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Are people still reading each others blogs?

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I'm genuinely curious. I haven't blogged anything game-related since my last post here, and it's eating at me. I have a couple of other blogs elsewhere but I don't use them for some reason or another.

... Still hating this GS format by the way.



Oh, we have movement! Had to dig hard though, to actually find a blog update -.- Uhm...yeah it's gone pretty dead here...prettyyyyyy dead. Despise the layout, nothing seems logical, even after a year since the change. But the reviews and features on gamespot have also gone down the drain. Used to be such a great place with good reviews and active its a ghost town. i went to gameinformer but suffer from the same thing as you...I dont seem to do anything on im waiting for this site to return to its old self :P


@Junior_AIN Wow comment notification doesn't work? Ok. But good to see there are still people reading blogs, hah. Hi. (: