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For me personally... I just want a Black Friday to even exist here. :|

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I don't celebrate Halloween and neither do I have a game for the event, but thanks to Steam's current sale, I'm playing Typing of the Dead: Overkill.

Only thing scary is how campy the game is. I'm enjoying it a lot though.

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Short sale, but a bunch of good titles up there.

I got Brothers, Van Helsing and Typing of the Dead.

Although TotD I got through GMG specifically, with their extra 20% off code.

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I was recently told by friends that they can't view my profile/blog as it says it's been set to private.

I checked my settings, and under the Blog tab, it's been set to "Everyone" who can view my blog.

Although under Site Settings and "Who can see my profile and see my site contributions in the mini-feed:", it's been set to "Just Me".
I don't think this should pose any problems but just in case, I tried to set to "Anybody" but it WON'T save the setting.

Any help?

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You obviously haven't played it yet. Most pins don't even require you to press them in battle, like my favorites where you have to "slash" your enemies on the screen. To me, TWEWY is the most fun and enjoyable game I've ever played on the DS. :Palexduplex

Err yeh. So instead of tapping the screen you get to... wait for it... SLASH THE SCREEN! Hooray!

But it's great that you enjoy TWEWY. People are entitled to your own opinions.
I, on the other hand, don't see how the game got hyped up this much.
Played it till the end, even the extra story, and thought it was just an OK game.
The plot was somewhat interesting though, but the music annoyed me.

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Has the video upload problems been reported? I just tried to upload yesterday and today, and I got a '500 - Internal Server Error' message.
Last time I tried to upload something was a bunch of months back, and I was still getting errors. ):
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My god I thought everyone had forgotten about the game. Anyone have any idea why it did poorly in Japan?
I'm still waiting for the title, and in fact, it's the only game on my tracking list.
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[QUOTE="WSGRandomPerson"]Hopefully it's not like the one from the PSP, because that was one horrible IMO.7CloudStrife7

i agree with the PSP thing you said.. OMG Valkyrie Profile on DS.. this handheld keeps getting better and better.. oh man.. can't wait for that.. :D

I don't understand why you guys would be excited for this if you don't even like the original?

another great rpg to add to the amazing list for this year tho

Exactly. I was about to point that out as well. :|

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I am!
I'm a huge Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords fan (I just completed the game yesterday after having it for months) so naturally, I'm looking forward to Galactrix.
Hexagons this time around but basically the same gameplay, and what seem like a more involving plot. Terribly exciting.
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I've got to agree with Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, and I'm not just talking about the FMVs.
When I was just starting out the game and got to Kythena Plains (I believe), the environment simply blew me away. I love how the lighting is being handled in the game, because it made everything very atmospheric.