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Borderlands 2 triumph... kinda...


Finally after 107 hours of doing this, that, and everything in-between, I've completed all missions in the main game of Borderlands 2. I don't think I would have achieved this if not for having a great, consistent co-op partner in Huda. If I had gone solo all the way, I'd probably only just play through a bit of the side missions to keep my level up, and then gun through all the available DLCs for the story.

Although speaking of DLCs, we've only just beaten the first one which is Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty. Uh when are we ever gonna start on Mr. Torgue's, not to mention the rest? Gearbox is also releasing an add-on pack on September 3 that increases the level cap to 72, along with a gauntlet mission for more killing fun. As you can see, I'm totally far from done with BL2. And when I'm finally done with all the current content, I'm going through all of it again with the Mechromancer because you just have to.

And while on the subject of character, I honestly didn't see myself using the Siren because I wasn't sold on the new Phaselock skill (and her design, because I'm a girl and extra superficial harhar). But because of certain circumstances, I chose her and gradually grew to like her a lot. I take back what I said about her Phaselock skill being weird because it's beyond awesome right now. Bounces after enemy kills, elemental damage, healing powers and revive? Yes please. And I also just realized in today's playthrough that I get fire wings when I activate my skill. While that's actually quite cool, it unfortunately blocks Huda's line of sight if she's behind me, oops.

The Siren didn't have a lot of cool skins and heads too, which was a bit of a bummer because I love customization and prettifying my characters. Then Gearbox released free codes for heads, and people bought my Skyrim trading cards off Steam which allowed me to buy a skin for practically nothing, so now I'm FINALLY satisfied with how "Hoochie" looks like.


Aside from BL2, I finally started playing Skyrim on PC. Before I even started playing, I spent half the day looking through Steam workshop for mods. Yeh I installed those that made my inventory items weightless, among other useful things. I didn't play much, just 6 hours or so, but it can get very addicting. I'm nearly at the point where I stopped the last time I played on the 360, which is good because then everything else will be new for me. I'm also trying to get used to the keyboard + mouse controls, and it's not all that bad since Skyrim's no frantic FPS.

Oh also Resident Evil Revelations. Dude, chapter 3? Why is there a crazy boss with endless respawning minions that's seemingly impossible to beat? I really want to drop kick the dodging mechanic in this game as well.