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Lineart dump #2: BL2's Mad Moxxi and Tiny Tina

As per Huda's suggestion, I worked on Moxxi. Hooray bewbs. Based off Jessica Nigri's cosplay:



Thank god for Photoshop brushes, because lace bra? Thanks for making it more difficult. I was thinking of completing Moxxi's family, but I didn't feel like drawing -SPOILER-, so someone else had to fill the space. And it gotta be someone epic, so of course it has to be Tiny Tina, although she kinda evolved into something completely different. But I like it, because where's the fun if she looks exactly the same as the game, right? I gotta play around, and I'm trying to get into the comic book sty.le. Success?


K I'm done. Any suggestions for the next thing to draw?

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