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People trying to compare my face

5 days of shoot so far, and I've been nothing but exhausted. 20 more days to go!

And lol, the interns working with us were like, "Did anyone tell you that you look fierce??" and I had to explain to them that my default facial expression makes me look like I'm gonna kick someone's face in. Although I'm pretty sure I snapped at each of them at least once, so hmm. Then my art team said I look like Naya Rivera, which at first was very flattering, but I'm also sure is very untrue. Have you seen that woman? She's ridiculously HOT. I mean, look at this... where do you even start the comparison?! Because sure I'm gonna be honest and say that I don't think I'm the ugliest person on the planet, but we don't even look anything alike.


I was also called a hipster. :|

People's judgement are weird.

ALSO! Everyone thought I'm like, 18 or at most, 20. Heh. I actually really think I'm gonna stop aging until I'm 50 and then bam, I'm grandma-looking. Because Asians.

Man, looking at that picture of Naya is making me want to go on Tumblr and be all creepy. Like for real, if it's not Jessica from SNSD I'm spazzing over, it's Naya Rivera. ... Yeh you're so gonna get some Naya gifs the next time I blog.