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Retooling my collection..

Took a bit of time, but I just erased my collection, and finally included all my games: PS2, GC, GBA, GBC, and Genesis. This just reminded me now to include my only GBC title, Pokemon Blue. That'll bring it up to 102 games.

I know I haven't been writing in this for a while; I just never feel interested to most of the time.

Anyway, the summer time is just about over. Coming up, my last full week before I go back Tuesday, August 9. I'm going to have to get back to sleeping earlier instead of in the middle of the night.

On the subject of my now playing, I find it real hard to actually put certain games in there since I kinda switch around a bunch to play. I don't select a few and finish them and move on, like jekyll.

I just forget I had to put in my small collection of PC games and full list of PS games. That brings it up to about 130+ games. Finally completed all my games.

Ahhh, candy.

Candy.. a wonderful thing in this world. Sweet, tangy candies.

Most specifically Sweettarts, Starburst, Airheads, Nerds, so on and so on.

(Give me some of these anyday, and the best part is they're paid for in cents. Though I'll skip the chewy stuff.)

While on the subject, how about listing some of your favorite candies?

Chips are included (Pringles are my preference, while Munch-ems and Goldfish are the top crackers IMO.)

Your time...

From where you are, about what your time zone is? To start, my time right now is 4:30 PM. About yours? I'm not real sure of all the time zones, the only ones I'm really sure of are Central time which is a hour behind, Mountain which is 2 hours behind, and Pacific which is 3 hours. The other one is Rome which is I think 7 hours ahead, that I learned from watching the coverage of the Pope over these past months. Some of yours I'm probably sure of, but some I am not. I know Gamespot has time zones in the journal preferences, but they still confuse me a little.

A little about where I live..

While this won't be as detailed and pictured as jekyll's in Pennsylvania , just a few facts of my area:

My state: Kentucky

My county: Harrison County

My city: Cynthiana, around the middle of Harrison.

Areas in KY: Lexington, south of Harrison in Fayette (also home of Gamespot MOD Mr. Vegeta), Louisville (northwest on the tip of Kentucky/Indiana, home of Gamespot member cake_and_pie.)

Major Universities in Kentucky:

University of Kentucky- Lexington, Fayette County

University of Louisville- Louisville, Jefferson County (can't really forget it, Louisville is the biggest city in KY)

Western Kentucky- Bowling Green, in the southwest area of state, near border of Tennessee in Warren County

Eastern Kentucky- Richmond, Madison County, south of Lexington.

Morehead State- Morehead, Rowan County, a little northeast of Lexington.

Capital of Kentucky: Frankfort, Franklin County, northwest of Lexington.

That's about it. If you comment, how about telling what counties or areas you live in in your state (or in Canada's case, province.) I can look your place up in my atlas I have.

Well, there goes next year.

I just read that Kelenna Azubuike's getting an agent and leaving. We had a good run set up for next year and then he leaves, I just don't think he's NBA material. He's good, but not a superstar. Money claims another college guy. I heard the rumors but I didn't think it was true. IMO if he was from Kentucky and bred in Ky, he wouldn't leave. Guys from Kentucky seem to have more pride in wearing the Blue. Well, after all this, he better hope he gets drafted and plays or he's not coming back and he wasted a year. Dummy.

Reds Win!

What a finish. A game-tying shot by Adam Dunn and a game winning solo HR by newcomer Joe Randa leads the Reds to a dramatic 7-6 win on Opening Day against the new look New York Mets.

Adam Dunn gets 2 homers, and while Beltran lit up the board with a homer along with Cliff Floyd, but it was the closer, Bredan Looper, who cost it for the Mets.

The next game is Wed. with Glavine and Eric Milton pitching.

This is my first update in a while, I just never really wanted to post here alot lately, but while UK lost in a bad fashion in double OT to Michigan St., this Reds win brings a little positive air.

And speaking of the Final 4, Illinois beats the Cards and UNC beats the Spartans. So it appears the two best teams all around from the regular season in the finals tonight, will be Illinois' dream or Roy Williams' dream? We shall see.

A lot of Monday TV: 24, WWE, and the National Title game. Choices.

Nice weather for me outside, so perhaps I'll go out for a bit.

As for my games, I last bought MVP Baseball 2005 last week, and I am liking those pitching minigames, mostly the Tetris like one. The hitter's eye feature to me is a bit useless. And Katamari Damacy, all these random items to pick up, it's endless. Fun game.

Till next time...

Candy- my Valentine.

Valentine's Day has never been a love holiday for me- I usually get the chocolates for myself. Half the fun is also not knowing which one you get. Most good, some bad. Hopefully I can get some candies this next week. Not to mention my birthday this next weekend.

What are the Wildcats doing? Well, this week they survived a scare at home against Florida 69-66 to improve to 9-0 in SEC play. Tomorrow they're home against Georgia. Should be an easy win. But we have Feb. 19 against Miss. State and Feb. 26 at Alabama. We're No. 5 in the country right now. Behind Illinois, North Carolina, Kansas, and Boston College. BC and UNC both lost. So we could go to No. 3 or No. 4 without losses by Monday. Good times ahead I hope for UK fans.

2 More Shows: "Dang, man!" and "The following takes place between...

It seems has if there are 2 more shows I am starting to really like: 24 and King of the Hill.

24 I've seen 3 episodes of in Season 4. It's really starting to get good when you know who everybody is and what going's on.

King of the Hill is also a good one. Plenty of dysfunctional characters: Boomhauer, Dale, Bobby, Khan, Bill, the list goes on. A good one.

As for my sickness, I'm just about cured. My sore throat is gone, though I still have a little stuffy nose, and my head's barely dizzy. I'll say it'll be gone by Friday.

Oh, and tonight the Wildcats play Florida at home, the same team that beat the crap out of Alabama.

Congrats to the Pats for the Super Bowl dominance. But if McNabb had better clock management they would have had a better shot at betting the Pats. For all their dynasty, they sure do have close Super Bowl wins.

I feel sick..

*sigh* Sore throat, and stuffy nose. And my muscles ache. But depsite that, I'm doing the best to continue the day as normal. The computer was saying every page "couldn't be found", so I restored it yet again. And it's doing fine so far. Not to mention homework from the weekend. Jeez, why does it happen? We go 5 out of 7 anyway, at least give us nothing for a weekend. I did take a cough drop and my throat is a little better. Wonder if I'll be able to go to school tomorrow? If we don't miss any days, we are exempt from final exams. Like I was last semester.

The Wildcats continue to roll 84-70 at Vanderbilt. Oh, and Alabama was destroyed by Florida, and Miss. State lost big to SEC doormat Auburn. And a lot of teams from 10-20 got beat. The polls Monday should be real different.

Well, the Super Bowl is today. A very important day for Eagles fans, like jekyll. 24 years in waiting. And the Pats are just trying to establish themselves as a dynasty, with 3 SB's in 4 years. The hype is finally over, and the football begins.

Flying Through The Road Trip

It was a pretty hard week for UK, first off in the Tennessee game last week, Chuck Hayes got his nose broken. He's still playing though with a mask, like LeBron did a while back. Then, last Saturday in Arkansas, they came within inches of losing on the road to Arkansas. They beat Tennessee 84-62 and Arkansas 68-67. Today, we have a test at Vanderbilt. We beat them earlier in Rupp Arena 69-54, but their gym is a weird one. The bench is UNDER the basket, so it's hard to hear. Vandy has lost only once at home this season, with 12 wins, including Alabama, the other SEC stronghold. Should be tough.

It's Super Bowl Sunday time again. After a long off week, we have a batch of storylines: Eagles WR Freddie Mitchell's antics and comments of the Patriots and ESPN, Tom Brady's grandmother passing away, and of course, TO's condition. Hopefully, the game will be good. As I said, the Patriots are favored, but I want the Eagles to win and I'll pick them.

In San Andreas, I finally got a pilot's license, but Toreno hasn't called me. I did have more lessons, so maybe I have to finish them. Looks like I finally can fly the Dodo, maybe I should try to do it in GTA3 sometime. I beat all the levels in WarioWare, just going back and playing the minigames and grids and stuff. My overall high of levels is 60, on G-Volt's Nintendo microgames.

Well, my birthday is 2 weeks from tomorrow, so that Saturday before, my family and I will probably go to a mall so I can pick up some games for my birthday. I still have Christmas money, so I should be able to get some good ones. My main ones are Resident Evil 4, Mecernaries, Katamari Damacy (if I can find it, Snake Eater of course and maybe Ratchet 3 or Jak 3 or Prince of Persia 2, then there's the DS. I'll probably get the console games, and leave the PSP and DS for later.