Gotta catch them all

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Alright! One week of school has passed, and it went by faster than usual.
Well of course, since now my Wednesdays are off-days and meant to be for meeting up with my team's advisor.
Our Final Year Project is coming along real slow, and we're in dire need of catching up to our work schedule.
So I made it clear to myself that I'll devote every Sunday to be personal work-day, and work on the character sketches and other miscellaneous drawings that can be put into my portfolio.
Reason being that I can't work on a Saturday.
I'll be so pooped from school, I'll sleep in and laze around the house in a daze.
And there's also the matter of playing some of my games and actually trying to complete them.
I swear, I must be the slowest gamer alive.

And speaking of games, I finally got Pokemon Pearl!
Love, love, love!

Two days ago, my family and I were out for dinner and I thought I'd pop by my favourite game store, since it was at the same mall.
So while waiting for our food to come, I ran off for a while to see what's at the used games shelf.
Anyway while browsing, I was wondering how long games that are released in the US will reach Singapore shores.
So I asked the nice dude at the counter (I've got to get his name...) about it, specifically about Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
And well, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he was going to collect the shipment of Pokemon on Friday, instead of the stated US release of 22nd April.
Then he asked if I would like to reserve a copy, just in case.

Now, Singapore, I noticed, doesn't have a lot of DS players.
Most of the citizens prefer playing on the PSP while out, and not many people have heard of the DS in general.
So seeing as to how it's pretty unpopular here, I've never had to reserve copies of game titles when it gets released.

Uhmmm back to my story, I told the dude yes, it would be nice if I reserved a copy anyway, in case the amount of DS players increased overnight.
He said he'll call me when it arrives, so I went back to my family a happy girl.
Not to mention annoying, because I kept singing the Pokemon theme song to my sister. HAHA!

Yeh so Friday came and went, I totally forgot about Pokemon coming out since I was too busy with school.
And cut to present time, I was rudely awakened by the incessant buzz of my handphone at 11am, indicating that I had a missed call.
So I called the unknown number back, wanting to chew the person's head off for disturbing me in mind, but stopped short when I realized it was the dude from the game store.
Ok well I wasn't as excited then, but instead, flopped back to bed to sleep again, and woke up later in the afternoon.

But yeh, after bathing and eating and all, I realized that...
And rushed out of the house to collect my copy.

And I got the Palkia stylus as well.
I thought the free stylus thing was only available in the US.

Ok so anyway, wow. Long story.
I haven't started playing yet.
I haven't stopped singing the Pokemon theme song to my sister yet either.

But I will now.
Oh yeeeessss I will. 

Hey, it's a new year

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Ok time for a little update in my life.

Working at a roadshow selling cameras and standing for 14 hours every single day while talking to fussy customers, is a pain.
Glad it's over, and I actually persuaded my sister to come down and get the latest Sony digital camera as well.
Which I'm actually glad she did, since our previous camera is an outdated 3.2 mega pixels Casio Exilim.
Now we have a brand new spankin' red Sony T100. 8.1 mega pixels. 3" LCD screen. 5x optical zoom. Double anti-blur feature.
Really nice design and piece of machine, and really nice free gifts to go along with it. ((((:

Not sure when I'll be getting my pay though.
And depending on whether I get another allowance or my pay comes through first, I need to get a new hoodie.
Yeeeeh I'm not thinking about increasing my game collection, but actually buying necessities.
But then again, won't stop me from getting them anyway once I have more extra money.

Anyway, my parents came home in the afternoon while I was at school.
Damn did they buy lots of chocolates. It's enough to feed an entire army!
But eh I'm glad they're back. I'll be eating proper food from now onwards, hopefully.

Last piece of news, my first day back at school after nearly 3 months was a **** blast.
The whole faculty is on the same block and floor, and everyone knows each other and being nice.
Despite not sleeping the day before due to some unexpected last-minute work, I was actually being productive for the whole day.
I participated in discussions and gave answers and insights without being prompted, our presentation went well, and I was actually being all friendly and cheerful.
I don't do that normally.

I'm hoping to be as enthusiastic and participative from now onwards, and not slack off. I've got friends who motivate each other to do our best as well, and that's a really nice feeling.
Yep my first day went perfectly well. (:

It's midnight now, and I'm totally beat.
Wasn't anticipating on reaching home late today, because I had another project meeting to do some character sketches and beats for our story.
Design Studio module next, and I'm excited. Time to let our creative juices flow, and I've got one of the best facilitator taking us in.

So before I go off, here's a picture of my whole manga collection, which is seriously in need of updating.
And I've always wondered why I never take pictures of my anime collection. D:
Click for full view.

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Got more games xDD

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I found an awesome deal for 2 used DS games a couple days back.

25 bucks for Lunar Knights.
23 bucks for Jump Ultimate Stars.

Errr. Since when does import games cost cheaper? o_o

Anyways, I couldn't find Magical Starsign when I was so dead set on getting it.
Which is really unfair, because when I was still being an indecisive little thing, there were 2 goddamn copies on the shelf.

The shopkeeper was really nice though, and he understood my pain.
He told me to pass him the games which I'm still unsure about, and he'll keep it for me till I come back to buy it.
No extra charge. Yay. 8D

So I went out a really happy girl.
Kind of.
Lunar Knights doesn't provide the option of erasing saved files.
The previous owner had 2 saved slots used. ):

As for Jump Ultimate Stars, I managed to delete the previous data just fine.
Now I just have to find some good guides to walk me through the game.

Games to get next:
- Izuna
- Hotel Dusk
- Bleach DS 2nd
- Pokemon Pearl


My little stint in working starts tomorrow till Sunday.
And my friend informed me that the money we'll be getting got cut by a bit, for some reason.

My parents are returning on Monday, although I'm not sure what time.
I'd most probably can't pick them up at the airport since school starts on Monday as well.
And I never get home early after school because of some stuff or another.

But hey hey!
4-days school week this semester!

I Am Not Surprised - The Organ

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Well I got my games in the mail just now.
And Holy Mother of Hell......
A masterpiece.

Ok so I've played through Area 1 only, but PHWOAR.
The visuals blew me away.
And you can 'create' music every time you blast those thingies, which gives way to experimentation.
Well provided you don't get hit by those missile-lookalikes.

If I'm completely blown away when playing it on the TV in my room...
... What'll happen if I play it on the huge-ass plasma TV in the living room?

In any case, I'm looking forward to it.

And short blog for today.
I'm still in awe and in no condition to comment on the game much.

Runaway - Lush

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Ugh. I finally beat Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.
11++ hours on and off, with a level 51 Soma Cruz.

I dunno. Those who have played the game says the final boss (Menace) was easy. (And no, that's not a picture of Menace. I couldn't find one.)
They must have been totally high and on crack.
Menace was the most annoying piece of **** and the ending for the game was so bleh.
True the whole game was fun and can be intense at times, I just wished it would feel more rewarding when you complete it.
And I actually don't feel compelled to collect all the souls and explore around to get a 100%.

Durrrrrhhh well thanks Dawn of Sorrow, for finally making me experience sore wrists while playing the DS.
It was good while it lasted though.

Now... I don't think I'll be playing Portrait of Ruin anytime soon.
There's so much Castlevania a girl can take, no matter how good the series is.
And even if I continue with the series, I'll try Lament of Innocence.
Got to check out how the 3D console version turns out, and the game's gathering dust anyway.

Poor thing.

Anyway, onwards!
To completing Final Fantasy III and Puzzle Quest!
About Puzzle Quest though... don't think I can complete it within this year.
I keep getting side-tracked with the random battles and all the Bejeweled-ness.
Yeh. It's THAT addictive I tell you.

In other (social) news, I just might be getting a little side gig during the last few days of my school holiday.
Selling DSLR cameras at some huge tourist mall.
The pay's cheap, but it's money anyway.

Speaking of pay, I heard somewhere that part-timers in fast food joints in the US earn something like US$7/hour?
I mean, holy **** That's like S$10.50/hour here.
And the poor sods in my country earn S$3.50/hour.
Cheap labour much?

Well I could be wrong about the figures, but I do know for a fact that burger patty flippers earn less over here as compared to those who flip patties at the US.

Panty Shot - Mindless Self Indulgence

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You know how I said I've got to learn self-control from my previous post?
Apparently, I really do need to.
Bought a whole bunch of games online, and expecting them to arrive in a few days.

I finally got Metroid Prime: Hunters.
It's used, but in good working condition.
... Aaaand that's the only DS game I got.
I'm still debating on which to get when my parents go off.

- Bleach DS?
- Lunar Knights?
- Konami Klassiks Series: Arcade Hits?

I'm actually leaning towards Bleach DS more, because I don't have much fighting games in my collection.
And I heard awesome rave reviews on that little title.
Anyone who happen to chance upon this blog... help me?

The rest of the games are PS2 titles.
Mmmm I've started getting more games than I can ever get to playing.
But I couldn't pass up on the chance!

- Rez
- Killer 7
- Disgaea Hour of Darkness
- Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

... SEE?
How can I resist such titles?
I actually wanted Chulip but couldn't find it. ):
So Disgaea comes to mind soon after.
And I couldn't just get one of the series, I need to get both. xDD

Yeh so long story short...

I love you - The Pipettes

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Awwww gawd.
The adaptor for my Sega system has a weird pin attached.
I need to get a plug for it in order to play.
... I hope it DOES play.

I can just sell the whole damn thing off including my games, and get the Sega Genesis Collection for the PS2.
Even though it doesn't have Street of Rage, Sunset Riders or The Lion King.
I grew up with those games man!

Anyway, I shouldn't be lamenting about games and gaming.
Third and final year in college starts on April 16th.
I don't want to graduate and go out into the workforce. ):

I stumbled upon my DS's MAC address while tinkering with Final Fantasy III .
(Yeh, I'm talking about games again.)
Maybe NOW I can set my router so that it recognizes my DS, instead of having to pirate off someone else's wireless connection.
And when I'm all set with the wireless **** maybe I might consider geting Metroid Prime: Hunters.
The people I always hang out with on Gaia wants to form a Wi-Fi clan. D:
I've never been in a clan before. DDD:
Or maybe I should buy a used copy now so I can practice.

But I dunno.
Everytime I go to that gamestore, the titles in the used games section are always vying for my attention.
I mean, ****!
There's Lunar Knights , Magical Starsign and Izuna just sitting there quietly and gathering dust.
And I have membership discount.
Damn. Even new copies wouldn't be a problem for me!

Got to learn self-control. )))):

Superstar - Tegan & Sara

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A big smile is on my face right now.
I managed to persuade my cousin to return my old Sega Megadrive 2 back.
My dad gave it to them without me knowing for a year!

Anyway, they said they couldn't play it on their TV, so I thought might as well return it back to me.
Which brings me to worry about whether I can play it too, since I've got a different TV in my room now.

Doesn't matter. Trying not to think too much about that.
Their mom is going to pop by later, and I'll be reunited once again.

Damn I remember playing those Sega games with my sister when I was a kid.
Streets of Rage and Sunset Riders were our personal favourite.
And OMG Lion King. Haha. Now that was annoying, especially the stage where you have to jump on the heads of the giraffes.
Those were the only prominent titles I can remember.
I'm sure I have a few more, but ehhh... my mind's a blank right now.

Hehe. I've never felt this happy before.
Been browsing through my local auction site too.
Shinobi III?
Got to check that game out. D:

Trolley Wood - Eisley

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Time for me to start writing a blog here.
I don't have a reason to actually, but sometimes it helps pass the time when you're just sitting here in bed and looking at the wall.

I'm still on my near 3 months school holiday, but it's ending soon.
I haven't been doing much work-wise, and it's actually making me feel nervous.
There are 2 major school projects I should be focusing on during the holidays, but nooo, all I did was wake up late each day and game away or get online.

I should really be restraining myself from gaming too much.
I'm in no way a hardcore gamer, but I haven't been able to tear myself away from the DS ever since I bought it on New Year's Eve.
And it doesn't help either when I purchased Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords .
That **** is so damn addictive, it's not even funny.

But surprise! I haven't touched my DS for one whole day today.
... Because I woke up at 4pm, bathed for an hour, locked myself up in my room just lying down and staring at nothing for 2 hours, got out to eat my 'breakfast', then logged online.


And to think that I promised myself to work on some drawings to build my portfolio.

I'd better stop rambling and actually get to work now.
I'll start with something easy, like fanarts, since IFS does commission work for games, etc. anyway.