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... Why are there so many birthdays in July?

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It's like almost every day I see a blog popping up on GS saying it's their birthday. Uhm actually, it was my birthday as well yesterday, so I'm contributing to the birthday count this month. I'm 25 now, although to be honest, the 20s doesn't feel like anything much. I'm still being mistaken for a schooling kid so eh. My birthdays have always been a quiet affair - sometimes we go out for family dinners because my dad likes food (not because it's my birthday, so it's just a good excuse for eating out), and sometimes my sisters get me little things that I might have made an offhand comment about.

This year, since it's Ramadan and the fasting month now, going out to eat is a huge pain so my mom made meatballs for dinner while my dad doesn't care. My eldest sister already gave me an early present a couple months back, which was a Kanken backpack and I love it. I would have felt bad for how much she spent on it, but then I saw that she got herself 2 backpacks that were even more expensive than mine, so she had the intention to splurge anyway. My 2nd sister got me a discman hahaha. For real, I actually do want one even though I have an iPhone and an iPod Shuffle. I have so many CDs, and listening to them on my laptop and/or transferring them to digital formats is just too tedious. So I've been listening to old mix CDs friends from secondary school gave me, and wow nostalgia.

So I pretty much thought my birthday this year was great. It doesn't take much to make me happy, because anything is an upgrade over spending 4 birthdays in a row slaving over school work. That was so depressing and stressful, I don't even. Then 2 more lovely people, Gunny and Huda, gave me things!


Gunny gave me Shadowrun Returns while Huda, Skyrim. I already have Shadowrun downloaded so all I'm left to do is install and play it, which I will after this blog. I LOVE piling on the games on my playing list. I really thought that would be the end and then Huda... had to text and basically demand I check that something's up:


Really nice surprise so thanks again, both of you. (:

Birthday hoohah over, let's talk about some game progressions.


Last blog, I mentioned being in the middle of Remember Me and I've since beaten the game. I should have played on the hardest difficulty because the game is pretty easy. There were a couple of tedious battles, but they were just that and not particularly challenging. Still, I enjoyed the game a lot. It had a plot which I didn't find stupendously stupid or convoluted, a protagonist that didn't annoy me, an actually fun combat system, a nice OST that has a great title track, and a very pretty game world. I apparently clocked in 10 hours playing this, which honestly felt right because by then, I wanted the game to start wrapping things up and it did.


Straight after that, I popped in Resident Evil Revelations and I have to admit, that ship is just spooky. The game isn't scary so far, but that ship... just stop it... I'm currently at the beginning of Episode 3, and I like the whole jumping around of POVs. What I don't like about the game though is how sh!tty the dodging mechanic is, and how the weapons you fire doesn't feel like it has any weight. The latter is just a superficial complaint so whatever, but I was really hoping that when a game includes the option to dodge, you can actually perform that action. Do you realize how many Youtube videos there are about dodging tips for the game? An exact amount that should get Capcom realizing it's utter sh!t. Anyway, I'm trying not to rush through this because it seems like a short game, because I blinked once and suddenly I'm at Episode 3? What?


Aside from console gaming, Borderlands 2 is still happening of course and we're so close to beating the main campaign! Like, 4 story missions left, but then side missions keep popping up so we're obviously gonna be completing those first. And we still have the DLCs to go through, and I REALLY want to check out the Mechromancer so BL2 is gonna be occupying a lot more of my time still.

Anyway I'm done. This blog took a gross amount of time to type.