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Trolley Wood - Eisley

Time for me to start writing a blog here.
I don't have a reason to actually, but sometimes it helps pass the time when you're just sitting here in bed and looking at the wall.

I'm still on my near 3 months school holiday, but it's ending soon.
I haven't been doing much work-wise, and it's actually making me feel nervous.
There are 2 major school projects I should be focusing on during the holidays, but nooo, all I did was wake up late each day and game away or get online.

I should really be restraining myself from gaming too much.
I'm in no way a hardcore gamer, but I haven't been able to tear myself away from the DS ever since I bought it on New Year's Eve.
And it doesn't help either when I purchased Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords .
That **** is so damn addictive, it's not even funny.

But surprise! I haven't touched my DS for one whole day today.
... Because I woke up at 4pm, bathed for an hour, locked myself up in my room just lying down and staring at nothing for 2 hours, got out to eat my 'breakfast', then logged online.


And to think that I promised myself to work on some drawings to build my portfolio.

I'd better stop rambling and actually get to work now.
I'll start with something easy, like fanarts, since IFS does commission work for games, etc. anyway.