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Wow. It's been way over a year since I've posted a blog on here or anywhere else. For the past year or so, I've been in a very difficult place, emotionally and mentally. I've been under a lot of stress primarily due to bills.

That, and I've been struggling with depression off and on for about eight years now. It made college extremely difficult, and it's part of the reason why I'm stuck in a menial job. I don't have the ambition to really get out there and look to see what is available in a near radius. That's the other thing. I'm stuck living at home for now, because I honestly cannot afford to live on my own with my student loans and car payment/insurance. Honestly, some months I can't even afford groceries. Which makes me more depressed and even less productive.

I'm trying to make some personal changes to make me a better person, but that stuff is difficult as well. As you can likely tell from this blog, I complain a lot. Some of it is valid as things are fairly difficult at this point, but I don't need to be constantly telling other people about it. We all have our own challenges in our lives, and no one likes someone that just complains all the time.

Through no interest deals, I have managed to swing a new PC, which is awesome. Thank you NewEgg for one year no interest on payments. I've been picking up games for cheap for a while, but I do need to stop. I think that I get more enjoyment out of buying the games than I do playing them. I like the idea of building my collection.

My job is off and on with being miserable, though some days I really enjoy it. I'm a "Housekeeping Porter" at my local hospital. Which means I do function set-ups, collect trash, scrub floors, move office equipment, deliver linens and all kinds of other details like those. It's not a bad job, and it pays around $11 an hour, which is pretty good for my area. However, the supervisor makes the job miserable. She doesn't listen to us and treats us like morons. And then she wonders why we don't give the job 100%.

I'm trying to find other jobs, but there just aren't many out there. And it's not like my college majors really lend themselves to lucrative job areas.

Anyway, enough complaining for now. I'm going to try doing more of these blogs, if for no one other than myself to let off some steam. I'm headed outside since it's nice out. I'm going to tear apart scrap metal to take to the junk yard to suppliment my income.

Peace out.