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My Top 10 Spookiest Villains

Gamespot wanted users to blog about their Top 10 Spookiest Villains and I thought it would be fun to participate. For this entry, I assume "spooky" means "eerie" or "scary" rather than being "ghost-like," as in a "spook." Also, since I'm more of a fan of retro games you'll see this influence in my picks. Here is my list: Edit: Using spoiler tag to clean up my blog a bit... [spoiler] 10. Joker  Joker is not known for his brute strength or power but is known for his evil plot schemes and are often acts of terrorism. He does all this while smiling and laughing at his victims expense, instilling fear in whoever opposes him. In a word, that's just "creepy." 9. Red Falcon  Red Falcon is that evil alien presence from the Contra series that wants to conquer the earth. Red Falcon's form tends to change between Contra games, continuing to become more and more disgusting as the series progresses. In terms of pure ugliness, Red Falcon is near the top, especially since its design is inspired from the Alien movie series. 8. Diablo  Although the king of the underworld, Diablo, is trapped within a soulstone, when he rises, he brings forth all the forces of hell out against the world. Despite being beaten several times, he somehow always finds a way to be reborn and wreck havoc on the earth. 7. M. Bison  Bison is a villain who wants pure, absolute power, no matter what the cost. He has recruited powerful allies for his crime organization, Shadaloo, and they work to terrorize the world. Bison is selfish with his power however and as such, anything Shadaloo does is to directly benefit Bison himself. His henchmen are only a means to an end to accomplish his evil goals. 6. GlaDOS  Even thought GlaDOS is a computer AI, her sarcastic communication with her test subjects is truly cruel and inhumane. She could care less about the life of her test subjects as they are just data points for her. 5. Dr. Wily  Dr. Wily might not be as creepy as other villains but somehow he finds a way to escape prison and build new powerful robots in his scheme to take over the world. You would think after a few escapes that he would be imprisoned in a way so he couldn't escape, but he is such an evil genius that he finds new ways to enact his evil plans. That is definitely worth something... 4. Bowser  Bowser wants to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, marry Princess Peach, and ultimately become king over all the land. Bowser's obsession with kidnapping Peach in an effort to marry her is quite disturbing if you think about it. You would think after all the times Mario has thwarted his plans that he would forget about Peach and just concentrate on conquering the land. But no, Bowser continues to find a way to steal away the Princess in his creepy attempt to rule the kingdom. Worse than a stalker? Without question, yes! 3. Mother Brain  Mother Brain takes "evil mastermind" to a whole new level by literally being the "evil brains" behind the Space Pirates. What is more creepy than living brains in a jar that wants to take over the universe! 2. Ganon  Ganon is the being created when a pure evil heart makes his wishes known to the Triforce. Truly a creature to be feared as a being of absolute evil and can only be sealed away by someone with a pure, good heart. Unchallenged, Ganon will transform the entire world into his evil vision. 1. Dracula  Dracula from the Castlevania series has to be the king of all things spooky. Despite every attempt to try to kill Dracula, he always finds a way to come back, bringing with him horrible monsters to do his bidding. Dracula is the king because he simply out-lasts and out-creeps the villain competition! [/spoiler]

Tribute to Sophia

I heard that Sophia is leaving Gamespot so I thought I would put together a little tribute to her and her dog. If you've read her blog, you know she has this funny obsession of putting things on her dog's head! You can see the little slide show I've put together below. Anyway, here's to Sophia and her new job, whatever it may be! Edit: Slide show after the spoiler tag... [spoiler]  [/spoiler]

My JRPG - Sky Pirates RPG!

In honor of "talk like a pirate day," I thought a good JRPG would be to mix Sid Meier's Pirates with RPG elements - thus a game called Sky Pirates RPG. The only exception is that you're sailing in "air ships" rather than ships on the high seas. More continued below... Edit: Using spoiler tag to clean up my blog a bit... [spoiler] Below is an image that could be used as concept art (cover art) for the game:  The characters of the game would consist of you playing the captain, your first mate, your love interest, and any of the shipmates you have on the ship (your shipmates will have different abilities so you can choose one based on the situation in the game). As the captain, your task is to go from floating city to floating city looking for work and tips on a treasure called the Golden Saber, a mystical sword thought to give its owner great power, enough to control the fate of the world. As you begin your quest, you can decide what kind of jobs to take. You start out with weak stats (LVL 1 = 30 HP, 10 STRENGTH, 10 MAGIC - each stat can go to 1000) so you need to start off with easy jobs in the beginning. For example, you can start off by being a merchant by taking goods from one city to another. As you level up, you can take on jobs to hunt down pirates that have stolen goods from other merchants. Eventually, you could even decide to become a pirate yourself by attacking and looting other vessels. Your choices not only decide who your friends and enemies are but also can influence the ending of the game (more on this in a bit). How you play is completely up to you but the main story is about finding the Golden Saber. Now, all throughout the game, you are fighting random enemies in the traditional turn-based fighting system as seen in games like the original Final Fantasy games. Not only will you fight other pirates but mystical beats such as wyverns and dragons. In fact, at one point in your quest, you will be seeking the advice of an old hermit who is said to know the location of the Golden Saber. However, the hermit is said to live upon a vast floating mountain, guarded by a dragon known as the "Green Fang" (boss character). Many people have tried to best this dragon but none have returned to tell the tale. This dragon is fierce and will require you to have spent some time leveling up your characters before you can defeat it (yes, that means grinding for levels!). Anyway, based on your "alignment" through the game (are you good or bad?), the game will eventually lead you to the Golden Saber. Based on your previous decisions, the game will either end in you becoming a "privateer for peace" bringing your world into a new age of prosperity or as an evil king who has taken over the world. I think it would make a great game and could be on modern systems such as the PS3, XBOX 360, and WiiU. [/spoiler]

Vote for the true Underdog, Dog!

As you may be aware, Gamespot is currently hosting the All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick Challenge! One of the battle's is between Chrono Trigger's Frog vs. Fable's Dog. With all the Chrono Trigger fans out there (and believe me, I am one), Dog is truly an underdog in this competition! Keep in mind, this is a competition about characters, not games and Dog is completely loyal no matter the circumstance. Dog will never ask questions and always be loyal to his master's commands! Click here to vote for the Underdog, Dog! You know you want to! Who can deny that cute dog below!

Vote for Dog!

I created a "Campaign Kit" for Dog from the Fable series for Gamespot's All Time Greatest Game Sidekick Challenge! You can see the kit by clicking on the "spoiler" link below. I believe Dog has a good chance to beat Frog in the first round! Go Dog! Reason to vote for Dog: Dog is totally loyal until the end, sticking with your Fable character in both bad and good times, never asking questions and always following your commands! In addition, the emotional attachment between your Fable character and Dog cannot be denied! [spoiler] Avatar:  Banner:  Signature:  [/spoiler]

Ornament Scavenger Hunt

EDIT: Put answers in a spoiler tag to "clean up" the blog a bit. [spoiler]

CLUE 1: Van Nguyen

CLUE 2: Jody Robinson

CLUE 3: Guy Cocker

CLUE 4: Matthew Gravish

CLUE 5: Chris Watters

CLUE 6: Kevin Vanord

CLUE 7: Aaron Sampson

CLUE 8: Alex Sassoon

CLUE 9: Wernher Goff

CLUE 10: Jan Heir

CLUE 11: Randolph Ramsey

CLUE 12: Andrew Park

CLUE 13: Mark Walton

CLUE 14: Justin Calvert

CLUE 15: Sophia Tong

CLUE 16: Kurtis Seid

CLUE 17: Giancarlo Varanini

CLUE 18: Justin Porter

CLUE 19: Ryan MacDonald

CLUE 20: Tyler Winegarner

CLUE 21: Maxwell Mcgee

CLUE 22: James Kozanecki

CLUE 23: Frank Adams

CLUE 24: Sarju Shah

CLUE 25: Shaun Mcinnis

CLUE 26: Ricardo Torres

CLUE 27: Tom Magrino

CLUE 28: Dan Chiappini

CLUE 29: Homer Rabara

CLUE 30: Takeshi Hiraoka

CLUE 31: Tor Thorsen

CLUE 32: Jim Maybury

CLUE 33: Carolyn Petit

CLUE 34: Tom Mcshea

CLUE 35: Dan Mihoerck

CLUE 36: Jane Douglas

CLUE 37: Brendan Sinclair

CLUE 38: Laura Parker


Jeff Gerstmann on Tekzilla tomorrow

From Jeff Gerstmann's myspace page he will be making an appearance on Tekzilla tomorrow. From his website: "I shot a segment with Neha Tiwari for Tekzilla, a weekly online tech show that puts out an episode every Friday. I'll be on this Friday's show talking about things relating to video games. Learn more at" If you want to see Jeff tomorrow, go check it out! It's good to know Jeff is doing well despite all the craziness. Cheers Jeff!

Thank you letter to Gamespot

Here is the letter I wrote to Gamespot: Hi Gamespot. I know you've probably been flooded with email and phone calls the last week due to the situation with Jeff Gerstmann. I just wanted to send in my regards and say I'm terribly sorry to see all the craziness that has gone on over the last week. I realize this is a lot harder on the staff, editors, and all the other hard workers at Gamespot than it is on the community. Not only was he a stand out editor who led by example but was a close friend and family member Gamespot. I just want to let you know that the community has got your back and we'll support the Gamespot staff through this. Thanks for being "real" on the Hotspot yesterday and expressing your thoughts and feelings with the community. This is one of the reasons why Gamespot has been so great, we feel we're apart of the family as well. I wish all the staff at Gamespot the best and I know you'll get through this. The staff at Gamespot is the best I've seen for any website on the net and there are many wonderful people who still work there. Never forget your roots and continue to honor the legacy and vision that Greg Kasavin and Jeff Gerstmann had for Gamespot. Thanks for your continued integrity and I look forward to Jeff's tribute on On The Spot tomorrow. Cheers! EDIT: I've edited this blog since we should be supportive of the Gamespot staff. It's time to be positive and encourage the staff. :) EDIT 2: My apologies to JaMeS4418, Cooldude224 and other readers as this post completely changed. I'm still mad at CNET as this was their fault to begin with. I changed the post mostly because I was sick of all the negativity I was seeing. Considering the emotions I just saw from the On the Spot show (just aired), I stand firm that we should back the staff during this hard time.

Happy 10th Anniversary Mars Pathfinder!

In addition to the Fourth of July celebration that we have here in America (ya fireworks!), we can also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Pathfinder landing on Mars (July 4th, 1997). Truthfully, it's hard to believe 10 years have already passed! It really seems like just a little while ago the entire world was watching and wondering if this mission would be a success. But, despite so many unknowns, the team of scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory were not only successful in landing Pathfinder, but the little rover, Sojourner, also made it to Mars intact. And of course, the rest is history...
There is a tribute to the 10th anniversary on JPL's Mars Exploration website. If you're like me though and want to relive history again, the original Pathfinder website is *still* on the internet! The original webpage is here and it certainly brings back memories. In fact, I know that July 4, 1997 will be a day I will never forget. Any of you still remember the day Pathfinder landed on Mars?