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Shooting In Montreal

I'm sure that I'm not alone in the desire to play video games. I'm sure that I'm not alone in the desire to play violent video games. I'm sure that I'm not alone in the lack of desire to kill innocent people because I play violent video games. Now, I am not saying that there was nothing wrong with the individual who committed the atrocities at Dawson College. Clearly, there was a problem with his mind, but just because there was an instability does not mean that violent video games set him off on a killing spree. I have played countless hours of video games that have been rated Mature, and yet I have never killed anyone. This is due to the moral code that I follow. If I did not have any problem with killing people, I doubt that playing a game would suddenly cause me to go out and do it. There have been many times where I was extremely angry with someone, but I never considered shooting innocent people to settle my rage. I have been playing violent video games since I was in middle school, but my parents had decided I was mature enough to handle the content in them. My father and I used to play games side by side on the Nintendo 64. I remember watching him play Wolfenstein on the PC. Violence has become integrated into American (and possibly Canadian) culture, but it is not everyone who is going out and killing. As others have said, this individual played violent video games, but he probably also drank water, so does that mean everyone who drinks water might go out and shoot someone? I think that people such as Jack Thompson are so caught up in themselves and their plans to gain fame that they do not realize when their argument has fallen to shambles. This man was not heavily influenced by video games. Rather he was a disturbed individual with legal access to guns and committed a terrible crime and a tragedy. While it is indeed sorrowful, it is not right to blame this entirely on the gaming industry. There are millions of people playing violent video games across the country, but there are not millions of people preparing to kill innocents.

According to the Associated Press video on the Toronto Star website ( Videos/060915_vampire_blog.html), the man's last web posting, hours before the shooting, was that he was "drinking whiskey and that his mood the night before was postal." The reporter then went on to describe an interview with a pyschiatrist. Stephen Dinwiddie, MD stated in the course of the video interview that "there is no good evidence that is really convincing suggesting that there's a straight road from violent games to violent imagery to violent acts."

If any more proof against the failing arguments of Mr. Thompson were needed, then this surely will help. Not only do many gamers feel that video games do not unduly effect them, a pyschiatrist has determined that games were not responsible for his acts. It is time men and women took responsibility for their actions and stopped blaming something else for what they chose to do.