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Best in the Big East


That's right, just like it says above, Louisville Cardinals are regular season and won the Big East tournament which gave them the overall #1 seed in the upcoming NCAA Basketball Tournament. They beat Syracuse in the Big East tournament final 76-66 to capture their first Big East title, and with this the Cardinals are looking strong to capture their 3rd NCAA championship. All the best of luck to them.

2008 MLB All-Star game

First built in 1923, Yankee Stadium has held many memories including the 26 World Series Champions, papal masses, other religious rallies and entertaining matches. This being the last year for the house that Ruth built, it made sense for the house to host the All-Star game before the walls came down.

The ceremony began with the naming of the American and National league rosters, and as well as a tribute to the many hall of famers including: Ozzie Smith, Hank Aaron, etc.

The Starting pitchers for the game were as posted: Pitching for the American League was Cliff Lee (Indians) and for the National league Ben Sheets (Brewers).

Throughout the first few innings of the game, it seemed to progress as each batter just swung and really nobody made an effort to bring in a run. It wasn't until later in the game when for the National league, Rockies outfielder Matt Holliday hit a Homerun off Angels pitcher Ervin Santana to put the NL up 1-0. The National league would add another run on an Adrian G. (Padres) rbi to put them up 2-0.

In the bottom of the 7th, Reds pitcher E.Volquez pitched to Red Sox outfielder J.D Drew who hit a two run Homerun to tie the game at 2-2.

After that, the really game began with the American league giving up another run on an error when Red Sox closer Jonathan .P and the defense allowed the National League to take the lead at 3-2. In the bottom of the same 8th inning, the AL would come back when Mets pitcher Billy Wagner allowed a hit to Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore. Sizemore would then steal second base, and thanks to Rays 3rd baseman E.Longoria who hit a double bringing in Sizemore and tying the game at 3-3.

The game eventually went into extra innings, and everybody did all that they could to win the game. Yankees closer M.Rivera did all that he could to keep the game going, and thanks to him the AL was still alive. The star of the extra innings game had to be both bullpens and defense for the American and National league. During this time we saw three errors from Marlins 2nd baseman Dan Uggla. A great assist from Pirates OF Nate McLouth to home plate to prevent the AL from winning the game. During this time we also saw both teams load the bases, but could not bring anybody home due to the excellent defense from both teams. Towards the 14th inning of the game, the AL had no more bench players and were left with only Rays pitcher S.Kazmir in the pen. Meanwhile the NL had used the majority of their bench players and were left with Phillies closer Brad Lidge.

It was finally in the bottom of the 15th when the AL would put this game away. They would face Brad Lidge, and it began with a single from Twins 1B Justin Morneau, another from Rays catcher D.Navarro, and a walk to J.D Drew. With the bases loaded Rangers shortstop Micheal Young hit a sac fly to right. Brewers OF Corey Hart threw to home plate while Morneau was tagging and just by a hair... the AL had finally won and everyone could go to sleep.

A big congrats to Boston Red Sox outfielder J.D Drew who won the MVP for the All-Star game. He went 2-4 with the 2 run HR that got the AL hitting. He also had a stolen base.

All I can say is what an all-star game and for me even as a Sox fan, it's going to be difficult to see Yankee Stadium be teared down, so I'll let this sign say it all: :)

Into the Wild

The book, "Into the Wild" tells the story of a young man named Christohper McCandless who ventures off into the wild after graduating from college. The reason why he decides to abandon life and explore the pacific northwest, mostly Alaska is that he becomes sick of society and what it has to offer. He believes he can solve all of his life problems and conflicts if he just goes off to explore the wild. Sadly while on his exploration he perished in a bus that he called "magic bus" where moose hunters discovered his dead body, and test results found that he had died of poisonous plants in 1992.

After his exploration, a book was later published titled "Into the Wild" by John Krakauer.

But I'm here to discuss the movie that was released in September. It is directed by Sean Penn who was able to turn the book into an exciting film which tells the story of Chris' journey from the East Coast to Alaska and the many people and events he runs into . When I saw this film, I knew what to expect after reading the book in high school, but while watching the film I was blown away with first the soundtrack, which might I add is addicting for me so far. The film is backed up with Pearl Jam's front man Eddie Vedder who provides songs that match the music to the feeling of McCandless in the film. The cast of this film was well put together with Emile Hirsch playing McCandless, Marcia Gay Harden and William Hurt playing his parents, Vince Vaughn playing the grain elevator boss Wayne Westerberg, and veteran Hal Holbrook playing Ron Franz. As for my review for this film, I strongly recommend this movie for anyone who read the book, and for those who have not, it dosen't hurt to watch unless you are a sensitive person who can not handle death or the cutting up of an animal. Returning back to the soundtrack, the music of Vedder indeed keeps you part of the film, and especially now since he won a Golden Globe award for the song "Guarenteed" in the film. After all that it does indeed deserve all of the Oscar buzz, (even though it might not win best picture) it is an emotional movie that will have you thinking about Mccandless and what he decided to do with his life after college.

Review: 10 out of 10

08 BCS: Ohio State vs LSU

After weeks leading up to the BCS final championship, where there was much debate about who really should have been #1. There was argue for USC after their dominating performance at the Rose Bowl, and Georgia defeating undefeated Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl, but it would be #1 Ohio Sate battling against the only two loss team in the BCS final, LSU.

The Bowl Championship was held at a neutral venue which was the Louisiana Superdome, but in fact felt more like a home game for LSU due to the fact of thousands of fans dressed in yellow and purple. For Ohio State it was like deja'vu all over again with the team from Ohio playing another SEC team in the final. Last year Ohio lost to Florida, so this was the year they were looking for improvement.

Just like last year's Bowl game, Ohio State jumped out to an early lead over LSU with a field goal kick, and then after a failed LSU drive, Ohio's quarterback, Boeckman threw a 44 yard touchdown pass to Brandon Saine putting the Buckeyes up 10-0. LSU was now down 10 points, but for a team that lost two games in triple overtime, this was a little problem for them and LSU got into the game with a field goal. After the 10-0 lead, Ohio State had difficulty driving the ball into the endzone, and with the many penalties that the defense committed, LSU took advantage with their quarterback Matt Flynn finding an open Dickerson to tie the game at 10-10. On the next play when Ohio State managed to get into field goal range, LSU defense was able to block the kick to keep the game tied. With Ohio State struggling, LSU set up another touchdown drive with a touchdown pass from Flynn to Brandon LaFell after a suscessful running drive by Trindon Holliday to put LSU up 17-10.

LSU continued the punishment with an interception by cornerback Chevis Jackson, and the Tigers would use that advantage to move the score up to 24-10. As Ohio State continue to look just like last year's team against Florida, it only became worse when Flynn threw another touchdown to make the score 31-10. Ohio State did manage to score to bring the score to 31-17, but once LSU had the ball again they put the nail in the coffin with another touchdown to make it 38-17. Ohio State had nothing left but to score another touchdown to bring the final to 38-24, but it was not the game they wanted. Instead they relived lat year's final and for many fans there is re-thinking about Ohio State really being #1 when they make it to final and the idea of a "final four" for college football. But for the winner a big congratulations to Les Miles, and the LSU Tigers. A Note: Ohio State is now 0-9 against SEC team in the BCS.

First post of 08, and a Happy New Year to all.

Saying goodbye to iliaste

If you did'nt know, fellow gamespot member, iliaste has been very occupied with many things, and in a way has left gamespot. In a way this is a tribute to him, and what he has done on gamespot.

Iliaste was a guy who always welcomed you with "open arms" on gamespot. He was the guy that would always leave a comment on your blog, game review, video post, etc. He truly was a friendly gamespot member. If you did'nt know, he was/ and will always be a member of the Soccer Addict Union. That's where I first met the guy, and the rest is history. The guy loved football and was a proud supporter of Greek football, and his club Panathinaikos. On the soccer addict union, he was always there to report on news about the club, and football in Greece, plus other news in the football world, as you may have seen with the many football videos on his profile.

Other things about illa. is that he is a die hard Iron Maiden fan, and was the leader of the Hellas Union. Not to forget that he is  a hard core gamer with a huge collection full of old school and xbox 360 games. So here's to you iliaste, hoping that you don't forget about us, and that you won't be forgotten. Take Care man.


New year, new level

Well after being on gamespot for almost three years, the time has finally arrived. Not only is it the year 2007, but I have a new level to go with it, and it's been the one I've been waiting for ever since I've joined gamespot: Level 32 Snake-Eater. There's just something about being level 32 that rocks, Maybe because of the cool name that it is, Snake Eater. Of course many of you will know it from Metal Gear Solid, but no matter what this level is awesome, and what better way to kick off a new year with my favorite level.

Seasons Greetings


Well, hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday. I hope everyone got what they wanted from Santa. Unlike many others, there was no Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii under my tree, just the most Madden 07, candy, and red sox items. During this holiday week I also picked up one of my other Christmas presents which was Jackass number 2 on dvd, (absolutely hillarious.) My friend also came over and introduced me to the world of Guitar Hero 2 which was not that bad at all. So to all of you enjoy the rest of 2006, and here's to the year 2007.



Cannavaro wins Player of the year

Italian and Real Madrid defender Fabio Cannavaro won this year's European Footballer of the year. This year means a lot because a defender won the award. usually the award is given to strikers and midfielders, but this year Cannavaro came out on top with a total of 173 votes. Trailing behind him was fellow Italian G.Buffon, and in third came French striker T.Henry. Last year's winner Ronaldinho came in fourth. Once Fabio Cannavaro won the award, the first thing he plans on doing with it is taking it to Naples where the town holds a special place in his heart. A big part of his success included winning the World Cup this past summer with Italy. Not only was he part of the Azzuri winning the cup, but as well as the Juventus scandal that rocked the Serie A.; thus causing him to leave Turin and join Madrid. No matter what, he does indeed deserve to win this year for all of the hard work and drama he has gone through. It is very nice to see the award given out to an Italian and someone who has made a great impact on the football world.

Senior Quote

So, as a senior in high school, one thing that all seniors must do is chose a quote that was said by someone, and that quote is placed next to the picture of the senior.

The person who I decide to quote is New Orelans running back Reggie Bush. Here's the quote.

"At the end of the day, when it's all said and done, what everybody will see is that we did nothing, absolutely nothing wrong."

So, what do you think?

Stratus-Faction to an end

Did'nt it seem just yesterday that Trish Stratus was making her debut back in 2000 at Sunday Night Heat in the pink hat, and beautiful zebra outfit. While nobody was paying attention to the match with T&A in it, and looking at Trish, at that moment Stratus-Faction was born. Trish made her debut quickly in the wwe joining T&A and helping them during the time with the Dudley Boys, Hardy Boys, and Edge &Christian. It soon would'nt take her long to break away from T&A and evolve into the beautiful independent diva we know today. During the year 2001, it was full of Trish being played by the Mcmahons and the invasion of WCW/Ecw, but that did not stop here from her winning the WWE Woman's title for the first time at Survivor Series in a six woman challenge. A significant event in her carreer was winning the Harcore Title in May of 2002, but holding it for only a few minutes. As the years progressed on, Trish proved herself to be a dominat diva, and a leader in the woman's locker room by winning many matches, recieving respect from many fellow divas and winning the title at almost every chance she had. In 2001, she became the first winner of the Babe of the Year and kept that title till 2004 when Stacy Keibler took it from her. Over the past six years in her carreer she has fueds with Lita, Gail Kim, Ivory, Stephanie Mcmahon, and many more. Not only did she perform beautifuly in the ring, but she graced many of the wwe magazine covers, and diva magazines. But after sepnding 10 years on the road, and six years in the wwe, Trish decided in late August to retire after Unforgiven. Her last television match was on Sept. 11th, 06 against Mickie James who admired Trish so much. She would win that match, and would face her biggest rival Lita at Unforgiven in her hometown of Toronto. Trish would defeat Lita with a sharpshooter, and would win the woman's title for her seventh, and last time. Now that Trish is leaving, she plans on getting married at the end of this month, and now that she has retired who knwos what will happen with woman's title. Just have to wait and see. Until then enjoy this gallery of Trish over the years, and after six years I am a Stratusfied customer, no doubt.

2000- 2005



Unforgiven 2006 (Last Match)


Seven never looked so sexy. Thank You Trish.

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