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Got the rare, ultra special edition of GTAV!


... This isn't even a Grand Theft Auto title? Oh ok.

By the way, remember that one time I mentioned trying to stop working with film productions? Yeh I totally lied. I got booked to work on a 5-episode feature for TV, and this time I'm under the art department. Shooting starts next week, but I'm already swamped with things to take care of, as per usual when it's in the pre-production phase. I also need to familiarize myself with 300+ pages worth of script ASAP, because going out to buy materials without knowing the context of the scene sucked.

Aside from constantly doing freelance for films, I'm trying to stabilize my life and settle into a career. The only thing is that I'm not looking to go into any industries that I've studied for i.e. film, media and public relations. I want to go into teaching, and I've already applied for a Post-Graduate Diploma programme that'll have me training for 1 year before being posted to a school and being bonded with the government for 3 years. ... Only I need to wait a month to find out if I'm shortlisted for an interview first. Ugh. However, I've got a couple of people telling me that I can already teach at a Primary School because I have a Degree in communication, so I'll have to look up on that.

Yeh 10 minutes break over, and I need to get back to reading the scripts. No more lineart dumps for a while. ):