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almost a full year.

almost been a year since i last posted a blog on here, not surprised really, i mean i haven't been busy all year but i forgot about gamespot almost completely, since i have last posted not a lot has happened gaming wise for me but i will note what i can.

1: my brother and i got a very fun rpg called "mount and blade warbands" as well as "mount and blade with fire and sword" which is another game in the series.

2: i now have a youtube channel so no more videos will be posted on here, here it is btw "" atm i am doing a star wars jedi knight jedi academy playthrough.

3:i got ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 which is very fun and much better then the first one.

4:i got minecraft some time ago now its great and very fun

5:cant wait for skyrim (I'm 14 now but my mom and dad have made exceptions before I.E. halo reach, halo 3, elder scrolls iv, rainbow six new Vegas 2 (with the voices off),)

my life has slowed down a lot since my family and i moved here, but i expect it to pick up later this year then il have more to post about.

thank you for reading i plan on posting a little more offen on here until then hope you enjoyed.


ps thank you for spell check

top 10 hardest achievements #9

is weapon master from medal of honor airborne


really this isnt that hard just annoying cuz there are some weapons witch are only on one level and you have to use in that level..


top 10 hardest achevements #10

well number 10 let me see hm.... o yes i know

war hardened

from call of duty 2


this wouldnt be that hard but at first i was trying to beat it on vet difficulty then i just desided to get this one and leave the vet achevements but what made this one hard was becuse of trying it on vet difficulty.... but its still hard anyway....


alright i have a idea

just this afternoon i was playing battlefield 2 and i figured i havent put a vid on gamespot or youtube in awhile so why not make skirmish vids on battlefield 2 and post them here or on youtube what do you think?

xbox live finally

well i got xbox live yesterday and just this mourning uploaded my gamertag to raptr and gamespot so those of you who are friends of mine on here go ahead and ask me to be your friend but be sure to send a message on who you are.

ps: the games i have that i can play for mutiplayer on live are the following

1: tc graw (ghost recon)

2:halo reach

3:banjo and kazooie nuts and bots

4:ace combat 6

5:halo 3

and those are the major games i have that work for live thanks for reading


back on...

well sorry i havent been on for a while the only things ive been doing have been looking at tots and halo reach.. anyway to catch up a little

ive moved to guam

and to finsh up on the top 5 gaming consoles number 2 nintendo ds and number 1 xbox 360

and thats eveything big thats happened the rest is simple

i got halo reach and beat it

had a great summer

started school last week

and so on...

thanks for reading


il try to be a little more active

top 5 gaming consoles #3

this is one ive played along time ago can you guess?

yep the xbox the first game i played on the xbox was halo 1.... ah yes the good old days..

thanks for reading see ya later