihood of just one universal console will probably never happen. To get Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to agree to stop producing consoles and to just focus on games for just one console is very unlikely. Even if there was a chance that they would agree on such a thing, who would develop this universal console? Would Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony team up to make the console...and how would they be able to come to terms on who does what and who gets what of the profits? Would companies that have thought about getting into the console war be willing to just accept this one console without trying to come up with their own console to compete with it? And would the developers of the games be willing to let this happen and be happy with any reasoning on why it is happening?

All these factors plus many more would go into the thought process of a universal console. The possibility of even talks about this happening is very unlikely. There would be too many egos in play for it to happen. Would it be good if it would happen though? Possibly. But only time and trends will tell on what happens. But chances are we'll be playing the XBOX 720, the PS4, and the Nintendo Something-or-Other when the next console phase rolls around and theories and hopes of a universal console will continue to be debated.