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New Sigs

Yeah so summer just started soo even though i don't wanna i know im gonna start getting active on here again.. so I made these sigs and i haven't done that since last summer so im a bit rusty but w/e.




and one of me cuz im just that cool?



Level 20

And theres no way in hell I will ever get past it so yeah. things have been goin good for me. I guess. Don't really go on here that much at all anymore but w/e.


Back **** YEA OMG!#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

got my wow back my css everything I'm sooooo psyched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

News news and more news... kinda

Well I'm not gonna be on at all this weekend.  My dads coming up (finally).  Umm my union just recently got the battalion emblem.. o check out this new sig some of you have already seen it but tell me what you guys think.

In other news you people should check out this site.  Its the best image uploader ever! The forums are pretty cool too.  Theres tons of different features. So you need to check it out lol.  o I don't really know how it happened I must have just got lucky but I'm a mod over there too.

Thats about it... cya.

Meh... new stuff

Well.. I finally got to level 13.. umm unions are going good.. and I read something from a dumb M$ fanboy today and I got mad so I decided to make something to make me feel better    yup that will show him.... O and I the fair starts tomarrow so I won't be on that much

New Banner!

Well I haven't had a new banner in a while so I asked someone to make me one and someone made me one lol.   Thanks Mot_bot I like it.

WOW! third row...

Yup I have gotten to the third row for the emblems... the only emblem I'm trying to get now is the Artistic Genious emblem. Then I'm done till E3. So yea thats about it lol.  Worst blog post ever..
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