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@murph85 said:

They're not a couple.

Like hell they're not.

Proof? Oh wait there's that whole Sam's journal where she talks about her and Lara going to the club and meeting "cute guys". Yeah wishful thinking on your part.

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@AdobeArtist: Do I have to take you to school on this subject here too?

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Lara Croft and Samantha Nishimura.

They're not a couple.

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Even Assassin's Creed IV might outsell BF 4.

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@greasemonkey42: There is no monthly subscription for PS+. Your options are either 3 months or a full year.

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64 for PC

64 for PS 4 and Xbox One

24 for PS 3 and Xbox 360

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Anyone start yet? I made my girl, she got picked up by Lamar at the airport and he started hitting on her. Laughing my butt off.


I was able to create my character and get the "Off the Plane" trophy but that has been it so far. It won't let me do the first race after you get dropped off by Lamar. We will all have to show some patience as Rockstar works out the issues.

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I'd say skip this game and maybe get something like Watch Dogs which is still an M rated game but I don't think it will anywhere near the language or sexual content that GTA V does.

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Rolled the credits on this game the other day. I agree the QTE's could be given the ax for the next installment. And there sure as heck better be a next installment!

I loved playing this game, from beginning to end I enjoyed myself. Talking single player only, I never bothered with multi. I am traveling back through the early levels doing the challenges and collecting items I left behind. This is fun too. I am finding areas of the game I never saw before. There is platforming and exploring I missed pushing through the campaign. I am even finding a few enemies to take on. Don't know if they respawned or if they are guys I missed. I am coming up on 20 hours.


A sequel has already been confirmed to be in development for next-gen.

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