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New Game :D:D

 Well i know im late to the party but i finally bough the MineCraft. After playing the hell out of Terraria I had to try MineCraft. Its one of those games where i have not idea why i like it and i feel stupid when i try to explain to people what the game is, but its soooooo addicting, its a bit expensive at about $27USD but if you like little games like Terraria you will love this, its basically a 3D version of that game.  I started playing ME3 like 2 days ago, so far its pretty fun, I dont really have much to say about this game at this time im not very far in. The only ting i can say is its as fun as 2 was but coming from PC to 360 is kind of annoying, the loading screens get very old and you have to swap between disc1 and 2.

Now playing 02/29/2012

 Me and my friends were getting kind of tired of CoD so we tried this game out and its so fun :) It kind of came out of no where, i didnt even know it was a FPS till i saw a random video on youtube. I hope this holds me over till Borderlands 2 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  I'm pretty hooked on this game. If your interested go check it out its free. Hard to explain this game, its basically a 5v5 StarCraft but u control one character instead of an army. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  I dont think i need to say anything im pretty sure everyone knows about this game -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  A friend gave me his ps3 so this seemed like an important game to not miss. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  I grew up playing TM3 and TM4 so i though i would like this but they removed like all the roster this game only has 3 characters :( but at least the action is still fun, but it would be nice to have more characters.

Hello GameSpot

Wow 2009 was my last blog and i called MW2 a masterpiece O_O what was i thinking, though that was posted before everyone figured out the OMA thing. SO how has everyone been.

Modern Warefare 2

if your wondering why i havent been online much its because of this master piece of a game. Also if u have the game my gamertag is CM PUNK 9TS on xbox live

wile im on the subject um to make the blog more fun lets answer a question

Whats the most memorable moment u have had in an online game here is mine i had to take a picture because i couldnt believe it and neither would anyone i tell :lol: (im the one on top 116) sadly i dont have a video of it cuz its hard to set my camera up i dont have a tripod i need to buy one of those game recording devices

In other game news i got Forza3 its pretty cool alread bought my dream car Mustang Shelby GT500

OK i guess ill throw in another question whats your dream car if u have one and do u own it already(in real life)

Tekken 6, Banner

Got this game yesturday its a nice fighting game pretty good online too laggy at times though. Um not sure what else to say about it, its just an avarage fighing game, a lot of characters though even though i only use one character still a nice selection.

Also everyone who hasent yet go download the L4D2 demo i think u will love i never liked the first one but #2 is nice.

Photoshop News i finished the banner that mahoney23 asked for


So who is exited about the DSi LL im a bit exited because i still have the old ds so it would be a nice upgrade i just need money lol here are some pics

comparison of the dsi and dsi ll(dsi xl)

This is more rumor then news but some are saying Wii 2 will have bluray i dont think its true but if it is i have to get it also they there going to have traid in deals witch would be great

Um not sure if i want to post this but i made this sig but it kind of sux but ill post it anyways i guess its what not to do i guess lol i just cant make a good lee sig

Last but not least i want u guys to post your desktop:) here is mine

Been a wile

Just and updat of my last 2 months

  • Still LOVE my laptop
  • Got Batman:AA
    surprisingly good game i didnt see it coming i really hate sneeking around but somehow i dont mind in this game maybe because i can see through walls lol
  • Got ODST
    so far ive only been disappointed, for one gamefly did not sent the multiplayer disc and firefight mode can only be played with frends so if anyone playes that here is my gametag CM PUNK 9TS
  • Started Playing Combat Arms again
    its a really cool FREE game its kind of like Counter Strike the only bad thing about the game is it has a lot of hackers on it
  • OMG i got Photoshop CS4
    ya biggest news for me my friend got me Photoshop CS4 for my laptop so i can make stuff again. speaking of which not sure if u still come to gamespot but here is the banner u wanted Nickolas
  • Pre ordered MW2
    i hope to se u guys on live when i get Modern Warefare 2

Also i got a favor to ask u guys um im having a brain block i cant think of any sigs to make i want a new sig so please tell me or show me what to make:)

I got my baby

i finally got my laptop i got $1,100 lighter but it was worth it i finally got a video card(GeForce GTX 260M 1GB) that can run my games on high i can even run Crysis on medium

So ya ive been playing with it for 2 days strait now i need to get photoshop really bad GIMP just wont do.


Im playing Muramasa, OMG that game looks beautiful the best looking geme ive played in a long time not tech wise of course cuz its on the Wii in non HD but damn the whole game just looks like a screen saver.

Punch-Out another sweet Wii game another one wii owners should pick up or rent it.

And Team Fortress 2 looks better then ever on my new laptop i got everything maxed out

Suspended :(

If your wondering where i was for the past 5 days i was suspended by Gamespot. The reasoning behind it was the Tia Halibel sig i think someone got offended and reporded me, thanks a lot u could have just asked me to change it -_- on well need a new sig now, ill ask u guys for what sig to make cuz i have no ideas.

On a lighter note Im finally getting a Laptop :D if everything goes acording to plan

Its pretty nice its made by ASUS

  • 320GB HardDrive
  • 4GB of RAM(limit:()
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX260M(1GB)
  • 15.6 inches (1,366x768 )

One Down a lot to go

I made a sig of Tia Halibel from Bleach because i plan to get it signed by the voice actress i still need to make one of Lust from FMA because its the same voice actress and a few more people

Wish me luck:)