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... And that life choice chosen


Yeh, so I decided on these 2 games instead of 1 new, over-priced title. Honestly, I was leaning towards getting Gears of War: Judgment but I saw that it was still fully-priced, which I don't think is worth it. As much as I REALLY want the game, and my sister saying that it's totally ok if I get it, I will feel bad about it. I'll just wait for either a price drop or for a used copy.

Binary Domain and Lords of Shadow were some 2 for xx-price deal, and it was still way cheaper than Judgment. I actually brought used copies to the counter, but the dude working there swapped it out with brand new copies and I was like, wahey thanks! Even better is that these are games I've been wanting to play so I'm really happy with what I got.

It's gonna be 1am soon but I'll be checking out Lords of Shadow after I'm done with this post. I wasn't aware that the 360 version requires 2 discs though. Apparently if you install the first disc into your HDD, you can then just stick in Disc 2 for the whole duration... or something to that effect. Ugh well I'm one of those rare people still using a 20GB hard drive and struggling with space, so I'll be having fun with disc swaps.

Oh and before I forget, I've beaten Warhammer 40k Space Marine, which eventually grew into a huge dull-fest. The only good thing about the game is that it got me interested in knowing more about the lore of the 40k universe, so I ordered a few books on it. Looking forward to getting them in the mail soon.

Then I installed Duke Nukem Forever, and it honestly isn't a bad game at all. I'll get more into it in the next blog post maybe. For now, I'm off to play Lords of Shadow.

Fair or Not #1: Let's start with a list

As you know, I'm currently playing the very mediocre game called Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. It's not a BAD game, but it's just mind-numbingly dull. I have no idea what the heck is happening plot-wise, the characters are amazingly wooden, and the combat is fine but it does nothing new. kfjl mentioned that the game received a lot of decent review scores, and I don't want to judge because enjoyment is subjective, but uhm 7.0 (GOOD) on GS, really?

I've long since stopped looking at review scores, especially on GS because they seem all over the place, but sometimes you can't help but wonder if you would give them the same score. I know now that I won't ever score Space Marine a 7.0 EVER, and on the flipside, I want to see what games that I own that GS deem FAIR (that's below 7.0) and worse. So in addition to satiating my curiosity, I get to tackle my immense game collection somewhat.

I won't be listing ALL the titles I own because if I do, uhm I think that'll take 2 lifetimes for me to complete. Instead, they'll be titles that people would have at least heard of (I hope). Let's get on with the list, categorized by platform. Some of the scores might actually be from a different platform though, because the platform I got them on were not rated.


Aliens vs. Predator, 5.5 (MEDIOCRE)
Alpha Protocol, 6.0 (FAIR)
Arcania: Gothic 4, 5.0 (MEDIOCRE)
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, 6.7 (FAIR)
Divinity II: Developer's Cut, 6.5 (FAIR)
Duke Nukem Forever, 3.5 (BAD)
Puzzle Quest Galactrix, 5.5 (MEDIOCRE)
Still Life, 6.7 (FAIR)


Ninety-Nine Nights, 5.9 (MEDIOCRE)
Infinite Undiscovery, 6.5 (FAIR)
The Last Remnant, 6.5 (FAIR)
Magna Carta 2, 6.0 (FAIR)


Atelier Rorona, 6.0 (FAIR)
Hyperdimension Neptunia, 3.0 (BAD)
Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, 6.5 (FAIR)
White Knight Chronicles, 6.0 (FAIR)
White Knight Chronicles II, 6.5 (FAIR)

Oh wow I'm gonna kill myself with the many RPG titles on this list, but I will try my best. Weirdly, the RPG titles that I own that GS scored 7.0 or higher, I disliked. Like Trinity Universe on the PS3 for example, it scored a 7.0, and I could barely make myself play it for more than a couple of hours. It was so painful to play through - the voice acting (English AND Japanese), the combat, and the dungeon-crawling. I don't even need to mention the plot because you know that it's gonna be either stupid or stupid.

Also, I've been trying to beat RE6, and while I would much rather play the game on co-op, I really wouldn't give it a 4.5 overall. Just sayin'.

I can't say how I'll be picking what to play first, but I can say that I won't strictly be playing the listed games only. Come on man, I'll get depressed. Although I am strangely looking forward to playing the PC titles, especially Gothic 4, Divinity II and Duke Nukem Forever. Yup, Duke ferrealz.

And again, I need to stress this, I'm NOT trying to make a statement against GS's scoring system. I don't care much about what a game scores, I'm just curious if our opinions line up and I just want to tackle some of the games from my collection. It's a sort of motivation for me to start moving on the older games that I own, especially the RPGs. Oh mah gawd the RPGs. I'm glad that the Elder Scroll and Fallout games scored well on GS.

Look forward to the next update after I've beaten Space Marine then.


LOLZ just because I'm back to bumming at home for now...

And I have a coffee date this Saturday which I'm looking forward to. For once, it's with someone I know beforehand and I'm comfortable with his personality. He seems super nerdy and I like that because we have things to talk about. Also, he's passing me his unfinished Warhammer miniatures so I can finally fulfill my wish of painting them. But before that, I will need to buy the supplies even though I have no idea where to start.

... I'm sorry if my life is amazingly exciting right now.

One week later...

So I quit from that production job, because it honestly was the worst. I was from a pretty bad film production company and I've done sh!tty jobs before, but this is sh!tty on a whole different level. And a day after I quit, the China company fired the local production staff aside from the camera, grip and sound staff.


Well whatever. I don't want the local people I worked with to suffer anymore anyway. On my last day of work, they made us travel to one end of Singapore (which I had to pay $33 in cab fare, thank you) and after we've set everything up, they decided to move to a different location. I was beyond pissed because all the crap that we have for the production are heavy. It's not a simple matter of chucking things into a van and moving off. While we were at the new location, it started raining really heavily and they had to cancel the day's shoot in the end.

HAH. I was extremely amused at the turn of events. The only downside was that I got soaked thorougly from the rain and I couldn't get dry till some hours later. Suffice to say, I now have a cold and a sexy, stuffed voice, but I'm not feeling miserable from THAT. I'm miserable because my body is aching from carrying heavy things, and I have multiple bruises all over my body. I even have a bruise on both my big toes because I dropped a frickin' trolley on them.

The people who are still working on the production are keeping me updated on what's happening because I'm a gossip like that, and it seems like problems are piling up one after the other. I'm so f*cking happy when I heard that news. I'm sorry but if you treat others like sh!t, karma's gonna come back at you.

Anyway, I haven't done much after quitting aside from sitting around the house in a daze. Being awake for 20 hours daily for a whole week does that to you. I did manage to start playing Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine, which is everything mediocre, so meh. I'll probably still beat the game anyway even though I have no idea what the hell is happening.


Forget what I said...

I take it back. I'm not happy. I don't want to wake up at 4.30am to reach a stupid faraway location at 6.30am and work 13 hours (OR MORE) every SINGLE day for this freelance job, just to be paid a very pitiful amount and be a slave to people who can't speak English.

And public transport services start at 5.30am, and there's no way they can get me there within an hour. So that means getting in a cab and paying stupid amount when I don't have money in the first place. Sure I can claim them back, but like I said, I would need the money first. :\

I can't find it in me to be excited for this film production anymore. And just when I got back content from a super lazy and sleepy mini-vacation.

Darn you, life!

Beating games make me happy

You know, I'm happy. I'm happy that I've been gaming a lot recently because it feels like it has been a while since I genuinely sat down and played something. I'm even happier that I managed to beat those games I've been playing because I enjoyed the majority of them. DmC: Devil May Cry was great, and then Bioshock Infinite was spectacular. Then I played 2 little XBLA titles in-between, Dust and Deadlight, of which one is better than the other.

So you all know that I was also gearing up for Tomb Raider and recently beat it. Also a great game, and I'm super thankful that there was a lack of puzzles. I'm horrible at them. I didn't manage to complete the game 100% though, because I missed a lot of the "challenges" found in each area. And wow, I thought Uncharted has ridiculous situations but TR is just as bad.

Then this amazing guy, hush404, gifted me Papo & Yo through Steam because I wishlisted the game. I loved what I played of the demo when it was released on PSN, and was glad that I got the chance to play through the full title some time later. It's a game based on a heavy subject matter, but set within a fantastical dream world so it's not nearly as depressing as it should be. It's unfortunate that it lasts only 4-5 hours on your first playthrough, but playing again a second time allows you to finally collect hats off dolls you find hidden around the area.

Having played through Infinite and the original Bioshock, it doesn't feel right if I don't play Bioshock 2 as well so that's what I did. I sat my butt down and got through the Games for Windows Live sign-in and update, and I'm playing. I'm kinda annoyed though that they removed controller support even though it's a GFWL title, but I managed with the keyboard and mouse. I was actually worried that I will not enjoy 2, seeing as to how I wasn't the greatest fan of the original, and for a while it seemed like I was right in worrying. I was so ready to stop playing when I was halfway through the game because I can't get into it at all. That was until I found... GODMODE. Hooray for cheats, that gave me invincibility (that admittedly works on and off for some reason) and auto-replenishing EVE bar! I suppose it's not the best thing to say about a game if I have to resort to cheats to enjoy it, but if that's what it takes, I'm all for it. I got to mess around with plasmids and the variety of weapons without any worry, and I got to sit back and just enjoy the story as well.

(It's also good that I got nothing spoiled about the game.)

Thanks to Bioshock 2 being a GFWL title, I got Achievement points added to my XBL score. That kinda prompted me to stick Resident Evil 6 back into my Xbox this morning in an attempt to beat the game. All this while I've been playing the game on local co-op, which is why I'm still not done with the game. It's hard to get my co-op partner over my house when the parents are overly dramatic about having people over and will stress over cleaning our home. Good god it's just a FRIEND, not the frickin' president of our country.

Anyway about the game... I don't want to admit this but it's way more fun when you're playing it with someone. I was halfway through Chapter 4 of Jake's storyline when I thought it was dull. I got online instead and had this random dude from Brazil play with me, which was awesome despite the lack of communication. After beating Jake's, it unlocked Ada, which I attempted to play through again solo and omg I hate stealth. I stopped right then and there. I need to play on co-op if I ever want to beat this game anytime within my lifetime.

Aside from RE6, I downloaded Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine from my disgustingly huge Steam library. I haven't installed it yet and I'm not sure when I'll get to playing it, but I want to play more action-type games soon.


So aside from filling my life with games, I have been surprisingly social with people lately. Been hanging out with friends, and even my sister's friends. I'm also right now doing a freelance film production job with someone I worked with in my previous company. I honestly miss doing films because despite the huge amount of crap that you have to go through, it's still fun and rewarding. The film I'm doing now is with a production house from China, which means it's entirely in Chinese, so good luck to me. The most I can do, in terms of communication, is amuse them with my burst of vulgar Chinese phrases. But whatever, I'm looking forward to the outdoor shoots! We're visiting various tourist spots like the zoo, botanical gardens, those sort of stuff.

But before we start filming this coming Monday, I have a mini vacation over the weekends with my parents and a friend. It's been a while since we visited our holiday house in Malaysia, so that's what we'll do. It'll also give me the chance to even the weird tan line I have going on with my feet, ever since I visited Cameron Highlands in November last year. :|

Enjoy your weekends everybody!

Part-time millionaire

Instead of posting what I originally wanted about beating Tomb Raider and starting Bioshock 2, this will happen instead BECAUSE. *twirls away*



No guesses as to what game I just beat


Wow ok I just beat Bioshock Infinite today and it was pretty great. I'm one of the few people who found the original Bioshock to be just average because I've got every damn thing spoilered for me (thanks Internet), so the story couldn't save the game for me. You can't even talk about the combat because let's be honest; it was pretty lacklustre. As for Bioshock 2, I'm happy to say that I never got the game spoiled for me, but that would be nice and all if I could actually get past that stupid Games for Windows Live sign-in and update page to you know... PLAY the game...

So anyway, learning from past mistakes, I stayed the hell away from anything Infinite-related aside from the initial trailer that was released. And that trailer? Pshaw. The game was so much different than what was shown. But that doesn't really matter because what I played was amazingly fun. I rode along with the story, which had great pacing by the way and an ending that I actually liked, and I really enjoyed the combat. It was a huge improvement over the original, with more weapon and enemy variety, and really useful powers at your disposal. I have to applaud the last fight you encounter because that was pretty frantic and intense.

The only thing I could say that disappointed me was the Songbird. Am I going into spoiler territory? But doh, the Songbird. And did anyone catch the little background scene that happened when you last see Songbird? COS I DIDN'T! Ugh I only knew of it after reading some trivia notes and had to Youtube it. And after reading more trivia notes, wtf don't skip the ending credit so you get an extra scene.

I'm probably gonna spend some time to read some threads discussing the plot because I can. I could also replay the game on 1999 mode but right now I don't feel like dying too much in a game.

Hooray Tomb Raider next! I'm excited. I've had the game installed on my PC all this while. And I'm sure my dad will be thrilled to find me hogging the desktop PC for the upcoming week.


All my pissed off feels for this game!

Alright fine, I hunkered down today to beat both Dust and Deadlight because knowing me, I'll leave my XBLA titles hanging eventually if I dawdle. Dust was great. Like I mentioned a couple blogs back, the combat is immensely satisfying because of how tight the controls are and your attacks are beyond flashy. The plot isn't spectacular, but it works. And can you believe that this is an 8 hour game? I was actually surprised by its length.

As for Deadlight, wow ok I wanted to punch myself and kick everything in the room while I was playing it. For a game that requires a lot of jumping, climbing, and context-sensitive prompts, the control response is absolute sh!te. There were games in the past that made me SO ANGRY, but I think Deadlight wins it all because bloody hell you stupid arse of a game, you actually got me to kick my desk out of frustration!

There was an instance where the controls were beyond horrible, I kept dying at the helicopter chase scene so damn much, and the game actually bugged out. How the hell did that even happen?!


The rooftop disappeared and the whole game world literally stopped moving except for my own character. Reloading the last checkpoint did not work, until I restarted my console and loaded my save from there instead.

And the ending. My sister was watching me play the whole time, and we both pretty much thought the ending was stupid.

I feel stupid for buying this game.


The game could be so damn good. The story was built up well, but the ending just spoiled everything. And even if the story was utter bull, the gameplay could have saved it but no, it needs to be the absolute worst.

Holy crap... this game...

Wow wow ok I need to get back to being zen.

Back to playing Bioshock Infinite tomorrow.


Well that plan went out the window fast...

Wasn't I supposed to continue playing the 2 XBLA games I bought yesterday? Cos this happened:


I spent the whole frickin' day watching past (full) broadcasts of House of Horrors by Gamespot AU. I like to project lengthy videos to my TV so I can just lie in bed with my cat and watch in comfort. Although the cables bug me a lot. In fact, the whole picture bugs me a lot because this corner of my room is just messy-looking.

Lesson learnt from this whole experience? Never ever broadcast my plans for the day because more often than not, I don't stick to them. |:

By the way, I miss my old room furniture. They suck, but everything strangely fits so well in my tiny room despite buying the whole shebang on a whim without any measurements. It just looks cosy. And I miss playing my PS2 on this TV!


And I'm proud to say that after all these years, I finally bought curtains. Now it's just a matter of removing the packaging and hanging it up. |: |: |: