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Hotels, stop being creepy!

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What is this Gamespot changes I'm suddenly hearing about?

But anyway, I'M BACK FROM HK. Also, I'm sick. Like for real, the moment I set foot in the hotel, I got a major sore throat which then evolved into the evil runny nose and my face felt warm. I don't think I got an actual fever though, but still, IT SUCKED. Not the shopping, because that was great, but the fact that I was complaining like an old lady about body aches and stuff, that wasn't fun. First thing tomorrow morning is a visit to the doctor, because hi I just got back from Hong Kong and they've been having cases of the bird flu. Awesome stuff right there. :\

Also, you wanna know something creepy? The 2nd day there, I found finger smears on the glass in the bathroom when it wasn't there the day before. I don't think my sister noticed it because it was quite high up, and I just have a habit of scrutinizing each room and taking note of random things. The smears didn't look like those accidental types people leave when they graze surfaces; it looked very deliberate. Imagine the tip of your index fingers nearly touching each other but pointing at an angle forming the top of a triangle, and then moving your hands away from each other... that was how the smears looked like.

It couldn't have been housekeeping because like I said, it was really high up and they would have to climb the sink to reach it (uh why would they do that in the first place?). Neither could it be condensation from the heat of the water, because it didn't look like a trail, nor did it disappear at all. It just looked like a frickin' pair of hands that were deliberately touching the glass and moving downwards.

Even creepier? The part of the glass that had the smears, it was transparent and overlooked the part of the room that had our beds.

You want something more creepier than that? My bed was flushed right beside that glass.

So yeh, you just don't think about weird things. You just go to sleep. It also helped that my sister packed medication that caused drowsiness, so that pretty much knocked me out each night. Even though I really shouldn't consume someone else's personal prescription. Meh.