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A break from the big games

Yep, I'm still playing Bioshock Infinite of course, but I'm going through it really slowly. I can't help but explore every single corner of Columbia because I just have to. And I was horrified to find that I can actually strike down innocents. I swear I didn't mean to and was simply wondering if I can sky-hook random non-hostiles. Dude I actually jumped and went "OHMAHGAWD!!!". It was more shocking than the time I found a volley gun and shot it because I was curious how it works, and guards just started rushing me out of nowhere! ):

Anyway, as much as I'm really liking Bioshock, I find that I can't sit down and play it for the whole day. So I looked around the marketplace and saw some Microsoft Studios sale, and that I had 1320 MS points. I don't even know why I have that much points in the first place, cos the last time I bought something off XBL was for the Kingdoms of Amalur DLCs. The sale had a couple of titles I really don't mind playing, so I got them?


The first is Deadlight, which is a 2D side-scrolling zombie action game. I really love the aesthetics of the game. Gorgeous and gloomy backdrop, while your character and zombies are silhouettes. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I get very tense when I play this game. It's not SCARY, but I just don't like being chased around you know? Your character has a stamina bar so you can't simply mash your melee button, and even worse, he gets subdued by a single zombie so easily.

There are 3 Acts to the game, and I stopped playing as soon as I got to the 2nd Act. I don't do tension in games very well apparently so I'll just pace myself and beat an Act per day. |:


The other game I bought is Dust: An Elysian Tail. Also 2D side-scrolling action. And this game I like a lot. I'm not a fan of furries - they kinda bug me - but ignoring that minor quirk, this game is stellar. Controls are tight and responsive, your attacks are flashy and destructive, and the dialogue can get pretty amusing. And Fidget is an awesome sidekick.

I'm already 3/4 through the game, but I unfortunately hit a repetitive snag in the game. I'm to find 4 mansions in each corner of this current area, and I hate doing this kind of stuff. Darn you quest-giver! I stopped playing after the 2nd mansion and I'll just beat the game tomorrow.

I was actually debating between Dust and Mark of the Ninja, and both games I heard so much praise for. The latter eventually lost because while I'm not fond of furries, it doesn't break the game. And Mark of the Ninja is a stealth game, and I'm so bad at it, I'd probably lose my temper over the most stupid thing.

Wow it actually feels good to spend so much time with my console because it's so familiar. The PC is still great and I have tons of games I'm definitely playing on that platform, but you can't beat your first love I suppose.

Discovering past family drama

 So I was hanging out with my friends and sister that day, and we started talking about how our parents got together before marriage. Yes it's a weird topic to talk about but eh... girls...

Anyway, I was explaining to my sis how my mom told me that my dad was a weird, possesive guy. They met at some friends meet-up thing, and my dad immediately latched onto my mom and wouldn't let go of her hand. I don't know about you, but that's kinda creepy. Maybe it's sweet and romantic back then but if some guy did that to me, I will physically freak out.

Then my sister told me something I never knew about -- apparently, my parents were on the verge of divorce when I was very young. My sister never knew the reason why, but she remembered all of us staying at our grandmother's place for a period of time.

I suppose... that makes sense though. Throughout my life, I've never really seen my parents be touchy and intimate with each other. Even now, they don't sleep in the same bedroom. My mom sleeps on the couch while my dad takes the bed (wow very chivalrous, dad). But they don't fight though. Not extremely at least, just the normal arguments over stupid things like buying the wrong grocery. They just function as a couple of people who are bound by marriage with the responsibility of raising the kids that lived there.

I've always wondered what it's like to be raised by a single parent. Guess it nearly did happen to me. Now I'm just super curious as to what happened to them back then. I don't know anything else beyond what my mom told me about dad being super creepy, like how they actually decided that marriage was something they should pursue for example. They looked happy in their wedding photos. And I don't see anything exactly wrong with the photos from my childhood. I'll just ask my mom one day.

On a different note, seriously social life, stop it. I haven't had time to play Bioshock Infinite since the couple of hours I managed to squeeze in on the day I got the game.

Things that are really nice right now

Ayyyeee my 7 year anniversary on Gamespot?

The gamestore finally called me yesterday evening to pick up my copy of Bioshock Infinite, which I totally did. But I had a headache so my plan for an all-nighter fell through and I slept in till past noon. I did get to play before bed for a couple of hours and got as far as acquiring the regenerating shield.

And then Jessica and her photo spread happened, which has SNSD tumblr blogs spamming it.



DmC beaten and last-minute preorder. And rage. Just a quick one.

I finally beat DmC, which I honestly didn't think would take me a whole week to accomplish. Stop meddling, social life! My in-game time was around 12 hours on Devil Hunter difficulty, inclusive of mopping up mission-related challenges. It feels like an impressive length for an action game, but each missions actually felt really short while I was playing through them.

And while I feared that Dante might actually be some unbearable emo kid near the beginning of the game, he wasn't all that bad in the end. He was actually a likeable character. Because honestly, Vergil is more of a douchebag than anyone else in the game. The moment I saw his face, I was like, ugh douche alert. I don't know the plot of the original DMC series and if Vergil will invoke the same reaction from me, but that has no relevance to the game I just played anyway.

I'm actually glad I'm done with the game because hooray, my sister pre-ordered Bioshock Infinite for me! I've already mentioned previously that my PC's OS can't run the game so she got it for the 360. I was given a pre-order bonus code that has some sort of puzzle game, which would have been nice and all if I actually like puzzles in the first place. Huh. Still, I'm gonna be checking it out soon enough since it mentioned something about earning in-game rewards.

But ugh puzzles.

I was originally planning on playing Tomb Raider after DmC but with Bioshock coming out real soon, I doubt I'll be done by then and I hate splitting my focus between 2 big games. In the meanwhile, I suppose I'll be playing more DmC on the harder difficulties (which I just checked out... and holy balls the difficulty spike!) and BIT.TRIP Runner 2!

I totally forgot to mention that I also bought BIT.TRIP Runner 2 and was playing it before DmC, and so far am only done with the first world. Dude this game angers me. I spent 4 hours trying to get Perfect Plus on all 3 difficulties for each stage in World 1. I'm so not gonna do that anymore for the other Worlds because I don't wanna risk throwing the controller at my computer screen. So angry.


Well I suppose I'll have to endure 2 more days of screaming in frustration.

Hurry up Bioshock!

I can't help it... It's like a withdrawal




But in news that most would rather care about, I'm enjoying DmC a whole frickin' lot. Spent the better part of Sunday getting halfway through the game, and now I have a headache. The last boss I encountered, Bob Barbas, was actually fun if somewhat draggy. And then before that was the Succubus. I... I don't... yeh... I felt cheated when she appeared:


Because I want to play them on PC


I am a traitor to my gaming consoles.

I'm slowly spending more time on my PC, re-buying PC version of games I sold off previously, and even trading off a couple of console games I'm not even done playing just because I want the PC version instead.

(I don't care about your "PC is superior" comment btw.)

It originally started with wanting to continue playing Skyrim on PC instead of my 360. I looked at my shelf to see what other games that I own that I might want to convert over, and the only other title I see is Borderlands 2. As you can probably guess from the picture above, I got Borderlands 2 quite recently off Steam and a friend of mine will be buying my 360 copy.

Honestly, buying FPS games on the PC is tricky for me because I absolutely suck at managing my fingers over the keyboard. Aiming is undoubtedly easier, but I'm having a hard time controlling my character's movements because I'm simply not used to having my fingers splayed out and not curled around a controller. I'm trying though, as slow as my progress and improvements are.

Then there's Lara Croft and Dante as well, because why not? I've always wanted to get the DMC reboot to support Ninja Theory because of all the stupid and unfair judgement about the game before it's even out. Of course I wanted to get the game on the 360 initially, like almost every other game I've been anticipating, but like I said... PC high... And since I'm buying reboots, might as well throw in Tomb Raider into the mix. Also another game I've been anticipating for the 360.

The only other 2013 title I was anticipating is Bioshock Infinite, which I'm NOT getting for PC. Simply because my desktop is still running on WinXP and the game is not supported. I don't even want to gimp anything about the game by playing it on my laptop despite it running Win7. So the only way is the console way.


Hey what happened to trying to beat the games that I'm already currently playing?

Replaying games and my "banzai!"


So I promised a post about games, and I shall deliver. It's rather unfortunate that the cause of my lack of game-talk (and a spike in Jessica gifs and other random crap) is simply because it's getting unnatural for me to talk about them. Remember how I used to blog frequently and regurgitate anything and everything related to games I just bought or played? Yeh. Although don't get me wrong - I'm still happily-ish gaming and lusting after recently released titles - but I'm just trying to get back into the groove of blogging again in general. Getting right into the meat of things is, I suppose, the way to go for now.

Some months back, I was in the mood for replaying games I've already beaten and loved. I even made a blog post on what games I wanted to replay, which was probably my last decent post in general. So thanks to the Steam sale, I managed to buy a bunch of them games at really good prices. The first one I tackled was Alice: Madness Returns, which was beaten fairly fast and I thoroughly enjoyed because it is the greatest love of all. The absolute greatest. I really wanted to get it for my 360, but I was glad I got it on PC because of the stupidly-easy-to-get-past-unlockable-content, which frickin' gave me MORE dresses. I have never felt more girly.


What Gaga meat dress?

The only thing that killed the experience was the bad port over to PC. Apparently it has shoddy keyboard controls (which I didn't bother to find out but stuck my controller in instead), but what I can complain about is the horrible frame rate stutters. It was beyond annoying when you're trying to jump and navigate around hazards. But I really couldn't stay mad for long when the game is just amazingly beautiful and made me go back to being all zen-like. Until the next frame rate stutter of course. I was still appropriately in awe of the levels that were meant for you to stop and pan the camera around, and I still go "ugh stop it" at the dollhouse level with creepy, bloody, sewn-up kids.

So was the replay worth it in the end?


After Alice, I was quick to install Prince of Persia 2008 because I was really into this "REPLAYING GAMES ARE FUN!" high. I'm aware though that this game wasn't listed in my replay list, but only because I honestly forgot to add it. I thoroughly enjoyed the game the first time around. Again, I wanted the game for my 360 but thanks Steam sale, you can have all my love-hate feels.

Right before PoP 2008, I was trying to play through Sands of Time HD for the first time. I like it really, but it made me use like, 10% of my brain or something. I don't want that because I was, at that point, living the bum life. I told my friend once that to genuinely live the ultimate bum life, you don't think, you don't worry, you just exist. So wanting to play a Prince of Persia game but wanting to abide by the bum life code of law somewhat, the 2008 version of the game is the way to go.


Ugh stop being so pretty

Opinions from a lot of Prince of Persia series fans and non-fans alike regarding this game range from ugh to meh. Game is too easy! You can't die! All combat instances are one-on-one! Platforming too basic! But I'm sure there are people out there who loves this game, and I in turn love you back. (I'm also the type of gamer who at times want to just godmode through a game so you can understand why I really like this PoP.)

Anyway, seeing that replaying Alice was a huge success, I expected nothing less from PoP 2008. Well that's when my bum life "4 lyfe yo" code was broken. I started thinking and worrying. The game is still so, so pretty but I wasn't feeling it anymore. All the controls work, the banter between the Prince and Elika are still entertaining, but the whole magic is gone. When I was replaying it, I wasn't experiencing the game anymore but simply going through the motions. I eventually stopped going out of my way to collect the life seeds, I don't play around with combos in combat, I just did the bare minimum to progress. I simply wanted it to end before the memory of absolutely loving this game got tarnished.

But ugh. I still love it, you know?

Worth replaying?


I was slowly getting off my high, but I still have. one. more. game. to. replay. And, why Steam, thank you for discounting Fable III. The DLCs as well? Ok. I went into this with a positive mindset. It helps that I was also excited to replay it anyway so bah, what disappointing PoP 2008 experience?

The first time I played Fable III, I played the absolute good guy through and through. Well I always do that whenever I play a game that has a morality meter anyway. This time around, I wanted to be a BA biatch. Or as BA as I can be because this game is so vanilla, but I still liked it a lot. Oh yeehhhh, this time I was kicking chickens ALL OVER and insulting that pink-haired hairstylist weirdo.


Your next Queen, ladies and gentlemen...

So I was having an absolute blast right?

And suddenly I'm not. I'm suddenly finding every single thing in the game to be a stupid bore. Stupid chicken. Stupid dog. Stupid bandits. Stupid eco folks. Stupid mentor dude guy with moustache. Stupid brother. Stupid road to rule.

Plus the port to PC is atrocious. My computer runs games reasonably well, but this game chugs at even the lowest performance and graphical setting. 

Do I even have to ask the question?


And right there, I crashed down from my high. It honestly was fun while it lasted, but I'll wait for another few months before I attempt this again. Still, I already have a list of games I'm definitely replaying when I feel up to it:

- Final Fantasy IX
- Legend of Dragoon
- Odin Sphere
- Mirror's Edge
- Child of Eden

I'll most likely won't be making another elaborate post on the same topic though. I however maybe have a plan on an elaborate post on the topic of games I'm giving a second chance on. The games?

- Assassin's Creed
- Ninety-Nine Nights
- Shadow of the Colossus

Don't judge. AssCreed couldn't keep my attention, N3 I rage-quit on but I really want to play it again, and SotC was another rage-quit moment because ughstoppppfallingofffff. I already have the games on my shelf. BUT I won't be playing them anytime soon because right now, I'm trying to beat the games I've already started. And since I'm already making lists, have a third one.

- Final Fantasy XIII (when will this be done?)
- Resident Evil 6 (playing ONLY on local co-op is hard to coordinate)
- Dynasty Warriors 7 (Wei storyline done, but the monotony!)
- PoP: Sands of Time (oh yeh... no more bum life)
- Shadows of the Damned (having fun, but I'm creeped out)
- Guild Wars 2 (wow... wow ok... forgotten love)
- Okami HD (no comment cos I have no excuse)
- HP & the Deathly Hallows pt 1 (friend's)
- Skyrim (planning to sell off the 360 version for PC instead... wait, so essentially replaying?)

Don't you love lists?

And is this a good enough gaming post after my dismal, random hiatus and subsequent posting funk I got into (which I never intended, ugh life is so hard stop it)? I really have a lot to talk about, but like I said in the beginning, I'm trying to find the long-lost bliss I always had whenever I blog. I don't even talk about weighty issues ever or jump into current topics that sheeps of the gaming world like to harp on about. Look at this post. I don't even attempt to make it into some glorified feature on replaying games because there is some obscure lesson to learn or mull about with some scientific fact or data that may or may not interest the general gaming crowd, because hey look at me I'm an intelligent and philosophical gamer! I don't talk about the hard stuff because it's never my style - I just lay out what's what, shallowly wade through it, and slap on some pretty pictures - but it's ironic how it's hard to talk about the little things now.

(I actually really like my Jessica spazz posts though.)

And since I'm being honest at the moment, this post wasn't as hard to type as I initially thought. I've been wanting to type it up for ages but you know... funk... And the little bit of supremely basic Photoshop work helped a whole lot. I once mentioned a bazillion posts back that opening up Photoshop for something as simple as re-sizing an image calms me. I love typing up a frickin' novel but adding a little bit of image is always fun.

So here's to hoping for more regular posts that I'll enjoy typing, and my dwindling readers enjoy reading. Banzai! Well not exactly "banzai" in the sense of a last desperate rush. I doubt I'll ever really leave this blog. And I'm not desperate for a revival. Somewhat. BANZAI!


LIMBO (not the game)





I swear I wanted to write a gaming blog post in the first place, but you know, Jessica and her pro limbo skills happened. I promise my next update will be about the games I have been playing, and life, and other stuff like that.

A LITTLE bit of gaming update


Dude, this is a super boss picture. I need to get back into some hardcore GorJess spazzing right away.

I also need to update my blog with something substantial. Which I kinda already have something to talk about, but I can't bring myself to spew out as much words as I used to do previously. So I'll just vomit something out right now.

Lately, I've been on my PC a lot because holy balls, PC gaming is fun! After beating Alice: Madness Returns, I think I was playing Fable: The Lost Chapters (and other randoms) but Fable was... not very engaging. At all. I was really disappointed because I did enjoy the 2 sequels, so I was looking forward to it. The good thing is that I also bought Fable III during the Steam sale so I can at least wash away the disappointment with something I know that I'll enjoy.

But right now, I've been messing around with a free online ARPG called Path of Exile, which is currently in open beta. It's quite an impressive and polished game, and it's definitely filling up the hole in my heart after Diablo III and Torchlight II. And the passive skill tree is CRAZY! I kinda wish that there is no level cap so all the OCD gamers out there can try to learn everything in the skill tree. I would actually attempt it to be honest.

The pitiful amount of time I had with my consoles were spent on playing the Prince of Persia Trilogy HD Collection. Of course I started out with The Sands of Time, which is actually quite enjoyable. I really like the platforming, although fighting your enemies is a huge pain. And after you clear out an area, the game will ALWAYS show you an unskippable scene of the prince sheathing his weapons. Holy bugger, stop it.

Also, my attempt at resuming my playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII was dismal. I really want to continue though because I actually like the game, but it feels like I don't have the time even though I'm essentially extremely free at the moment. Ugh I don't understand.

Heh. This is my "proper blog soon-ish" update. You know... I'll just go back to my GorJess spazzing right now. Till next time!