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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! *screams like maniac* Oh god! This is like, the best thing ever!!! Look at (part of) my haul! OMG!

Am I dreaming?

OMG I have to be! BOXED NINTENDO 64!!!

Look at all those games!!! Most of them have the enclosed instruction booklet!!!

And pretty much all the boxed ones contain an enclosed instruction book! (lol Hotel Mario reference). If you can't see the unboxed ones, its Crusing USA, Super Mario 64, and Goldeneye!!! Plus I got an extra controller so:

It's a controller!!!

OMG! But if that isn't the awesomest thing, this is!

It's Hoshi No Kaabii!!!

My bro (he's like 10 years older than me and my half brother, actually. I'm an only child) got me Kirby's adventure, and then the Kirby is actually Hoshi no Kaabii and its from Japan. (he didn't get that though.)

Plus I got:

Spore and a guide to it! (I got two copies of Spore, actually. Anybody want it?)

The complete, hardcover boxed set of Twilight! Wow!

Animal Crossing City Folk!

And other things that actually don't matter as much as Nintendo! So I'm not going to be on the computer much today because of this! this'll be a goodbye for a couple a days (maybe)! I'm going into my gaming room!!! :P

See you later!!! :D

Might as well not break the trend of today... MERRY WHATEVER YOU DO!

Yup, it's a very Merry Whateveryoucelebrate around now! And seeing as others are doing this, I guess I should now as well. I celebrate Christmas you know, though, so yeah, Merry Christmas from out here in the middle of Arizona! Ah, the 70/45 degree weather here is so great! :P No snow, no school, no spills, no mess! Wait, about that last part...

Well then, I hope you have a good ol' holiday... thingy... and whatnot! I'm going to post something tomorrow, but so is... pretty much everyone... so I'll fill you in on if my hopes for a N64 come true! (I gots no stinkin' wi-fi, so no downloading anything. I have to buy the actual console... 0.0) Ah well, I don't really have a chance, but maybe, if that fat guy in that suit goes on ebay or something, I might be lucky! Yes, the fat guy in the suit. He goes by many names. But I'll just call him... fat guy in suit! Yup, I'm not exactly in the creative mood right now. :P

Ok, well, Merry Whateveryoucelebrate! See you tomorrow, and have a good one! :lol: :D


ps: isn't my new Avy great? :P

I really scored today! + I made a claymation!!! :D

Oh yeah, I scored!!! What did I get? Stuff that rocks!:

OMG, Pez Thingys!!!

Wow! I got these things today! But they look so old. I mean, look at Link and Mario. Link is the one from Ocarina of Time. And the Mario is from Super Mario 64 :P But how cool are those? :D Oh, and look at this!

OMG Mario Kart!

They had two designs, but I prefered this one. The other was a red background of the Mario Kart DS menu you get after winning all the cups (Mario sitting in the cart all laid back :P). Oh, but I'm not done yet!

It's a Gameboy Advance!

Gummy Nintendo candies... mmm... Among those is Mario, Wario, Yoshi, Toad, and DK :D But even cooler....


It has gummy candies including Mario, Wario, DK, Peach, Yoshi, and a mushroom :P All that and if you press the button it plays some kind of song (its really weird) and has Mario say "Yahoo!" and "Here we go!" which actually sounded kind of creepy :lol: Plus the Gamecube insignia flashes red.

Oh yes. I forgot to mention another adventure I had at the mall (yes, I have a life you know :P). They had a bunch of screens set up with Wii games to play! So I played a couple rounds of We Ski, and failed miserably :P But afterwards the dude said, "Do you want some socks." I was like, "What?" and he handed me a pair of these!!!

Wii Fit Socks!!!

Made in China.

Everything's made in China. From socks to china. :P

But anyway, that's all I got today! Oh, before I forget, I made this awesome claymation a little while ago! It's called Lightyear vs Mushroom: The Ultimate Battle (Claymation)!!! Read the description for more! :D

lol yeah, the Meta Knight is the same one as the one I showed you three blogs ago :P

Hope you enjoy it!

This blog was produced in the USA. However, the writer ate chinese food recently. Does that make a difference? Oh, and they also ate some Canadian bacon, which suspiciously smelled (and looked) like ham. Don't forget that Turkey and speghetti. And something else. Plus some kind of English food. And shaved ice.

Laptop made by Microsoft :P

I crack myself up, do I not? XD

My adventures in Animal Crossing Wild World...

I've been playing Animal Crossing: Wild World for a while (like 2 weeks or somethin'). I've been wanting to post a blog, but I hadn't got around to it yet... I think my life on Gamespot is slowly coming to an end... As in I won't be on as much... Don't freak people, I'd never leave ;) ...Maybe... I don't know! Don't believe me!!!

Anyway... So yeah, back to Animal Crossing! Today is a terrible day in my little town. For starters, there are weeds everywhere. Second, I had 3 cockroaches in my home! And to top it all off... well, I can't think of anything, but you get it, it's BAD! Why? Well it all started yesterday at 11:58 at night--


I was just finishing up listening to K.K. Slider play K.K. Marathon. When he was done, the clock had chimed and it was 12:02 or something. I checked a fossil with the owl dude... I know his name, I'm just too lazy to check my thoughts or whatever. Oh yes, Blathers, I believe. When I exited, I decided, 'WTH, I'll switch the date back to sometime in April, and then I can see what the town looks like when it isn't snowy and stuff!' I mean, the town looks like crap in the winter. (Oh yeah, and I named it Popstar. You can guess why, right? :D Right?!) There's snow everywhere, and if it doesn't snow, the ground is just brown. That's icky and boring and... and... yes, like that. It makes it hard for me to like it XD

So I made the decision that changed my life forever-- or the game forever, or just for a week, or something like that. Just play the dramatic music!


Yes, yes. Very good! Very good! Check out our other wares, hm?-- sorry, curse you Tom Nook! I changed the date to April of 2008, and it was lovely! But I changed the date back to today, and...

*end of FLASHBACK*

Cursed weeds! I'm still pulling them as we speak, or as you read this, or as you listen to your computer read it to you, or as you listen to your computer read to your neighbor's computer who is talking to its calculator. They are everywhere!!! :evil: Oh well, lesson learned. What was it again? Oh yes:

Never Eat Shredded Wheat-- Wrong one...

Do Not Ever Ever Change The Date Into The Past, Then Go To The Future. It Does Not Work Very Well...


Oh, read this comic from Brawl In The Family! 110 - Town Folk

At least there, you don't have to folow the moral of this thingy when it comes to that. :lol: I love Brawl in the Family. Its always fun to read everything and find the little things he puts into them! Thanks person who told me about it! I forgot which blog and user told me, but I'm not going to check. Sorry :P

My top 5 animals in the Crossing favorites (so far):

#5! is:

Savannah!I love Savannah! She is just so cute sometimes. Don't ask why, I have no idea :) But she is so much fun. Savannah was sick last week, and I had to buy her some medicine. But the bad thing was, Tom Nook was updating his store from Nook's Cranny into Nook and Go (I think, is that right?). Grr... Now Camofrog is sick, and I have to buy him medicine... This is not fitting into my budget right now!

#4! is...

Mr RESETTI!!!"Hello. Um... Allow me to introduce myself. The name's Resetti. Mr Resetti." Mr Resetti is so much fun. Of course you are going to purposely reset (turn off the power at least on the DS) just to see him. His monologue is so much fun!!! I mean, who doesn't like to see what he's going to say next?! :P But of course, sometimes I'm compelled to turn off the power again when he doesn't shut up! "I really watched my... language... here today. I'm not usually quite so... you know, so polite."

#3! is...

Tom Nook!Tom Nook! Wait, what? What?!!! How the heck did Nook make it to number 3??? He put me in debt to him for the next 9000 years!!! Curse him! Oh well, he does deserve some kind words... ... for one, he's a place of cold hard bells! Yes, yes! And, he, sells things... that you need... a lot! And he also... um... yeah, we got the idea!!! But talk about space issues. Walk around the store, and you turn... and he's right there!!! Curses! Personal Space please!!!

#2! is...

MABLE!!!Mable!!! I love her because of just how she is. You keep on visiting Able Sisters, and eventually she starts to look forward to you coming! I like hearing what she says each time. Sable tends to annoy me, so that's why only Mable made it. Oh well... But she is so much fun :D

And the best guy ever (in my awesome opinion!) is:

K.K. SLIDER!!!It's K.K.!!! He is the ultimate singer/guitar player, only using three different sounds! :lol: Bee Bo bop bo bop (K.K. Condor, my favorite :D) oh yes, and whistling and howling! His whole vocab! :P If I was ever to sing a song, his are the easiest to learn! Oh, and here is what we will hear when the world ends! (turn your volume down as far as it will go, or else your ears will bleed and somebody will yell at you!) Every song at once!!! OMFG! It made my ears bleed, but then again, I couldn't stop laughing XD...

If you enjoyed this whole thing, then YAY!!!

Honorable mention guy:

Booker!!!Yes! to Booker :D



No, I don't mean that! Don't cry!

I made some awesome stuff (IMO)

Well, hello there! I am Dr. Rabbit, the world's only rabbit dentist! I am about to set off on a-- Oh, sorry guys :P

Today is... What is it, Sunday the something or other? Who cares, really? Anyways, I'm here for another random, nearly pointless blog. I decided to show you all the cool stuff I made yesterday! (well not really) So I was bored and I decided that I would get all the clay I have from before I was obsessed with video games and make something from a video game! Prepare to see the most awesomest thingy eva!!! :lol: Once again, not really...

Behold!!!!!!!!! Teh Meta Knight!:

Ta da!!!

Do you like it? :D Yup, and here's a cool little thing I added in:

No mask!!!

I love him :3

So anyway, that's my little Meta Knight! :D Oh, and this is for those Yoshi fans:

Yay! Legos!

Yay! Legos!

Yes, I have Legos. :P Well, I love mah nintendo stuffs :lol:

Oh! Oh! Don't forget this comic of awesomeness!

lol XD So yeah, I made all the stuffs. If you want to see a little more of the Clay Meta Knight, go to my new Photobucket account, Kaabiichan.

:ʇı op oʇ ǝʇıs sıɥʇ oʇ oƃ ¡ʍʇɟ ɟɟnʇs uʍop ǝpısdn ¡¡¡op uɐɔ ı ʇɐɥʍ ʞooן ¡ooo

¡dןǝɥ ¡uʍop ǝpısdn ןןıʇs ɯ,ı 'dɐɹɔ ɥo ¡ʎɐpoʇ ןןɐ s,ʇɐɥʇ os

(kirby) So you need help?

(link) Golly!

(dedede) What the heck should we do?

˙˙˙ssǝnƃ ı ˙˙˙ʎɐʍ ɹǝɥʇo ǝɥʇ ɹǝʇıuoɯ ɹǝʇndɯoɔ ǝɥʇ uɹnʇ pןnoɔ noʎ 'ןןǝʍ

(zss) You idiot! Then we'll be upside down!

(Mario) Mama Mia!

˙˙˙oıɹɐɯ ǝɯ spuıɯǝɹ ʇɐɥʇ

No! Please don't put that link on your blog!

I now second Mushy's idea. :lol:


˙˙˙ǝɹǝɥ uo ʇı ʇnd oʇ ƃuıoƃ ɯ,ı

Oh GOD! I'm begging you, don't--

¡pıp ʎpɐǝɹןɐ

(snake) You were really wee-tart-did in the 80's.

XD Yeah!

*facepalm, then facedesk*

Well, that's it for this blog! see you later!

Oh yeah, and don't forget to never put Furby in the microwave!!! :lol:

You will love this website!!! :D

Do you love Nintendo's older games (and other older games)? Well you should go to !!! It has tons of awesome old games! The whole list of all the games they have is here: ! It's free and you don't have to download anything! You can play Kirby's Adventure, Mario is Missing, some Japanese games like All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros, Pokemon Red/blue/gold/silver, and dozens more awesome titles! I really enjoyed the site, and I think you'll like it too! Coolest thing to me was that it was free :P

(kirby) So you liked it?

Not you again...

(Mario) You still haven't played SSBB for a month you know.

(link) GOLLY!

(luigi) I hope she makes lots of speghetti! when she plays...


Sorry, but yeah, again.

(metaknight) I really wish you would play again... I want to beat up sonic--

(Sonic) WTF meta knight! I'm going to freaking kill you if you say that again!

(Yoshi) YOSHI!!!

Look, guys, you're cool and all, but I need to get back to my life.

(snake) ...

(Dedede) I gots a hammer and I'm going to PWN Yoshi's butt!


I don't think Yoshi's going to stand for that...


Oh jeez, don't get started--


I'm here to kick butt! Where's that pink ball???

Oh, not again... Mushy, do you mind ending your crazy fantasies? Just until next time?

(ZSS) Please? This is really stupid...

You said that last time.

Yeah, well you made me say it again.

Well I guess I'll see you guys later. Until tommorow...


Hurray for randomness!!!

So I'm just sitting here thinking of what to tell everyone. Hmm... I don't know. BUT I will not let this blog waste your time! :D *paces*

Well anyways... Oh! I don't know... So it rained yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that. So it's all muddy out. I like the rain, but not when it's muddy and humid! So I'm kind of stuck inside... hey look! It's Kirby from Super Smash Bros Brawl! What's up Kirby?

(kirby speaking is in pink) Oh. You.

Yeah me! What's up?

Oh? I'm just waiting for you to pick up your WII REMOTE!!! :evil:

Yeah... about that... :|

(Meta Knight speaking) What's this I hear about Mushy not playing SSBB?


(king Dedede speaking) What?! She hasn't played in over a month???

Yeah! What the heck is up with that?

(Mario speaking) I haven't been chosen to play for a while so I guess the rumor I hear is true--

Shut up. I haven't used you cause your smash sucks. And you're a wimpy choice. You can't pwn with a stupid cape.

(Link speaking) Well excuse me princess!




What the-- Why the heck did you say that, Link?

Gee, it sure is boring around here. I wonder what Ganon is up too?

(Ganondorf) I'm right here idiot. Why the heck are you quoting the old TV show and Zelda Cd-i?


(Zero Suit Samus) This is really lame. Why is mushy doing this?

It's NOT LAME! I just needed an idea!!!

Well, you sure are running out of them. Now to adress the whole point of this thing...


I'm so hungry, I could eat an Octoron... Octorok... What did he say again?


Samus was right. This is really lame...

What the heck Luigi!? What's with all these stupid quotes?!

(Gir speaking) SALTED NUTS!!!

(Whole group) OMFG!!!

Run away! WTH is this happening to us?!!!

You wrote it, idiot!!!

*everyone has run away*

Guess who made waffles???

And you gotta help us!!!

I'll grab my stuff!

*sigh* that was the lamest thing I've every witnessed in my entire life.

*everyone is gone*

(snake speaking) AW! COME ON! I never make it in time! S**t!

Random blog with lots o' fun!!!

Welcome to the game blog! First of all, here are the contents of this thing:

  • Which Kirby Character are You? (yeah, if this one's good you can look forward to a Mario one...)
  • What's the same in the Pictures?
  • my awesome Youtube Poop I made (no, its not the best :P)
  • And my everyday average blog thingy!!!

Yeah yeah yeah... I'm really bored =P

So first, answer these 7 questions and keep track of your answers to find out...


Question 1: How many friends do you have?

a) ALOT! I love everybody I meet!.............b) I have a few good ones..........c) I like people that give me stuff :D

Question 2: Are you hungry often?

a) All the time!.............b) Not that much..............c) Yeah! I like getting all I want!

Question 3: Well, if you are hungry, what do you usually eat?

a) I don't care!............b) Something sweet!............c) Whatever he's having!

Question 4: Do (or did) you listen to your teacher? (be honest, nobody's perfect...)

a) I get distracted..........b) Only if I don't know it...............c) No, I don't care what they say.

Question 5: Favorite game in the Kirby Super Star Ultra pack? (if you haven't played, choose the one that sounds best!)

a) DynaBlade!..........b) Metaknightmare Ultra.........c) The King's Revenge!

Question 6: Prefered Item in SSBB? (same as above)

a) Warpstar!..........b) Beam Sword!..........c) Golden Hammer!

Question 7: Do you like Sakuria?

a) Yes!.........b) He's important!........c) don't care about him!

Now for your answers!!! If you chose mostly A's, you are Kirby! If you chose mostly B's, you are Meta Knight! If you chose mostly C's... you're that King Dedede!!! :lol: If you want to know, I ended up being a tie between Meta Knight and Kirby, because I prefer the Golden Hammer :P

Now for the... WHAT DO THE PICTURES HAVE IN COMMON??? Stare at the pictures for as long as you want, then check your answer! (there is more than one answer) Ready? GO!

PitSamusSolid SnakeIkeMarioLinkKirbyYoshi


Well, first of all, you're probably thinking, hey, they're all from SSBB! Another thing... They are all heroes! And maybe they... um...

Let me tell you the point of this... Pretty much all heroes in all the games you'll ever play have *drumroll* BLUE EYES! Yup, that's weird, I mean, what's so important about blue? And not only is it in Nintendo, but in Sony and Microsoft games too! Why, I ask you? WHY??? :lol: We'll never know... :P

Oh, My awesome Youtube Poop is right here! Clicky on the vid!

And so, that ends that thingy, so now to a blog about something!

So anyways, I was playing Super Mario Bros 3 on my NES and I had gotten to world 3! As I started to fight the Koopaling guy in the castle there, the power surged! And I was like, Oh. My. God. It surged again, and then, to my *cue dramatic music* astonishment, the power went out! So... :cry: I was almost done with world 3!!! :cry: The TV was dead for only like, 15 seconds, and it turned back on to the opening of Super Mario Bros 3. Of course, I wasn't in the mood to play now. Curse you, old technology that you can't save!!! Oh well...

So that's my dramatic story. Epic, right? :P Yeah...

:cry: *sniff*

So I'll see you on Gamespot!

... Wait!!! Visit The Nintendo Fanfiction Union! It's a really cool union from frogloe that is... Really cool!!! Do check it out, because it's kind of small and needs your support! Do it for the dancing banana!!!The dancing banana rules all!

My 100th blog!!! + vid + Youtube account!!!

WELCOME TO MY 100TH BLOG! I wanted to post it tomorrow, when everyone was alive, but I couldn't wait. Check out the video I made to go with this!!! Check it out!!! Also, add me! I found some of you, but I wasn't sure who else had an account.

Seems like it was only yesterday... typing up my first (and very lame) blog... But now that this is out of the way, expect more blogs, like, 1 per day like I used to!

blah blah blah...

To celebrate, I'm giving out free food! Just don't take everything! Thanks for reading...

I kinda think I overdid it with the vid, but oh well! See you! :D:P:D:P:):lol:

My Avy+ why I haven't made blogs+ SHOOPDAWHOOP+ more!

First things first, my Avy is of Galacta Knight of Kirby Super Star Ultra. I thought he was an awesome boss, so he deserved it. As for the Shoop Da Woop thing...

The Lazer Collection

Dr. Octagonapus BLAH!!!!!

lol those are some of my favorite vids. speaking of vids... I finally got some animation stuff!!! so my first vid will be included with my 100th blog!!! that's why I hadn't been doing blogs. I'm kinda procrastinating :P you do realize that's my next blog right? that should be in a week, so watch your updates!!!

As for the other stuff...



take as many as you like!!!

and I promise, as soon as the 100th blog has past, I will be back to my usual blog-a-day routine! :D


you're still here??? oh, well let's give you the ol' Resetti speech. that'll clear you out real quick! Plug your ears!!!

Now SCRAM!!! :lol: