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Job Interview Today

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This morning here I have a job interview at 9:00. I've been working part-time at Switchboard since the middle of December, but I've been keeping an eye open on what else might be opening up. I put a job bid in for down at the Center for Behavioral Health as a receptionist/secretary. It's not the most glamorous of jobs, but it's full-time. Hours should be 8:30 to 5:00, five days a week with no weekends. Which is a far cry from what I'm doing now, where this week I might work all three shifts for a total of five days, and then next week have my minimum of two days.

I have mixed feelings about it. For a while, I didn't bother looking for another job, because I felt I owed it to Switchboard to not leave while I worked off some of the time they had invested in training me. However, after seven months, I want out. The job isn't all bad. On third shift, I used to read about 400 or 500 pages in a book a night, and still getting my work done. I'm just tired of the people I have to talk to. The patients and family members, while extremely frustrating, I can handle for hte most part. I understand that they have a lot of stress. However, when there are certain doctors that treat the dirt they walk on better than me, I have issues with that. If I were to talk to the doctors the way they talk to me, I would be out of a job posthaste.

I've had the interview set up for almost a week now, and I'm really hoping that I get it. I want out of my current job extremely bad. I hate the thought of going to work with every fiber of my being some days. Today isn't as bad, because I'm working down in the mailroom instead of at the switchboard. Working in the mailroom is a bit tough due to the rapid pace at times, but it's much more laid-back, and I can talk to employees when they come in to pick up or drop off mail.

Anyway, time to get showered and dressed. Wish me luck!!