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I would pay for my Union to get better features.... not that much though ;)_Sam_

I wouldn't pay.. But I would upgrade my account to total access if it was necessary.
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One question.  Roughly how long would this take to do if gamespot actually decided to do ALL of this?
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I support this..  This is one of the best ideas ever! 
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I think you have an idea of what the movie means, but not quite hitting the spot. Unlike the video in KH1, everthing in KH2 is symbolic instead of narrative. Yup, it's time for the Jenuma Report 1. No, I'm serious.

Chasers -  The 4 who created the keyblade. 3 of them appear as knights. The 4th is Xehanort, who may or may not be the shadow figure in the dust.

Memory Of Xehanort - Probably referring to Zexion's memory of the Superior, the fuel for his anger.

The Lost Two - Unconfirmed.

Keyblade War - At first, the chasers did not create the keyblade so that it would choose it's weilder. Because anyone could weild it, a war had begun. Everyone in the Keyblade war died, but Xehanort. After the war, those who had died were buried underground, with their distinctive keyblade as their gravestone.

The graves were made in a pattern around an "X" like crossroad. Light, Dark, Twilight, and Emptiness are represented by the 4 Chasers and by the 4 roads they were on(the 4 legs of the "X"). Even further, the keyblades they weilded stood for the realms.

The Kingdom Key is the Keychain of Light.

The Kingdom Key+ is the Keychain of Twilight.

The Way To The Dawn is the Keychain of Dark.

The 4th keychain belongs to Xehanort and represents Emtpiness. Twilight and Emptiness are the realms between Light and Dark, but have their slight differences. Twilight is the realm closer to the Light Realm(Twilight Town, Traverse Town, Destiny Islands), while Emptiness is closer to the Dark Realm(The Dark City, The Castle That Never Was, The Space That Never Was, Castle Oblivion).




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I have a question. When I buy my PS3 and open the box will it have a wireless controller or just a normal one?
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NOTHING has been released yet and i know this is like a year old but im bored

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